Nukara Strikeforce, Nuke the Tholians

I have been pushing my original character, Vice Admiral, Sager through the reputation system. He is maxed out in Romulan and Omega Force so I decided it was time to engage the Tholians. Honestly, up until recently I hated fighting the Tholians. I am a little sluggish on targeting and every time I got caught in a web, it took forever to escape. Often when I did get out, my ship was pretty beat up. Admiral Sager is a tactical officer and thus his best ships are escorts. He has a very nice collection of heavily armed and frankly badass escorts. He has The Andorian Kumari, Fleet Tactical Escort Retrofit, Tactical Escort Retrofit, Mirror Advanced Escort, Mirror Patrol Escort and even a Breen Chel Grett. All are equipped in various setups that favor a particular activity. None seems to be effective against those pesky Tholians and it is as much my clumsy skills as any deficiency in the ships.


Then I had an epiphany. What about that Tactical Odyssey Cruiser I built out last year? It has the Complete Assimilated Space set and the Omega Weapons set. It has a pretty kick ass weapons layout and console setup. It even has that Aquarius escort to distract some of the enemies.  Hmm. So I swapped out the engineer I had in the Lt. Commander universal station with a tactical officer. That tac BOFF has Fire at Will III and Beam Overload II at his disposal. I was starting to think this might work!

l&c stations-9-12-13

I admire the amazing skills that some STO players have. I unfortunately am not as well skilled as many of you. The ability to hot key and mouse click fast and furious is not my strong suit.  The great thing about a “beam boat” cruiser coupled with any “fire at will” BOFF skill is that you can shred the Tholian web in less than 2 seconds. Fire at will randomly and very quickly targets enemies. When inside the web, the only available target is a web point so it is like auto-destruct for the Tholian web. I knew that Odyssey would come in handy 🙂

So now I am just about to hit Tier II in Nukara Strikeforce reputation and I feel like it will be a breeze to get to Tier V. Other than the endless grinding that is 😉

The Odyssey fairs well for me with Tholian encounters. I am most pleased with this outcome. I got rid of the purple mk XI phasers and went shopping in the exchange for new weapons. I wanted mk xii [dmg]x3 all the way around. Phasers were available but at 2.5 million EC a piece and up. Ouch! I could not even find any Antiproton mk xii [dmg]x3 or even [dmg]x2 for that matter. So I decided to use Elachi Disruptors. I am not a huge fan of disruptor weapons but the Elachi units are kind of cool. I like the proc of by passing shields.  The best part is there is an ample supply right now and I was able to buy four Elachi beam arrays mk xii [dmg]x3 for a total of just $4.3 million EC. I added an Elachi dual beam bank mk xii [dmg]x3 for another 1.2 million EC. I just happened to have a mk xi rare disruptor damage boost console in my bank to complete the transformation.

I still prefer escorts with this toon, just not against Tholians. Below are a few encounter captures showing the Lewis and Clark in action against those nasty web weaving bastards.

tholian1 tholian2

Do any of you use escorts against the Tholians in an effective manner? Those little arachnids tend to knock shields down and once an escort loses shielding it is a pretty fast death. Also, what about that space ability at Tier V? The Refracting Tetryon Cascade. That sounds pretty serious, but it lists the damage at less than 100 with 32 dps. That seems useless. That is not even impressive for a ground ability. What am I missing? Leave a comment about any of this or your setup for Tholian encounters.

I haven’t had a poll in a while. What is your favorite beam weapon type?


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