New Event and Discounts!

Presumably FTP games should be a bit more busy with all of this stay indoors COVID-19 orders. STO has a sale starting now at 20% Lobi purchases, 20% boost to Zen wallet transactions, we have a dilithium bonus weekend, and even a free Borg Pack.

We also start the next event that builds towards the free T6 C store ship or 1000 lobi as I discussed last month. So keep paying that internet bill and capitalize on the STO bonus goodies, they seem to be in a generous mood over at Cryptic.

The new event is offers either the Rocket Building First Contact Day mission or a brand new mission with Seven of Nine leading you back in time to disrupt a Borg temporal invasion to alter the timeline from the events of the Movie Star Trek First Contact. I ran that mission with Admiral Sager who is geared towards space battles and the Borg always kick his ass on the ground missions, they have some additional powers in this new mission including some of the powers from other races. In short they are tougher than usual. It is a good mission but if you are looking to acquire the token as quickly and easily as possible the rocket mission is quicker because it is a timed mission that should take around 8 minutes. I don’t think it is possible to complete the new mission in 8 minutes, but maybe if you are super awesome on ground missions, I am not 🙂

Take advantage of all the freebies and bonus deals while you can.

That’s all I got this week, I have important things to do, those walls aren’t gonna stare at themselves 😉