Market Update: Exchange Deals

What’s a solid buy and what’s puffed up? A few months back I wrote up a post about the best deals on the exchange for ships. And I did a Head2Head last week on two value ships from the exchange. But the exchange also offers other items for sale including just about any mob drop, player crafted items, some C-store items (not ships), lobi store items, and more. These products are also part of the huge free trade economy in Star Trek Online.

I find that the exchange has some wild swings so be sure to check it out often. There are some things that are really easy to get in the game for free as mission rewards and I tend to find those reward items are often good enough to utilize for my toons and the away BOFFs. There are however items that are pretty solid and available on the exchange for a reasonable price. There are several items I routinely use that I get on the exchange often these are player crafted items for sale and BOFFs.

  • Engineering Console : Conductive RCS Accelerator
  • Science Console : Exotic Particle Field Exciter
  • Very Rare BOffs
  • Crafted Omni-directional Beams

First is the Engineering Console. This is not a standard RCS accelerator. This is a crafted version that I find routinely on the exchange in Mark XII very rare (purple), Mark XII ultra rare (magenta) and even Mark XIV ultra rare. On this particular console and the science console I’ll go over next, I prefer the ultra rare versions. Why? Because this console is limited to just one per ship. You will find the Mark XII purple versions are dirt cheap in the 200-300k range. The Mark XII ultras will set you back from 700k upwards of 2 million for certain modifiers. Mark XIV ultras will start in the 1M range pushing into to ridiculous prices for certain modifiers. Weapon Power modifier will generate 5 million plus.

Make sure you are getting the “Conductive RCS” and not a standard RCS accelerator. I have mentioned before there are sneaky sellers trying to get puffed up silly prices for cheap items and it is easy to confuse the items sometimes.

This console gives a standard RCS boost to turn rate appropriate for the Mark value. The “conductive part adds an additional boost to turn rate and 10% shield damage resistance for 15 seconds every time you do a heal. When you get an ultra (magenta) version you also get an additional modifier of which there are many. You can get 4.8 boost to power for any of the four ship power systems, damage resistance, shield boost, etc. The prices do vary wildly. For things like +4.8 weapon power you will pay dearly. I find that looking at both Mark XII and Mark XIV is a good idea as sometimes one represents a better deal. You have to measure the cost to upgrade from XII to XIV against the additional cost to buy it at XIV. It can go either way depending on the market conditions. Just about every engineering / science modifier is available for this console. There is even a shield hp boost. This comes in handy for ships with low shield modifiers and only one science consoles, now you can get a typical science boost from an engineering console.  I put one of these consoles on almost every ship I fly.

You can get specific, like having a single type (say antiproton) resistance of 47.5 or Res All giving +23.8 resistance to all damage, There are a variety of combos for resistances. It really depends on whether you want to build to a specific task or have an all-rounder. If you are building a Borg Buster you might focus on resistance to plasma.

The science console, Exotic Particle Field Exciter is basically the same as its engineering counter part. Crafted and priced similar. This is also a one per ship only. As such I tend to want this in ultra variety since I can’t stack them. This console gives a base boost to exotic particle damage Mark appropriate. It also provides a huge boost to shield capacity better than a similar mark Field Generator. Every time the shields are healed a 15 second window of +10 to weapons power happens. Just like the engineering console above, just about every modifier is available on the ultra, the picture shows one with a 4.8 boost to weapon power. Like the Conductive RCS console, I have one of these are nearly every ship. These are generally cheaper than a Field Generator so if you only want one science shield boost console, then this is the one as it gives a better boost and additional modifiers and abilities for a LOWER price.

Very rare BOffs have become super cheap on the exchange. Now like any item if you are seeking one with a community wide preferred hard to get ability they will cost much more. But even BOffs with torpedo spread III or Gravity Well III have plummeted into the sub-100k range. So if you are flying a Tellarite ship and you want a crew of high-grade tellarite officers, guess what, no problem! Some of these very rare (purple) BOffs are selling for 300-400 EC. Of course remember each toon is limited to a fixed number of BOffs currenty capped at 54. You will have to buy BOff slots once you reach end game to get to 54. I honestly can’t remember how many free BOff spots your captain has at end game, seems like 12 is the number.

The last item is the crafted omnidirectional beam array. I really like these. This is a beam array weapon that has the same base power as a standard beam array but can cover the full 360° arc just like a turret. These items are limited to one per ship. Now there are tricks to get around that. The crafted omnis can be paired with the specialty omnis. For example the Ancient Obelisk Antiproton Omni can be used with a crafted Antiproton Omni. Further more the Borg Kinetic Cutting Beam can also be used with any other omni and so it is possible to have three omnis on the same ship. I really like using the dual omni beams aft on science ships so I can use DBB up front for some solid forward firepower, and still hit hard everywhere outside the forward 90° arc. Generally you will find crafted omni beams starting in the 1 million EC range for very rare (purple). Some of the crafters are able to make special versions like “sensor linked”, “integrity-linked”, or “emitter linked” beams that offer additional buffs even though they remain very rare. Ultras will set you back much more starting in the 1.7 million range. I haven’t seen any ultra rare versions of the special types however and those special types are rather expensive generally above 10 million EC.

There are a great many more items one can find on the exchange for good deals, but I seem to like these the best. Although personal items are available such as shields, guns, armor, etc. I have so many freebies I have obtained I just don’t see the need to buy them on the exchange.

Just hanging out and waiting for more new content.