Klingon Tactical Ships are Cool

Today I want to talk about ships. Klingon tactical ships. Birds of Prey and Raptors to be precise. I have several ships for KDF, but two that I use allot. The first is a ship I have logged thousands of light years in, the I.K.S. HaDl’baH tlq (loosely translated, ‘Animal Heart’) a Klingon Fleet Qin Raptor flying the colors of, ‘The House of Duras’. This ship is my first choice for PVE missions and missions against the Borg. The second of my common flyers is the I.K.S. Qlb Suvwl (Shadow Warrior) a B’rel Retrofit. I use this almost exclusively for PVP. I will get the Fleet version as soon as our shipyard is Tier V, which will be very soon 😀

B’rel Retrofit

I will start with the B’rel. I am not the best at PVP, but when I am in that frame of mind, Roddicka is my go to character. Roddicka is a tactical KDF Lt. General with Tier V reputation in Omega and Tier IV in Romulan reputation. She has the second most in-game accolades of any of my characters. This helps her with an assortment of passive buffs that is pretty impressive. She also has used all 300,000 points in her captain space skill trees with a heavy emphasis on tactical and survivability. I need all the help I can get because many of you STO fans are very dangerous in PVP!


I chose the B’rel because the only way I can survive in PVP for any respectable amount of time is by using classic Klingon raider hit and run tactics.  The B’rel Retrofit is one of the best for using that method. This ship is equipped with a special battle cloak that emulates the cloak used by Chang in Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country. It can fire torpedo and mine weapons while cloaked. For awhile, STO had the cloak so badly nerfed that any two-bit science captain could spot you and decloak you at will. I died allot during that dark period. But now it seems that Cryptic has the cloak just about right. I still think it is a little too easy to break that cloak, but it is at least manageable now. The B’rel pays a price for her special cloak with the weakest hull rating of any end game ship. Base hull is 21,000. Eek, that is skating into shuttle craft territory. The ship is also weak on shields with a 0.80 modifier. It is however, the most maneuverable starship in the game with a base turn rate of 23 degrees per second and an inertia rating of 80. (most agile Feddie ship is Risian Corvette with 21 degrees per second and 90 inertia).


I have my B’rel equipped as shown in the photo. The ship uses polaron energy weapons to take advantage of the MK XI very rare, Jem’Hadar space set which offers a flat bonus of 7.8% to all polaron damage. (One of these days I am going to run those missions in elite mode to get the set to MK XII and 13% bonus) The front weapons are very rare, MK XII Polaron Dual Cannons [dmg]x3, along with a Fleet Ultra Rare Quantum Torpedo Launcher MK XII [acc][dmg]x3. To the rear is a very rare, Polaron Turret MK XII [dmg]x3 and a very rare Quantum Torpedo Launcher MK XI [dmg]x3. This ship is armed to the proverbial teeth.


My biggest problem is keeping targets inside that tight 45 degree firing arc of those three beefy duals up front. I hate it when this happens; I alpha buff and decloak with 6-8 seconds to launch a horrific 20,000 dps hailstorm of quantum-polaron death and I am just out of that 45 degree arc because I am an idiot and can’t gauge the angle. Kaaaaaaaaaahn! Hey here’s a great idea for a tactical officer buff. A lock on target buff that would match the speed and trajectory of your target for say 10 seconds (limited to the ships speed and turn rate of course) This would be great, of course it would need to have a long 30 second cool down or maybe even 45 seconds. Are you listening Cryptic? Tell me what you think of this ship and her setup. I am always open to tips on building a better mousetrap.

raptor1My PVE and mission choice is an amazing ship. In fact if I were a better pilot, I would fly this ship for PVP also. The fleet version offers amazing stats. With no alpha or temporary buffs, this ship has nearly 50,000 hull points, 8500 on each shield facing with a base regen of 255 boosted to well over 1200 at times. The ship soaks up 35% of kinetic damage and 40% of all energy weapon damage. I love this ship. It absorbs damage like a cruiser but hits like a sledgehammer. This guy is my Omega machine with all six space pieces from the Omega reputation system. She flies with the Assimilated Space Set along with the Assimilated Console, Omega Torpedo Launcher and the Kinetic Cutting Beam. These six pieces offer several excellent bonuses for being used together.


The weapons layout is a little unusual and some of you will give me a hard time, but I like it this way. There are two very rare, MK XII Disruptor Single Cannons [dmg]x2[CrtD], a Disruptor Quad Cannon [dmg]x4 and the Omega Plasma Torpedo Launcher up front (Omega Torpedo Launcher is a beast). To the rear is a very rare, Polarized Disruptor Beam Array MK XII [acc][CrtH], a very rare, Fleet Advanced Disruptor Beam Array MK XII [dmg]x3[acc] and the Kinectic Cutting Beam.  I am thinking about losing one of the disruptor energy boost consoles for a plasma torpedo boost to help that Omega launcher be even more evil than it already is. You’ll see the bridge officer layout, sometimes I swap positions between Konmul and Nervum to get beam weapons abilities, Overload II and Fire at Will III, at the expense of High Yield II and Torpedo Spread III. Cannon officer has Scatter Volley II and Rapid Fire III at my disposal. This is a very versatile ship and I think in the hands of a great PVP player it would be devastating. Of course I am not that PVP player so I’ll hit and run with my B’rel in Kerrat. Drop me a comment with tips or your favorite Klingon tactical ship. See you in game, Qapla’ 



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