The Next Event

At some point STO had to start another event towards the grand prize. And so they have, the third installment is live. Now through August 17th we can participate in the Defense of Pahvo event. Run either the ground mission or space mission to receive a daily reward point, get 14 and you win a cool ship console and advance another tier towards the grand prize package of special ships, T6 tokens, etc. The master grand prize is worth the effort and each of the five events has its own decent little prize. This is solid stuff. STO does a good job offering up the freebies.

I see a fair number of players flying around in their shiny new T6 Luxo-Cruisers. I even seen a few in combat, nice job playas… way to flash that freebie bling. I’m happy with the ship overall, not my all-time fav but a solid ship.

There is still time to wrap up enough flight time in the floater to get the ship so hurry up, the Risa event ends soon. Don’t forget Risa has a quite a few events that earn various island only tokens and favors and such to buy custom clothing, pets, and such. Some of the events are easy and even kind of fun, like the hover board race and the dance off.

Get out there and soak up the Risian sunset and get some free stuff while you are at it.