The Anniversary Event is Back!

Every year around this time STO celebrates it’s anniversary and this year is the 11th. The highlight of the event is typically a freebie ship and this year is no different. Last year we got the Alliance Battle Cruiser which was a blend of Federation and KDF technology. My friends, that is a damn good ship.

This year another “Alliance” ship is coming and it will be a blend of Romulan and KDF technology. It will also be an escort or raider class vessel. OOHH, that’s right up my alley and The Admiral will love it too.

I am genuinely excited about this ship. As of this writing, I haven’t seen specs yet. If it is anything like the Khitomer Battle Cruiser I will be happy. The Khitomer had solid stats and had a universal console. Upgrade to T6-X and get a second universal console. This could be a great little attack ship if it has a similar setup.

Looks like the Anniversary event launches on Tuesday. You should definitely run the events for the two weeks or so to get the free ship, it will be worth it, it has been just about every year!