I took the LOBI

Yes I completed the latest series of special events and like many other STO players found myself faced with the decision to take a T6 C-store token and 200 Lobi OR 1000 Lobi. Based on the title of this post alone one can already figure out which I took.

It was not an easy choice though. On the one hand I had the T6 token which would allow me to acquire free of charge nearly any C-store T6 ship and those of course are account wide unlocks. ALL of my toons can use them. The Lobi items sold by that big lobed Ferengi shark are character bound, so that’s basically one and done. But those Lobi ships can fetch crazy money on the exchange making them nigh unobtainable. So I decided that Admiral Sager shall have his Marquis Raider and took the 1000 Lobi package.

Much to my very pleasant surprise, those toothy big eared Lobi consortium boys were having a sale! Yes they had a store wide sale. So rather than being left with a mere 100 Lobi after buying my new ship, I have 280 leftover to add to my pool I’ll share with other toons on the account. That was a nice bonus.

So the Admiral is flying around in his shiny new Maquis Raider. I will be doing a series of tests including a run through the gauntlet of the Top Gun Patrols. So far I like the little Chakotay special. I’ll keep you posted.