The Bortasqu Battle Cruisers

bortas-aegis3The Odyssey Class cruiser is the pride of the Federation. The largest ship ever built by Starfleet. It has impressive stats, including 2500 crew and a base hull rating of 42,000. But this is not about the Federation, is it? Today we talk about Klingons! They build very tough ships in the Qo’noS system. When they design a flagship cruiser they intend to be feared before the first shots are fired. The Bortas cruisers will strike fear into the hearts of the enemies of the Empire. These behemoth battle ships have 3600 crew and a base hull of 43,500. When it was first launched it had the strongest hull of any ship in the game. A couple have surpassed it but this ship still makes quite an entrance upon arriving to battle.

Roddicka owns the Command Cruiser. This cruiser comes with the special console ‘sub space snare’. I am not all that excited about the special console on this ship. It has the ability to grab an enemy and teleport it directly in front of you with its engines disabled for 2 seconds. I suppose that would be great in conjunction with the auto cannon feature from the tac ship. But I do not have real powerful weapons on this ship to take advantage of a one shot quick kill. It is kind of useless for me.

I like the console setup with the extra science slot. I researched the other two ships special abilities. The War Cruiser’s ability to launch a Bird of Prey as an attack pet is good. The tactical Odyssey has a similar ability and I enjoy using it with my Starfleet toons. The auto-cannon on the Tactical Bortasqu did not appeal to me since it has a very long cool down and I heard from others it was not as effective as suggested. The sub-space snare was no better but the Command cruiser also has the ‘sensor analysis’ passive ability. That is why I bought this over the War Cruiser or the Tactical Cruiser. Sensor Analysis offers a stacking damage resistance de-buff up to 33% against a single target. Honestly I should have bought the three pack and used the BOP console on this ship. Oh well, live and learn.

What I really like about the Command Cruiser is the survivability. I am not the best at keeping my ships together and this guy is just as tough as can be. The passive damage resistance ability in conjunction with a huge crew and massive hull strength create a ship that is difficult to destroy.


Mine is equipped with the Aegis space set and frankly that is partly because I think it looks cool. But it is also because Roddicka’s better stuff is on her raiders and raptors. She is after all, a tactical officer.

I really don’t have this ship all that well equipped. Mostly Mk XI stuff, nothing exotic and yet I can fly into a mass of enemies and just hammer them till they die. The ship is so tough that I rarely get the hull much more than scratched. Even when flying into to Crystalline Entity with all those deadly shards flying about, the ship just hangs tough.

Somehow this ship just feels Klingon. Just think how many Targs are running around on a ship this big. The ship is just ominous. I wish Cryptic would have made it appear just a little bit bigger in the game. It is huge, but with 3600 crew it should have been rendered just a tad larger in-game next to some other ships with less crew. That said it just looks like a big angry grizzly bear.

The downside on this monster ship is typical of the class. It has a real slow turn rate at a base of just 5.5 degrees per second. It is slow and clumsy. Klingons like big powerful weapons so they allow for this ship to carry dual cannons. Honestly, dual cannons on this ship are a waste of time. Even if you used all four engineering console slots with RCS accelerators the ship would still have trouble bringing dual cannons to bear.


I have mine set up with the classic beam boat arrangement. I have one dual beam bank up front just to add some punch in the forward 90 degree arc. I am using the pathetic chroniton torpedos but I have fun with those using a spread since you get the slow down proc every time.

This is a fun ship for just flying around in a fortress that feels invulnerable at times. If you need to fly to a planet and show a little forceful presence from the Empire, this is the ship to use.


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