Farpoint Ship Popular

I wrote a little last time about the “Farpoint” (Cnidarian Defender) ship that was the summer event prize. I flew it with a secondary toon and didn’t really do much with it and that hasn’t changed much since. I like it, but I haven’t really dove deep yet.

I have however noticed that a lot of players are flying the ship especially in the Kobayashi Maru mission. It seems that activating the ships ‘defensive’ mode can be very effective at keeping the baddies off the Kobayashi Maru. The only problem I saw in several missions where someone used that ship was the fact that the Kobayashi Maru likes to move away between each wave and that ship does not move fast at all while in that defensive mode. Then the cooldown becomes an issue. That said it did seem to be effective. What do you guys think of the Cnidarian Defender?

So we are now down to the final event for the year long prize of 1500 LOBI, 2 C-store T6 ships, or one ultra rare “premium” lockbox ship. I am not sure when that last event starts but my gut says late October early November so it is done before Q pops in for the Winter Event. I think I will be taking the ultra rare prize this go around and will then have to rack my brain over which powerful juicy starship to get 🙂

I have been jonesing hard for the Earth Defense Force ship. Look at those stats! Two, count them, TWO commander seats on the bridge. Hull like a heavy cruiser, shields like a science ship, Inspiration abilities, and five tactical consoles for that extra punch on the weapons station. I haven’t fully decided this is the ship, but it is a serious contender.

There are a few other ‘Dual Commander’ ships out there including the Mirror Constitution, the Jem’Hadar Light Battle Cruiser, and the La Sirena Heavy Raider. I am fat city on raiders, I love raiders but seriously I have nearly every one of them already. I like both the Jemmy and Mirror ships as well. So difficult to decide. I think it will come down to the Jem’Hadar and the Earth defense Force.

Which billionaire starship are you coveting the most these days?