Head 2 Head: The Drug Addict versus a Raider of Lost Time

Well, can you guess which ships are up in this Head 2 Head? They are two of my fastest competitors in the Top Gun and these to gun slingers are about to face off in a showdown for supremacy among the nimble and sneaky warriors of space.

I wrote up both of these contenders over the last couple years including an article here for the Addict and here for a Raider of Lost Time. These are two of the very best T6 raider class vessels and both have amazing performance.

In the purple corner the challenger: The fastest raider class vessel ever in the 4 system Top Gun with a crazy 87.50 average using dual cannons at that! A ship that prefers its pilots be high on Ketracel White, but even other factions can fly it. The number one contender: the amazing, Jem’Hadar Vanguard Heavy Raider!

In the white corner the champion: The best all round raider ever tested by this blog, the fastest raider ever in the 4 system Top Gun using only beam weapons. A ship that prefers its crew come from the future, but 25th century pilots from any faction can still fly it. The undisputed champion of the raiders: the awesome Ouroboros Temporal Raider!

This H2H is really going to come down to play style and use of the ship. If you want a versatile raider with multi-mission capability including the stealth advantage of a battle cloak, the Ouroboros is tough to beat. But if shear blunt force trama to the head of your enemy is more your style those scary Top Gun numbers might sway you towards the Vanguard.

The reality is that Admiral Sager hasn’t put a sledgehammer setup on the Ouroboros yet, I thought about swapping the Chroniton Antiproton beams for the cannons, but I don’t have enough Temporal marks to buy the damn Temporal Defense Dual cannons. I could swap in a basic antiproton setup for it, but I already know the ship won’t beat the Vanguard in the Top Gun. You know why? Because the special ability for the Vanguard is the wing men and the Ouroboros is the Molecular Deconstruction. Now I really like the Molecular Deconstruction but it takes almost as much time to charge up as the Vanguard needs to wipe out 3 of the five waves of enemies. The wing men are available right away and do much more initial damage than the deconstruction. This is why I use the Ouroboros for multi-mission work. It is fun to fly but has the ability to work well in nearly any mission set.

I decided to expand the test a bit and had Roddicka, my second strongest toon and the second toon I ever created, try the Ouroboros. She is an Orion in the KDF. She is a tactical officer and flies raiders more often than the Admiral. Her best time in a raider on the original four patrols is a 119.50 second run in her Fleet B’rel Retrofit running dual cannons which for the Top Gun is less effective than single cannons. She took that same exact setup from that B’rel and loaded it up on a fresh new Ouroboros, literally right out of the box. So the ship had no mastery at all and escort/raider class vessels get much better in the Top Gun as they are mastered. She uses the Terran Task Force setup with withering disruptors to great effect. In fact she managed to best Admiral Sager’s latest runs and he is a much stronger toon. This is because the Admiral has his Ouroboros setup with beams rather than cannons. But what about the Jem’Hadar ship. The Admiral made a few tweaks to the BOff setup taking some of last weeks info to heart and he ran better times in all but Narenda. That ship set the record-breaking 69 seconds last year and it is not likely to fall.

Those wing men on the Vanguard work pretty well in the Top Gun Patrol. If that ship had a five across the fore weapon setup even with only one aft, it would probably wipe out the record book.This is a very tough one to call but I think the edge in the Head 2 Head goes to the Vanguard. I can crown a winner of this bout, but I still think the Ouroboros is a better classic “raider.” Raiders really ought to have a cloak and I still think the Temporal ship is the king of the raiders.

I had to make some changes to the Top Gun Chart. The chart was getting a bit too large, so I changed the qualifying speed from 180 seconds to 150 seconds. All ships tested above 150 seconds are now on the “slow” chart.