Star Trek Discovery and STO

So the mid-season finale of the new CBS series Star Trek Discovery released Sunday and there will be a hiatus until January. This show has created quite a stir among the legions of Trekkies all over the world. I feel like it may be even more controversial than the Enterprise launch. Enterprise despite all the hulabaloo ended up being a pretty good show.

Discovery however started us off a bit confusing. Was this in the prime timeline or the alternate (AKA JJ-verse) timeline. The confusion is fair since the Klingons are depicted very similar to the JJ Klingons and nothing like the Klingons of any of the post TOS TV shows or any of the ten prime timeline movies. CBS insists this is a prime timeline story, yet we have the JJ Klingons and some unexplained futuristic tech that does not seem to align with 10 years earlier than TOS. Furthermore, CBS has said their intention is to run this series right up to the point that it aligns with the TOS era.

So if we are to trust CBS, then future Captain, James T Kirk is probably at the academy, right now and Captain Pike is in command of the Constitution Class U.S.S. Enterprise. Remember this show is ten years before TOS and that means Kirk is roughly 20 years old. In the Alternate Timeline, AKA JJ-Verse, Kirk was in command much earlier as the trilogy of movies detailed.

Interesting that great detail in the canon of Trek has been laid out to clarify why the Klingons depicted in TOS had no ridges and such. Remember the experiments with augmentation? Yet this show doesn’t give us those Klingon but rather JJ Klingons? Interesting, maybe the Augment experiments will become part of this series? As for the ‘spore drive’, my only guess is that something horrific will have to happen to eliminate the technology as viable if they are to align this series with TOS and the events of the prime timeline.

I haven’t heard of any in-game additions that align with Discovery other than uniforms. I am confident however that we will likely see something down the road, I imagine that Cryptic needs to wait until the series develops and the tie ins to TOS become more clear. As for now the arguments rage on and on over this controversial new Trek series. I do like the show, not sure how I feel regarding how it rates compared to the other five live action series over the years, but it is good entertainment.

Rumors are flying that CBS is going to get political and make veiled references to current politics and if that happens the show may die quickly. I can’t speak for the world at large but in the USA just about everyone is sick and damned tired of politics invading every fucking aspect of our lives. Watching the actual political morons in DC is hard enough, I don’t want that lunacy in my entertainment. The world is divided in real life can we please be united at least in our escape time?

Oh well, I bet we see a discovery ship in the STO future, I doubt it will have a spore drive though, we shall see. This show is CBS and they own the televisions rights to all things Trek, so this show has to be “canon” right? As such STO will need to make some adjustments to include some of this in the game play me thinks. Will we see missions that tie into the show? We could, Star Trek occurs in a quantum flux environment, but short of any time travel missions, which we already have had on multiple occasions we could see some anecdotal references to the show’s plot in the story line or dialog of future missions in STO.

I figure it’s time for a little poll on the matter, right. What do you think of the Discovery show?