My Ship is Alive!

The Undine Nicor Bio-Warship is in fact alive, sort of. It has become quite reasonable on the exchange. I found one recently for 32M EC and I will say without a doubt it is worth every last credit.

Does anyone remember when Q presented us with the Breen Chel Grett? Do you recall getting in that ship and thinking, wow, this is cool it’s a cruiser-escort! They actually referred to it as such for a while. But it became the benchmark for Destroyers and what a great ship it is even still. The Undine Nicor walks right in that path friends.

It turns a bit harder than the Grett but gives up some hull strength. It has just 4 BOFF stations but two of them are suited to a Lt. Commander. The ship gets a free upgrade to T5-U so it is truly a bargain with prices running down in the 30M range.

Look at the turn and impulse speed! 14 DPS cornering and 0.20 speed is impressive for a ship with eight weapons bays and 3 device slots!

The BOFF layout says kick you in the teeth and the consoles back that notion up. 5 tactical consoles. This Undine Destroyer is light on engineering so you have to be cautious with your setup to avoid the glass cannon pitfall.

Although the ship does lack engineering consoles and BOFFs it does have the enhanced bio hull healing and that does keep the hull fairly fresh. That said players that like some stout engineering should shy away from this otherwise outstanding vessel.

This ship comes with a special console that has an active ability but no passives. The active ability is pretty nice but some may choose to utilize a more versatile console. It creates a massive series of enemy debuffs and then unleashes a pretty strong Antiproton hit to multiple enemies. Unfortunately it drains 50 points of weapon power. It does team up with the Undine console from the other Bio-ship to eliminate the weapon power drain.

The enhanced regeneration of the hull adds a bonus 2.5% per minute of standard hull regeneration. Not a huge bonus but this ship also regenerates like a science vessel rather than an escort and that helps as well to boost the base regeneration to 62.5% per minute out of combat.

The ship fares well on my benchmarks with an overall power rating of 64.70 against the weaker comparison ships the Chel Grett and Nihydron which are 56.24 and a dismal 38.96 respectively. I love the Chel Grett but this Undine ship is a little better me thinks. Benchmarks are only part of the story, there are many other things to consider. At 30 million EC it’s worth a try.

I loaded mine up with fluidic antiproton beam weapons and I also loaded it up with fluidic antiproton cannons. The ship was better in the Top Gun with the beams which surprised me since I tend to fare better with cannons on ships like this. Loaded for bear with Mk XIV beams and other gear Admiral Sager ripped a 131 second average over the four patrols.

The ship also has some really cool looking design elements. I like the look a lot. Undine ships have their own unique bridge style as well so it is a ship that offers something special both aesthetically as well as tactically.

Now I mentioned earlier that the ship is light in the engineering department, but I would be remiss not to mention the fact that one of the two Lt. Commander seats is a universal. So engineer or science can be boosted dramatically with that chair. Like wise placing a tactical officer in the #2 spot can make this ship hit like a rhinoceros on Ketracel White.

The ship is a free upgrade to T5-U and at 30 million EC it is a destroyer that ought to be in every Admiral’s Fleet.

I have the obligatory chart comparing this excellent Nicor Bio-Warship to some other destroyers I have reviewed.