Star Trek Convention Seattle :)

My son Nolan and I took a drive up to Seattle for the Creation Entertainment; Official Star Trek Convention over the weekend.  I walked around with a sign on my back pitching this blog along with a handy QR code with the link to it. OK, so what, I am a geek.

Chase has that classic sultry jazz voice that permeates the the very air and creates a classic cabaret atmosphere of a bygone era. I can just imagine men swooning in a smoky club as she vocally teases the senses.

This was not a huge convention by any standard but it was well run and frankly more fun than some of the bigger events I have attended. My son and I were able to see all of the guests on stage, cruise the small but fully stocked vendor area, a photo-op with William Shatner and I got one of Chase Masterson’s Jazz CDs autographed. I think she looks even better than she did back in the 90s 🙂

I was happy to meet Chase, not just because she is gorgeous either. She has an STO connection as the voice of Leeta the Dabo Girl for Quark Industries. You know, she makes you want to hang out and blow a bunch of credits playing Dabo. The best part is that my son said my wife is better looking than Chase, yeah it’s like that, I got it good.

During Nana Visitor’s (Kira Narisse on DS9) Q/A period, a young man and huge fan of the character Kira, told his STO story about his character and the connection to Kira. He was genuinely influenced positively by that character and he was very happy to have an opportunity to speak directly to Nana. This guy has a comprehensive back story for his character. I like that, I have back stories for mine also. This fan also queried her about her interest in doing voice work for the game and she said that in the past it would be no, but she felt very excited about the idea now.

Garret Wang was amazing on stage, great guy and probably the show stealer, sorry Shatner, you were pretty good too, but Wang was tops. Another 2nd for Shatner 😉

The fan mentioned above has inspired me to post a poll. I would say that my primary character is most influenced by James T Kirk. Which Star Trek character most influenced your primary toon on STO? Answer in the poll below.

Trek science officer and her evil Mirror Universe twin
Trek science officer and her evil Mirror Universe twin and I at Seattle Con

There were quite a few STO players there and I am hoping that future conventions might have some STO booths set up with people offering up STO tips/books/ship setups, etc. How cool would that be?

Star Trek Online is now a big part of the greatest science fiction franchise of all time. With that said, I think I’ll logon and dust me some Borg 😀


2 thoughts on “Star Trek Convention Seattle :)

  1. I totally lost your contact info from the Convention… so weird to see me mentioned in a blog post…

    I know I said I would give this to back in August but I kind of forgot… Here is the bio for my STO character.Commanding officer of the USS Shakaar:

    Kira Reon Benjamin is the son of the Bajoran Kai, Kira Nerys. Named for his uncle who died during the Cardasian occupation of Bajor and Captian Benjamin Sisko, the Emissary of the Prophets.

    Kira joined Star Fleet to explore space outside of the Bajoran sector. As the son of the Kai, Kira was granted an early admission to Star Fleet Academy where he excelled and was commissioned as an Ensign after only three years of study compared to the normal four years.

    Kira hopes to serve the Prophets in all things. He had a vision from the Prophets of the chaos that currently surrounds the Federation when he was only five years old. That vision from the Prophets gave him the drive to help bring stability back to the Alpha Quadrant. As the son of the Kai, Reon was made a Vedek prior to leaving Bajor for Starfleet Academy.

    After quickly rising in the ranks of Star Fleet Command and earning the rank of Vice Admiral only four short years after gaining a field command as an Ensign; Kira was named Bajoran Special Evoy to the Federation Council by the Bajoran Council of Ministers. In addition to being a Vice Admiral in Starfleet, Kira holds the rank of Brigadier General within the Bajorian Militia.

    Following the takeover and subsequent return of DS9 by the Dominion fleet commanded by the Vorta Loriss, Kira was named Federation Ambassador to the Dominion for his tireless efforts to keep the peace between Federation/KDF forces and the Dominion forces on DS9.

    Kira’s diplomatic ranks makes him one of the most influential Bajorans in Star Fleet. Because of Kira’s diplomatic duties towards Bajor his bridge crew is mainly Bajorian with a few exceptions. All Bajoran members of the bridge crew also hold rank in and wear the uniform of the Bajoran Militia. When duty allows it, Kira can be found on DS9 as he still retains quarters on the station.

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