The Picard Bundle Worth It?

STO recently announced the ‘Picard Bundle” with a price of 12,000 Zen but they are offering it for a special price from today, January 16th through January 20th for 50% off. At 6,000 Zen it is probably a value but at 12k Zen;  ‘me no think so’.

What’s in this bundle?

  • T6 Ship: Miradorn Raider
  • T5 Ship: Galaxy Exploration Cruiser Retrofit
  • T3 Ship: Constellation Class Heavy Cruiser
  • Bridge Environment: Galaxy Class Ship Interior
  • 1 T5 Ship Upgrade Token
  • Ground Weapon: Replica Thompson Submachine Gun
  • Uniform: Open Jacket Set, includes Picard’s open jacket
  • Uniform: TNG Season 1 Admiral and Standard Uniform
  • Uniform: TNG Season 3+ Uniform
  • Uniform: TNG All Good Things Uniform
  • Uniform: Picard’s “Privateer” uniform

I am intrigued by the Miradorn Raider but it is at best worth 3,000 Zen alone. These are also lock box drops and can be found on the exchange in the 450 million EC range. If the ship interests you, 3000 Zen might be better than 450 million EC depends on your game play and resources.

I am interested int he ship but I do not want to pay 6,000 Zen nor 450 M EC either for it. I might bite on this at 6k Zen if I did not have any of the the items in the bundle, but I have the other two ships unlocked already and I have three of the uniforms unlocked as well.

I already own most of the stuff in this bundle so for me personally it is a no-go even at the half off price. It will be interesting to see if any of this has any tie in to the new CBS Star Trek show, “Picard.”

Well I’m back off to run my dailies so I can get a free C store ship token 🙂