The Andorians Know How to Throw it Down

Tala, Chief Tactical Officer for Admiral Sager

The Andorians are one of the four founding members of the United Federation of Planets. These blue, antennae adorned people are well represented in Star Trek Online. You may remember that Shran, that lovable, ever suspicious, bordering on pathological, paranoid Andorian from Enterprise had a cool ship. It was a Kumari. In fact you can even fly that old school Kumari at level one for the low price of 500 zen.

But I am not here to talk about first tier ships. A while back STO decided to launch the Andorian Kumari Escort Set of ships. These are fully retrofitted modern purveyors of death and destruction. It is available in three varieties or the typical three for the price of two, set. They are 2500 zen each or all three for 5000 zen. You will need to be a Vice Admiral to fly one of these. I bought mine when they first launched. I only bought the Kumari variant which is basically a massive avalanche of DPS wrapped in an egg shell for a hull.

Admiral Sager’s Kumari with Aegis Space Set

The Kumari variant offers up five tactical console slots at the expense of science and engineering so this ship is sometimes hard to hold together. It has five forward weapon bays and was the first ship in STO to be so equipped. Sticking to the formula of seven weapons bays for an escort, this ship only has two aft. So when an enemy is on your six, you have little offensive capability and nay survivability. That can spell disaster in a PVP arena because unlike a Bird of Prey you have no battle cloak to help you escape. It is more maneuverable than a Klingon Raptor but no match for the BOP in a slalom.

What this ship offers however, is arguably the most devastating frontal attack available in STO. The ship is equipped with Andorian Kumari Phaser Wing Cannons [dmg]x4. These cannons put out slightly more DPS than a dual heavy cannon MK XII [dmg]x3. Like dual heavies the wing cannons are slow firing with big hits. As a general FYI; dual cannons fire more rapidly but have less power per volley (DPV) than their heavy counterparts, i.e. MK XII [dmg]x3 dual cannons have a base of 214 DPV and 285 DPS (damage per second). The dual heavy versions are 428 DPV and the same 285 DPS. So heavies hit twice as hard and fire half as often. The harder hitting duals  will deliver better critical damage since the critical will be based on the larger 428 base damage instead of the 214 base on the standard duals. Scatter volley may be less effective and evasive targets that move in and out of the arc may take less damage with the heavies since they fire more slowly. All that said, the Kumari Wing Cannons are like SUPER HEAVY cannons. The DPV is a hull blasting 1118 with a DPS of 298. With a full load of weapons power and a couple of phaser boost consoles these things hit like energy torpedos! Mine has a combat ready base damage of 4900 DPV and 1500 DPS! I do sometimes have trouble keeping enemies in the 45 degree arc because they are so slow that I can’t use them like a “tracer” to track the target. However, when these things are used with rapid fire or scatter volley they are the most deliciously diabolical weapon in the game.

Don’t think you can buy the Kumari and mount the wing cannons on your Fleet Tactical Escort Retrofit, because they only work on Andorian ships. Now that you are all lathered up over the wing cannons, there are still four more forward weapons slots to fill. This ship could be the one your mother warned you about.


I typically would not favor a ship so heavily weighted towards tactical, even for my tactical toon. But since my tac character has several tier V escorts already, I thought, “what the heck?” The Kumari truly lives up to the label many have given it, “The Glass Cannon”. I am here to tell you that may be true in PVP, but not so much in PVE or patrol missions. This ship has one glaring weakness that depending on your build could be bad or worse. The PVP hawks know how to drill a Kumari. Get behind it and unleash an Alpha then watch the warp core explode whilst giggling like tween girls looking at a Justin Bieber poster. But the NPC enemies in PVE and missions are not that smart. They are somewhat predictable and that allows a savvy flyer to protect the rear of the ship. The ship has a respectable 32000 hull rating, it just doesn’t have allot of tanking abilities with the BOFF stations.

andorianstationsMy overall build on this ship is not exactly the best.  I have used my superior resources elsewhere. I am also notorious for creating unusual setups. On my Andorian Kumari, I have the Aegis Space Set. That set is not ideally suited for the Kumari, but it does look really cool on the ship. I intend to upgrade the Andorian single phaser cannons from MK XI very rare to Fleet MK XII ultra rare soon. I already have a Fleet turret on the back. This ship is so good at quickly shredding shields the Quantum torpedos are perfect, who cares about recharge time, you won’t need a second volley 🙂 I mounted single cannons in three of the forward weapons bay to minimize the weak profile of the ship. Had I have mounted all duals up front my attack arc would be so small that an enemy would have 315 degrees from which to attack without having to deal with the hail of death from the front of the ship. Single cannons offer up a full 180 degrees of coverage making only the rear half of the sphere weak. Scatter Volley III is ideal for this kind of setup. Even seasoned PVP players will avoid attacking a Kumari head on. But for PVP dual cannons are probably better, I have mine set up as a 180 degree npc enemy street sweeper. Using Scatter Volley III with an alpha buff boost and I can wipe out ten PVE or mission enemies in a few seconds.

Overall this ship in the hands of a really good PVP player will crush anything. If you are like me and have some piloting  skill deficiencies you will die allot in PVP with this ship. I use my Kumari almost exclusively for grinding out PVE or patrol missions where you need marks or equipment for cash fast. This ship goes in drops a 100 megaton nuke and then flies out with the loot, leaving nothing but debris in its wake. Works for me 😀


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