Do this twenty times, get ship!

I’m already halfway to the new ship! I have been preaching for years about always taking advantage of the free ship opportunities. The winter event is probably the easiest one to get since the daily requirement is only a 2-3 minute exercise.

I did a video last year showing how quick and easy the “Fastest Game on Ice” is. This year the event is about 10 days shorter than last year but instead of 25 races to get the prize it is only 20 races. In essence Cryptic is giving all of us 30 days to do 20 races once a day. You can miss ten of the thirty days and still win the prize.

This year they even allow you to transwarp to Q’s Winter Wonderland right from the event window from anywhere in the galaxy. Too easy.

If you have the frost boots you will run faster but slide more in the corners. Be careful if you venture too far off the course you will have to start over. After a couple of tries you will have mastered this thing and it really is as simple as two minutes a day for 20 days.

In the video I make two blunders and still finish way ahead of the NPC opponent. At the end of the race I slide backward across the finish line to show that the opponent was not even on the final stretch when I cross the line. This is not to brag, but to show that even with a couple of mistakes that cost me a few seconds of time, the race was still easy to win.

Take your time and sprint on the straightaways but careful round the corners. I cut the corners off the ice an into the snow to avoid slipping off course. If you feel like you are hopelessly sliding off course you can use the front roll or back roll to slow down near instantly. Worry not you will likely never lose this race unless you go too far off course or use the emergency roll too many times. If that happens you go back to the race official under the big gazebo and restart. There is no cool down until you actually win the race and receive the daily credit towards the new ship.

That’s all I got this time, now go race for a new ship already! You still have time.