It’s Time to Buy the Dip… The Deep Dip!

I had a reader write a comment that he had recently bought a Ferengi D’Kora on the exchange for less than 5 million EC. He was a console player, so I decided to check it out on PC to see if the bottom has truly fallen out on that ship.

Holy Skyfall Chicken Little!  ‘She’s gone don Captn’. Admiral Rodanna has been hanging out at ESD exchange for months now, I think she may have a shopping problem… anyhow, I had her take a peek on the exchange and she found more than a dozen ships under 10 million EC with a few in the sixes that were all in the 25-35M range a few months ago! You can pickup 6M just replicating mob drops for a couple a days. I will stand by my report and double down in fact, the D’Kora is a great ship! Under 10m every single player should have one! Read my D’Kora review here.

I haven’t quite maxed out the new Gamma Reputation system and I am still a dozen days out on the new Vorgon Dreadnought so in light of this D’Kora price revelation, I figure an Exchange Market Update is in order.

First how about ships under 10 million EC? Take a look at what Rodanna found on Wednesday 7-11-18.

These are all fun enough ships to justify the penny stock prices they are currently offered at. I reviewed all of them and I like them all actually. I am an unabashed fanboy for the D’Kora and I was genuinely excited about the Nicor as well. At under 10M every one of these ships is a perfect 10/10 on the value meter. No friends these are not going to terrorize the latest T6 bad boys, but those ships will cost you zen or billionaire levels of credits on the exchange. These are the vintage units that still have something to offer the STO player on a budget.

The Ferengi D’Kora remains in limited company with on board amenities such as the Exchange, Mail, Trader, Bank, and Dabo! Only the D’Kora and Nandi have all of this on board. A few others including some recently launched ships have access to Bank, Mail, and Exchange service.Although the lovely Rodanna did not find any this time, the Tholian Meshweaver is often found on the exchange under 10M as well. The Mirror Universe ships when around are dirt cheap sometimes under 1M!

Rodanna also poked around to see the best deals on weapons in Mk XII purple (very rare) grade. Under 100k there is a large selection of cannon, dual cannon, dual heavy cannon, and dual beam banks in garden variety energy types like standard tetryon, standard polaron, standard disruptor, and standard plasma. She also found some Ferenginar Plasma weapons that are kind of special. Beam arrays and turrets are quite a bit more expensive in any energy type. Overall, tetryon weapons were dirt cheap with two pages of cannons and dual beam banks under 50k. She even saw a couple of beam array and turret weapons under 100k in both standard tetryon and standard plasma.

For the F2P crowd these are excellent deals that allow you to fully equip a ship with Mk XII purple grade weapons for less than half a million credits. Think about it, for less than 10 million credits you could buy a fully loaded and ready for combat ship at Mk XII purple. Pick up one of the ships above around 6.5M if you shop it a bit, then spend maybe a couple million on weapons and consoles then throw in a few mob drops or mission reward items and there it is: a mission ready ship that won’t survive long in PVP but will be adequate for many PVE missions and most of the story content. I complain allot about some things, but STO can be a decent F2P experience. In my opinion it is better at the “free” part than Cryptic’s numero uno, Neverwinter.

P.S. does anyone know for sure if Cryptic scaled up enemies in the Tau Dewa patrols and if so, when?