The Fastest Game on Ice… Easy Freebie

The winter event is rather ho-hum, same ole, same ole. I have been mostly focused on gathering the daily prize vouchers for the ship. I have 280 thus far 720 to go! I have always like the free ships and even when the ship is not really my type of ship, I still get it. Why not?

I noticed this year that I can’t get a jump on the start of the “fastest game on ice” race. In previous years I have always been able to time my launch and get a HUGE lead on the NPC opponent making the rest of the race a “walk in the park.” That hasn’t been the case this year, in fact the NPC has been getting a slight jump on me this year sometimes. No worries the race is pretty easy to win. The NPC is slow and steady and does not use the “sprint” speed. The NPC however tends to stay on the course and finish the race.

I have had a few people comment that the race is either hard or a pain in the ass. I think it is pretty simple and it really only takes two minutes. I did a video showing my last race, not a perfect effort but I got a decent launch, made a few mistakes along the way, but still beat the NPC by the proverbial mile. One trick to staying on course without slowing down is to cut across the corner slightly so your character is running in the snow instead of the ice, then on the straight sections stay on the ice as oddly your guy is faster on the ice. This way you can sprint the whole way through. On super sharp turns after a long straight I slide a bit before making the cut. You can wear the frosty boots to go even faster but cornering is even harder. If you slide off the course you lose. I play it safe.