We are Devious and Diabolical, We are Romulans

The Romulans have always been filled with a touch of mystery as they operate under a cloak of subterfuge. I think Weyoun summed it up best when he said this;     

Never have more accurate words been spoken about the distant kin of Vulcans. We can live vicariously as a Romulan through Star Trek Online. We can fly the iconic Romulan ships and even some new ships.

The classic TNG Warbird 🙂 This one is retrofit and has Reman space set

During the first run of Star Trek the Next Generation we were introduced to the Romulan D’deridex Warbird. That ship was so sinister looking, wasn’t it? When Legacy of Romulus launched in May, I could not wait to get my hands on one of those ships.  It is deliciously treacherous flying about in a large cruiser that is equipped with a battle cloak.

Romulan T’liss, the first ship

Star Trek Online created a nice storyline for the Romulan faction. If you haven’t started a Romulan character, I urge you to do so right away. The storyline is interesting and well merged with the rest of the STO plotlines. The Romulan faction also has interesting ships and the ability ally with either the Klingons or Federation.

As is my custom, I created a back story for my Romulan character, Be’ina. She was born on a starship that was fleeing the shockwave of the Hobos supernova. She was one of a handful of survivors and was rescued by then Captain, Rod Sager on the USS Columbia River.  I love playing a Romulan. There is just something cool about being so devious. Even though the story line suggests that Romulans are turning over a new leaf and trying to work with others, you can’t just erase thousands of years of scheming from the psyche. Yes Be’ina still has a diabolical side.

Romulan Falchion Dreadnought Warbird

The Romulan ships all enjoy the use of a singularity core instead of an anti-matter warp core. The singularity cores offer bonus power as they “charge up” and also bonus abilities with the core power. I have five top-tier Romulan ships. The Ha’apax, The D’deridex Retrofit and all three Dreadnought Warbirds; Scimitar, Falchion and Tulwar. Prior to the release of Legacy the only ships in the game with a battle cloak were Birds of Prey. These BOPs had the disadvantage of weak hull and shields and only 6 weapon slots. Now the Romulans come along and offer every ship with a battle cloak. The battle cloak is a great escape tool when things start to get dicey in a fight. It is highly effective against NPC enemies but less so against PVP.

beina3When I first saw the stats for the Dreadnought Warbirds I was over the moon. I thought these things would be invincible. But they are just very good, not quite the “God” ships they looked like at first glance. I don’t know if there is some internal nerfing or not, but they have weaknesses. I do however like them with the three consoles working together. Normally I do not like having three of my ten console slots used up by special consoles that have no passive power. In this case however, I made the exception. It is not just the combo power that I like. All three consoles offer a great ability. The first thing you notice is the five forward weapons slots. this is only the second ship to have that layout and this one has three in the rear. Turn rate of 7 is good for a big cruiser. 1.1 shield modifier is also good for cruiser.  As if all this isn’t enough, the ship has a hanger bay too! My Romulan toon is not that far along yet in accolades and reputation so she is a little more weak than my primary Feddie and Klingon, otherwise she would be a beast in this ship!

If I were to buy just one of the three, it would have to be the Falchion. That is the one I actually fly. The Falchion has the best console layout with an even mix, 3 Tac, 3 Sci and 4 Eng. This gives the ship much-needed survivability. It also has the secondary shields console which gives you an ability to activate an extra shield and 17k of shield points.

I would recommend buying all three if you can swing the zen. The other two consoles are really cool. The Tulwar gives you a console that allows shields to remain up while cloaked, best part is that it is passive and always on! The ‘Scimmy’ has the cloaked barrage console that gives an ability to cloak and then unleash all your weapons on your opponent for several seconds. All three consoles on one ship will allow for the activation of the Thalaron Weapon. This is a powerful area of effect weapon with a long charge up and cooldown. But it is still pretty cool. Even if you don’t care about the thalaron weapon, but how can you not care, it’s cool, the three consoles are pretty sweet.


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