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Star Trek Online, what can I say? It’s awesome! How about that, yeah I said its awesome. I can’t even begin to tell you have much time and money I have dumped into this experience but I can tell you this, I would do it again. STO is an immersive Star Trek experience that puts you in charge of your own starship.

Today I would like to introduce you to my first Star Trek Online character modeled after myself. Vice Admiral Rod Sager. I started out with that little Miranda Class ship we all start with and worked my way up to the top level escort ships in the Federation. The ship shown in the crew shot to the right is the Risian Corvette that was offered as a prize for completing a long series of jet pack races on Risa during the summer event last month. I kind of like that Corvette, it is fast and maneuverable, in fact it is the fastest and most agile ship a Feddie can fly. It is also a cool looking ship with the most color design options of any ship I have seen in the game.

I decided to create a back story around this character and all his bridge officers (14 in total now). My other characters that followed all have a back story somehow connected to this character. The back story is briefly outlined in each character/bridge officer’s bio section.

Wormholefromds9-bioSo this toon is sort of a Kirkish type Captain, brash, smooth with the ladies but a good guy at the core. I have acquired 12 ships for Admiral Sager. Of the Tier V ships he has mostly escorts that suit his tactical background. They are the Andorian Kumari, Tactical Escort Retrofit and its Fleet variant, Risian Corvette, Mirror Universe Patrol Escort and the Breen Chel Grett Warship which is a cruiser/escort hybrid. I like them all 😀 He also has some other ships like the Tactical Odyssey Cruiser, Mirror Universe Recon Science, Support Cruiser Retrofit, Star Cruiser and some of the lower tier ships he flew earlier in his career.

Vice Admiral Sager has completed every story line mission in the game. He has managed to reach Tier V in Romulan Reputation and is just shy of Tier V in Omega Rep. He is ideally suited for PVE activity but due mostly to my lack of piloting skill, he is not that great in PVP. My KDF toon is my PVP choice.

I have four other characters under my handle @rodsager1964 the second is an Orion KDF Lt. General Roddicak Esmarelia followed by two Feddies, Science and Engineering Vice Admirals Rodessa Vhargal and Rodanna Selisia and of course a Romulan Vice Admiral who is allied with the Federation, Be’ina. I usually like to have my Characters have a name that includes my first name as part of their first name, but I stuggled with my Romulan toon. I wanted a legit Romulan sounding name and couldn’t come up with one I liked. Rod’ina ? No. You see what I mean? Any ideas?

As we move forward I hope to get some feedback on ships, configurations, tactics, etc. I like to run polls like the one above, so be on the lookout for those. I know some Trekkies are passionate about things, so that could prove interesting. I know I just had an STO love fest in this post but there are some things that drive me nuts about the game too, and I intend to swim those treacherous waters as well.

I will be attending the Creation Star Trek Convention on Sunday in Seattle maybe I will see you there.

O.K. enough blathering I have some Borg to kill 🙂


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