New Content, Another Klingon Civil War

I have played the first full mission in this new “house divided” and will complete the second mission today. I like the first mission “The Centre Cannot Hold”. I prefer the space combat to the ground combat and this mission was limited to just the opening battle on the ground. The story is predictable, but none the less it is well done.

It will be interesting to see how they “end” J’Ula once and for all. We have some new voice acting including the man who played Gowron in DS-9. He provides the voice of an ancestor of Gowron in the new episodes.

So far I like it. STO has not really been giving us much with the new “seasons” since they did the Jem’Hadar bit a while back. But new content is always welcome.

I’ll avoid spoilers not that it matters things are predictable in STO, but you will face enemy Fed ships, 25th century KDF ships, J’Ula Klingon ships, and even some Elachi enemies in this first installment, “The Centre Cannot Hold.”

Platinum Vanity Shield
Adapted MACO shield visuals

Don’t forget to play daily at least one of the two new missions or two of the event TFOs to work towards the Red Angel armor, that looks like it might be pretty badass. Also you definitely ought to stop by Mudd’s Market and pick up the freebie bundle with an Epic combat tardigrade pet and the Epic Platinum vanity shield that looks pretty clean. I like a few of the shield visuals like the Adapted MACO shield. But some of the specialty shields may have a design you don’t like or that looks bad on a certain ship. You can disable the visuals and just do your own color scheme, which I often do, but some of these vanity shields give you a look you really can’t duplicate in the ship customization. The Platinum Vanity shield looks really good on the Admirals T5-U Avenger, but so does the Adapted MACO, so I’ll find another ship for the sleek to vanity shield.

Is it just me, or did Cryptic clean up the graphics a bit. Since they rolled out this new content I feel like the menus and even the game play environments got a little cleaner and tighter. Is the game a bit fresher on the graphics, what do you think?