Head-2-Head ‘The Prophet’ vs ‘The Rebel’

It’s time for another rumble in space with a Head 2 Head showdown between the Prophet and the Rebel. If you haven’t yet solved the nicknames, it’s the Bajorian Interceptor and current Top Gun Champion versus the Maquis Raider. Get your Kyra Nerys and Chakotay vibes going, it’s about to go down!

Many of you may remember that back in February of 2018 I acquired the Bajorian Interceptor in the 8th Anniversary event. I ran it through the Top Gun patrols with Mark XIV gear and it destroyed! Less than 6 months later I had upgraded it to Mark XV and found it was substantially SLOWER. Nerfage had happened somewhere 😉 You may also remember just last week I ran my shiny new Maquis Raider through the gauntlet and was horrified to find its rather mediocre performance. I decided more nerf gun activity may have occurred from Cryptic the Ripper, and ran the Bajorian ship through again. Sure enough its numbers were soft as well. So today we run the two HEAD-2-HEAD.

I’m not sure but I think the cooldown on cannons has been increased from 1 second to 2 seconds. Is that right? It seems I have a bigger gap between scatter volley bursts now. Well both of our contenders today are using a similar weapons layout with single cannons up front and multiple instances of SV. Also Scatter Volley itself was DEFINITELY nerfed since the last time I checked. I don’t check that often though. But SV took one on the chin as now the number of enemies it can nit is limited to 3. The old SV was limited only by the arc around target. I will have to do some testing against Rapid Fire which may be the better move now. With this egregious nerf attack on scatter volley, the days of flying into a swarm of enemies guns a blaze wiping out a half dozen enemies is seconds are over. At least for me 😉

I had the highest hopes for the Maquis Raider. It is a tough little ship that can deal some damage too. But is it better than the Interceptor? Well the Interceptor is an escort and the Maquis is a raider so they have some differences, but they are both small and maneuverable. Let’s find out.

First, the Defending champion of Top Gun, The Bajorian Interceptor.  This  ship  remains the best at dispatching enemies in the patrols. Although its times are nowhere near the legendary past performance with a 6 patrol average time of just 85.50 seconds, it still took care of business in this recent set of runs noticeably quicker than the Maquis ship. With all recent nerf activity at Cryptic, the Admiral in Prophet of Bajor was able to rip an average of 124.67 seconds nearly eight seconds faster than the Maquis Raider. Where the interceptor does an excellent job taking out baddies with a ruthless efficiency it is a bit one dimensional. It is what it is, an escort with raideresque handling and a deadly attack. This is not a ship that lends itself to other occupations. It really doesn’t have much mojo in the science or engineering fields. The console arrangement is about the only balanced part what with a classic 5-4-4 setup favoring tactical. I really like the interceptor however for its stubborn dedication to the pursuit of deadly force. The ship remains the most efficient ship in the Top Gun Patrols.

Next up the challenger, a ship I have wanted for a fairly long time now. This ship is fast, agile, and good in a fight. The only thing missing is a battle cloak. The Admiral managed to produce a set of six runs in the patrols averaging 132 seconds each. No records were harmed in the making of that Top Gun Patrol run. The Maquis ship on paper is pretty amazing, better than it actually is in use. However as a raider, it has the advantage of all the chairs other than the commander as universal. This gives the ship excellent flexibility for setting up a fighting style. Had I configured the ship a little differently, the Admiral may have been able to out muscle the Bajorian ship. This Maquis raider has its own special experimental weapon that shoots a cool looking flame at multiple targets. It also has an integrated special ability that is activated with certain combinations of BOff abilities to give a random buff or attack from a list of six. This is baked into the ship so no console needs to be used to get it. It also has its own special console as well. The ship has the improved raider flanking which is excellent against NPC enemies.

The Maquis Raider is an expensive ship commanding 900 Lobi or hundreds of millions of energy credits so the Bajorian ship which was a freebie edges it out in this head 2 head. Purely by the numbers however, the Maquis kicks its ass across the board. Check the charts below.