Second of Five Special Events Live Now

This latest “Tholian” TFO event will contribute towards the master grand prize after all five are complete. This is one of the most generous giveaways that Cryptic has offered in STO. After completing all five special events, players will be able to choose from three genuinely excellent freebie awards. They also have a some less valuable awards, but these three are excellent: 1500 LOBI crystals, 2 C-Store free ship tokens, or players choice of several super rare ‘BILLIONAIRE CLUB’ ships. The latter are those special event only super rare lockbox lottery ships that you see on the exchange for literally a billion EC or more.

This time round we have our choice of a once daily run for 14 days choosing between two Tholian TFOs. I have been flying the Temur raider but the Tholian missions are much easier for me when flying a beam equipped cruiser class ship. Especially true on the “Vault: Ensnared” mission that has activity spread across a large vertical area. STO’s game engine does not allow a ship to fly straight up. I never understood that actually. Try it, you cannot fly your ship straight up or down vertically but rather are limited to a steep 45-60 degree angle. Getting from the top to bottom of the Vault Structure is a pain in the ass. Anyway, do the missions, get the progress, because this is a solid giveaway. I figure by Christmas we will all be deciding which grand prize we want 🙂

What grand prize are you taking? Lobi? 2 T6 ship tokens? Ultra rare Infinity Lock Box/Promo ship? Comments below. See you next week.