New Stuff Coming Soon!

STO has been busy producing Dev Blogs about the upcoming content for the “Age of Discovery” Season 15 expansion. Here are a few items we can expect in the near future:

  • New “Random Queues” with bonus rewards
  • New “Tier VI” for all reputations with bonus gear and features
  • New “Starbase One” queue mission
  • New “game content”

There will no doubt be additional items from this short list. But here is a brief synopsis of the latest dev blog announcements.

The Queues will now be called Task Force Operations and the newest will be the Random Task Force Operation. Now this random bit is very intriguing. I was on about the inability to get into the older content because of a lack of players and the random task force appears to be a solution to that dilemma. Read “Empty Queues and Long Waits” here, and “Time to Cool Off on the Cool Downs” here. 

So it seems Cryptic read my posts… or maybe they just succumbed to the angry roar of the community. Naw, it was clearly me 😉 Whatever the case this random queue or “Random Task Force Operation” is a queue you enter with a single button click and you will be added to a random queue that is waiting for players. Participating as a random player will reward you with extra goodies including your choice of marks and bonus dilithium on top of the normal rewards for the random mission.

Now I would recommend using a well-rounded ship for these random missions since you don’t know whether you will be facing angry Klingons, A horde of Hirogens, A hive of Borg, or a bunch of web slinging Tholians. I think the Admiral will fly his trusty Avenger on these.

The Tier VI rep will be a welcome addition offering us an opportunity to grind some more. This is the real reason they revamped the queues my friends. In order to bust out the hard-core grinding we need to boost every old rep system to the new tier, we need to be able to access these Task Force Ops to grind for marks. Bonus rep gear, larger set bonuses, alternate energy types, boosted traits, and an easier sponsorship are all welcome.

The Starbase One mission sounds like a refacing of other content we have had but I’ll reserve judgement for the final piece they present us.

I am looking forward to being able to play in the queues again and with this Tier 6 reputation expansion many players will be swarming in the older content. I like a lot of those old missions and so this could turn out to be a very cool thing.

What are some of your favorite Reputation “Task Force Ops” I really liked these among others:

  • Borg: Infected the Conduit
  • Borg: Cure Found
  • Tholian: Azure Nebula Rescue
  • Herald: Gateway to Grethor
  • Voth: Storming the Spire
  • Reman: Vault Ensnared

Mention your favorite classics in the comments below.