The Fabulous Worlds of Star Trek, Ours to Explore

The USS Lewis and Clark in the Kinjer System

Star Trek Online is much more than just another MMORPG. For fans of the world’s greatest science fiction franchise it is the ultimate immersion into the universe of Trek. If only Gene were here to see this amazing interactive Star Trek experience.

There are other games that provide an equally if not even better vicarious immersion into fantasy. Skyrim and Grand Theft Auto V are just two examples of high quality open world games with rich detail and epic backdrops. But Star Trek is almost a blend of those two. Where Skyrim is total fantasy fiction and GTA is reality fiction, Star Trek Online is BOTH. It is based upon a projection of our reality into the future. So we live the fantasy of flying through the Galaxy on a starship which is something we cannot do in real life but we are grounded in the reality based on the suggestion of our future world. We could be stationed on a starbase or starship someday. We very well may be able to visit other worlds in the future. It is however unlikely that any of us will ever become a wizard and begin frying goblins with fireballs whilst flying on the back of a dragon. Star Trek is a perfect blend of reality based fantasy for us to dive into.

The USS Fourth Plain near Andoria

Who hasn’t dreamed of going to the stars? Flying to distant worlds and meeting aliens. Of course flying around on a dragon whilst roasting goblins with fireballs would be cool too.

Star Trek has a rich history with nearly 50 years of great storytelling, adventure and a fairly well-kept canon to keep everything as interconnected as possible. Star Trek follows a brilliantly conceived story arc that spans roughly 350 years including the events depicted in Star Trek Online. It all begins with first contact in 2063 with the human invention of warp drive by the beloved Zefram Cochrane.

Star Trek Online pays homage to all the history of the Trek universe from Cochrane himself to Captain Archer, Captain Kirk, Captain Picard, Captain Cisco, and Captain Janeway. Star Trek Online allows for us to continue the franchise. These are the voyages of our starships and crews.

admiral-bajor2 (2)
Admiral Sager on Bajor

Sometimes when I don’t feel like doing a long mission I will simply fly around the Galaxy in one of my starships. I’ll fly to the Romulus system taking in the beautiful view that was created from a horrible disaster. I can fly into the Azure Nebula or the Badlands near Cardassia. I can watch the Bajorian Wormhole open in a grand spectacle. Cryptic did a very nice job of producing some gorgeous backdrops in some of the systems we can explore in STO.

Here are my favorite places in STO to just hang out and take in the view.

  • Deep Space Nine (Space)
  • Deep Space Nine (Ground)
  • Earth (Space)
  • Earth Starfleet Academy (Ground)
  • The Romulus System (Space)
  • The Kinger System (Space)
  • The Badlands (Space)
  • The Briar Patch (Space)
  • The Andorian System (Space)
  • Qo’nos (Space)
  • Bajor (Ground)
  • Risa (Ground)

What is your favorite Star Trek Online place to visit, ground or space? I listed a few choices on the poll but I encourage you to write one in if you have a another favorite.


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