The Refrigerator Men Built an Updated Raider for All.

His magnificent Q-ness has granted us mere mortals another starship for the holidays. This time as you all likely know, it is the T6 version of the Breen Plesh Brek Heavy Raider from a few years back. You may recall I did a review of that ship “The Refrigerator Men Built a Raider for All.” This new ship has a few cosmetic changes to help differentiate the T6 version from the T5 version. More than they did for the Destroyer, but you still know by looking at it what it is; a Breen Raider. They also added a twist to the name as they did with the destroyers, this is the Plesh Tral. Unlike the previous ship which was a bit ground breaking at the time since it was really the only true raider available for non KDF players, this ship joins a long list of ships including a few rock stars. I expected this one to just sort mull about in the middle pack, but it is a bit better than that. And let us not forget ladies and gentlemen, it is FREE, I love freebies.

I wrote this last month and after flying this new ship I am not as firm on the statement:

“This time round the excitement for a raider is reduced as so many excellent cross-faction raiders have come since January 2014. When I wrote bout the Plesh Brek I was excited about it since Feddies didn’t really have a raider class they could fly. The Aquarius may have been around but that ship is weak sauce.

Now with a wide variety of multi-faction raiders out there this one is a bit anti-climatic. The updated T6 ship will get a Pilot hybrid chair on the bridge and a typical T6 boost to power. The Breen ship in T5 trim was still a solid ship but the addition of the Temporal Raider, Na’kuhl Raider, and the Herald Raider, leave this ship as a bit over matched.  This one will however be a welcome addition for those not wishing to drop heavy coin on the exchange, fat zen in the C-store, or playing the lock box lottery for one of those other awesome raiders”.

How is this latest frosty ride? Not bad, not bad at all. I loaded up all the goodies I had stashed on the T5 Breen Plesh Brek and ported it over to this ship. Mind you, these are mere Mk XII items. The gear is solid stuff from the Delta Alliance Rep store and the Delta Alliance weapons set. It has the Jem’Hadar space set as well. That set packs an extra 13.6% polaron damage so this guy hits pretty hard for Mk XII. It showed when I made the runs in Top Gun.

The latest Breen Raider commanded by the Admiral managed to put down an aggregate average time of 139.5 seconds. This represents the best time for a raider with all Mark XII gear. I may have to punch this setup to Mark XIV just to see if it can challenge the Fleet B’rel. It twill take down the times I got in the Temporal Raider if I do. But I ran a DBB setup in the Temporal Raider that was sub optimal for the ship.

This new version of Breen Heavy Raider has a different BOFF setup. I am not just talking about the addition of a universal/pilot seat at Lt. Commander. This ship has a C, LC, LC, L,E layout which yields an impressive 43.33 BOFF power rating. The old ship had a C, LC, L,L,E which is a 38.33 BOFF power rating. As for the flexibility of the BOFFs the additional seating and added specialization chair makes this a very versatile worker. At 26.89 it has one of the highest BOFF flexibility ratings in the game for ships NOT featuring a universal chair at number one.

The ship is heavy on hull for this class, not the beefiest as the Herald Baltim is even fatter, but much more stout than most of the raiders in the game. It has escort level hull. The shields are pretty average for the class. The ship is fast but nothing fantastic for a field of ships that tend to fly like fighter craft. Turn rate is minimal for this class coming in at a base of 19 DPS. Excellent for an escort but sub-par for a raider.

I must admit the ship is better than I expected. When you look at the options for this class of ship with a Fed captain this one starts to climb the ladder because the pricing on the exchange for some of the better lockbox ships is a bit out of control. The “Batwing” Na’Kuhl Raider is fetching 300-400 Million EC. I got mine a year and a half ago for 125 M. The Baltim is trading up in the mid 200 M range as well and that is more than double what I paid a couple of years back.

These lockbox ships of course are character bound while the event ships like this Plesh Tral are account wide unlocks. Of course the excellent Temporal Raider is a multi-faction C-store ship that sells for 3000 Zen and is account wide as well. I still think that temporal unit is the best raider in the game and if you can get one, maybe when Cryptic runs one of those crazy ship sales, I still recommend it. For those trying to keep the “free” in F2P, this latest raider from the chill zone, is a fantastic choice for any faction.

Once again the Frigidaire Freaks from the Breen Confederacy deliver a solid ship for Q to present to us. For merely taking 25 two-minute skates around the twisting lakeside course, you are well rewarded with this prize.

I have the obligatory chart comparing this new Breen freebie to its older brother and a few other cool raiders.