The T6 Vette vs. The Original T5

Well I have been flying my little Risian 2.0 ship all about the galaxy and feel like I have run it through its paces, so to speak. I have to say I never really got into the T5 Risian Corvette as a daily flyer ship. On the stat sheet it appears to have so much to offer yet when flying it it seemed a little flat on the palate. The original also had the misfortune of being one of the last T5 freebies before they launched the T6 ships. Shortly after its launch a whole series of cool T6 escorts came along starting with the Phantom.

The Corvette was fast and it cornered like a BoP and it still is actually. But I never have been able to really lay waste to enemies in a Corvette. I know that it only gets +5 to weapons which is way off the typical +15 for an escort. But it still feels flat on weapons, more so than the lack of power would suggest.

Now along comes the new guy, a T6 version with some extra sass on the bridge, a revised and upgraded special console, and a new experimental weapon. The latter; a Soliton Wave Impeller. This “weapon” is really more of a countermeasure that debuffs enemies as much as it damages them. It sends out soliton waves that both damage and slow enemies but also have a chance to do additional radiation damage. It is a rather sciency weapon that would be well utilized by a science officer with strong exotic damage abilities. But this is no science vessel. The experimental weapon also fires faster with increasing engine power and that is an interesting twist. I like it actually.

Now one of the big deals about this T6 Corvette is that once it is unlocked a special Pilot version is unlocked at your fleet. Yes there is in effect a fleet version of the ship. In addition to having boosted fleet grade stats the “fleet” version is a pilot ship with the full pilot maneuvers and abilities. It also gets an extra pilot hybrid BOff chair on the bridge. I am excited about this pilot version and I will have the admiral “fleet” this thing up after he hits Tier V mastery in the base model.

Now I mentioned earlier this summer when they announced this ship that besides the normal T6 bonues and the special “pilot” version available at the fleet yards, this thing has the fastest impulse speed of any starship ever offered in the game! Only a couple of shuttles and fighters are faster. With a 0.27 impulse modifier this ship will quite literally run away from any starship in the game. Other than another T6 Corvette of course. The old T5 ship was already blazingly fast with its 0.25 impulse modifier. There are two ways to utilize this amazing speed. One is to just be the fastest guy on the field. Jack up that engine power and run some hyper Impulse engines and just buzz around like bees on meth. But you can also use it to good effect by dialing the engine power down and diverting that extra power to other systems. The ship will still fly faster than a standard escort with engine power down at the bottom and combat engines equipped.

This new T6 version is brilliant when contrasted with the original. Of course if we are fair, the original came out in 2013 so that is like a 100 years ago in STO time. The pilot version is a formidable ship with flexible BOff seating and reasonably stout hull and shields. Once the ship is at Tier V mastery the Rhythmic Rumble trait is available on on this ship it could be a powerful trait. Every time you activate a pilot BOff ability or Aux to Inertial Dampeners, you get a weapon power consumption buff and a damage resistance buff and It scales up with flight speed.