Look Into the Mirror, You Might Like It

There are so many wonderful ships to fly in Star Trek Online. One could easily find themselves in the proverbial poor house if they were to buy all the cool C-store ships. I have talked at length about some of them and I have bought quite a few of them too. Even if all you get are the ships awarded for leveling up you can have quite an experience. If you are short on cash or zen, there is still an opportunity to own a fleet of great Tier 5 ships.

Many players try to moderate their purchases of ships but still want to try different types. Maybe you want to buy an escort for your Engineer or Cruiser for your Tactical Captain. Once you reach Admiral it will be hard to fly the lower tier ships with their weak hull, limited consoles and weapons slots. Spending upwards of $20 to $25 on a C-store ship that you may not even fly that often can be a tough pill to swallow. Fear not my friends, I have a plan.

To find a gem of a ship at bargain basement price, one need only to gaze into the mirror. The Mirror Universe, that is. I have nearly 60 ships spread across five characters and many of them are from the Mirror Universe. These ships are drops from assorted lock boxes such as the Tholian lock boxes. You don’t have to worry about buying a bunch of keys from the C-store either. You see, other people open lock boxes and find a ship they are not interested in. Then they choose to sell it on the exchange. Some of these ships are in plentiful supply and that means they are cheap to buy.

You should buy a C-store or Fleet ship for your primary toon to fly on a regular basis because they are in general the best ships in the game. But for extra ships, just to have fun or for alternate characters, you may be quite pleased with the offerings available on the exchange.  The Terran Empire, The Klingon-Cardassian Alliance and The Romulan Republic have very similar ships as their prime universe counterparts. You will find that they are slightly different from the Prime Universe versions at the shipyards.

Depending on your play style, the Mirror ships may be better than their prime versions. There are currently twelve playable starships from the Mirror Universe. Six for the Federation and three each for Klingons and Romulans. Romulan characters also can fly the Mirror Universe versions of either Federation or KDF depending on their alliance. So a Romulan with a Federation alliance could choose from nine Mirror Universe ships.

The Mirror ships are all level 40, Tier V and are listed below with a link to their Star Trek Online Wiki page.

Federation KDF Romulan
Deep Space Science Qin Raptor Ha’feh Assault Warbird
Recon Science Vor’cha Retrofit Battle Cruiser Ha’apax Battle Cruiser Warbird
Star Cruiser Vo’Quv Carrier Ha’nom Gaurdian (Sci) Warbird
Assault Cruiser
Advanced Escort
Patrol Escort
Mirror Universe Advanced Escort (looks like Prime Universe Patrol escort)

The KDF and Romulan Mirror universe ships are the same as their Prime versions in appearance but offer a special Mirror Universe hull material and a color/pattern scheme that is unique. They may have a slightly different console and/or BOFF setup. The Federation Mirror ships are also set up with slightly different BOFF and/or consoles but they are also reversed from their Prime versions. For example, The Mirror Universe Star Cruiser looks like and is configured like the Prime Universe Assault Cruiser and vice-versa. Fed Mirror ships have the unique Terran Empire color scheme. You can customize it with standard options as well. Be sure to check the ship before you buy it or open it to be certain it is what you want.

The Mirror Universe Qin Raptor

Among my characters I have all the Mirror ships except the Assault Cruiser, Deep Space Sci, Vor’cha and Ha’apax. I have grown to really like a few of them.

I find the Klingon Mirror Qin with its ensign engineer BOFF instead of ensign tactical to be a strong alternative to the prime version. I wanted to try a carrier type ship with my KDF toon and so I got the Mirror Vo’Quv then I found some BOP hangars on the exchange. That is a fun ship I never would have experienced if not for the opportunity to buy it fairly cheap on the exchange.

Mirror Universe Vo’Quv carrier with B’rel fighters.

The best part about the Mirror Universe ships is that many of them can be had on the exchange for very good prices. I mentioned a few posts back that I found both the Mirror Fed Cruisers in the 100k EC range. The Mirror Escorts and Sci ships are similarly cheap. In fact I saw both the Terran Empire science vessels on the exchange today under 20k EC. The Romulan Assault Warbird (escort) was a touch spendy, I paid 850k EC for the cheapest one this morning. One ship that is elusive on the exchange is the Vor’cha Battle Cruiser. I would imagine that will cost a million EC or more when one finally appears for sale.

So I recommend you run a few patrol missions and grind out some EC so you can buy some of these awesome Mirror ships. You should have eight ship slots by the time you are a Vice Admiral. Unless you are overly sentimental about your early ships like me, just delete them to make room for some Tier V Mirror ships.  Remember to remove any upgraded weapons, consoles and equipment before you delete the ship. You could also pop for the 500 zen and buy a couple of bonus ship slots. Yeah, been there, done that 🙂

Before I beam up to my ship in orbit, I’ll leave you with this; Mirror, Mirror on the wall, gimme the very best deal of all.


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