The Avengers

U.S.S. Battle Ground, Fleet Avenger

No, it is not the latest Marvel Comics adaptation on the big screen. But this could be even cooler. Is that even possible to be cooler than something that features Tony Stark? Maybe. Star Trek Online launched the Avenger class battle cruisers last month with much fanfare. And I bought one! 2500 Zen worth of Federation kick ass bliss. But is it really all that?

I like it. In fact I really like it allot. I have two of them, one each of the standard variant and the fleet variant. My Federation engineering toon, Admiral Rodanna has the standard variant and I haven’t done much with it yet. My strongest character in the game is my original character, Tactical Admiral Sager and he has the fleet variant. I gave this ship the benefit of the doubt and stacked it with the best stuff I had or could get. It is fully loaded, if you’ll pardon the car dealer parlance.

Standard Avenger
Fleet Avenger

According to Cryptic’s description this ship was designed specifically for battle. It is supposed to be the first Starfleet cruiser designed for war and not exploration. The ship is similar to a Klingon Battle Cruiser. It is smaller and more agile than most cruisers and offers a five forward and three aft weapons layout for an aggressive attack profile.

My only complaint about this ship is the turn rate. It is the best turning Federation Vice Admiral cruiser but it still does not turn like the Klingon Kamarag. With five forward weapons slots I would have preferred a turn rate of 10 or 11. It makes up for the slower turn rate with more hull. The Kamarag turns at 10.5 and has 35,000 hull compared to the Avenger’s 9 turn rate and 37,500 hull. The Fleet versions compare at 38,500 hull for the Kamarag against 41,250 for the Avenger. Honestly, I think I might give up the extra 7% hull strength to gain the turn rate, but maybe not.

The Klingon battle cruiser has the advantage of a built-in cloaking device. The Avenger is capable of using a Federation cloak from the Tactical Escort Retrofit or the Dreadnought Cruiser. Giving up that tenth console slot however, for a cloak that doesn’t work in battle is not appealing to me.

I started with my Fleet Avenger modestly equipped and was pretty impressed. I had some mk xii [dmg]3x polaron single cannons up front with a mk xi quantum fore and aft. Two polaron mk xii [dmg]x3 turrets in the rear rounded out the weapons complement. I loaded up a basic set of mostly mk xi rare consoles and equipment. I was tempted to equip my mk xii Jem’Hadar set off my Fleet Tac Escort Retro but did not. The ship did real well. I just liked the feel of an agile cruiser that allowed my tactical Admiral to do what tac officers do well. Damage!

avenger-equipAfter a successful test run, I decided I would go ‘all in’ and load her up to the nines with top-notch gear. Mostly fleet items along with the MACO Adapted Covariant Shield (I am still grinding my way to the other items in that set!). The ship was an absolute boss on the PVE battle fields. As long as I was paying attention the hull damage never dropped below 90%. I could fly into a sea of Borg and just lay waste to those assimilated bastards. How cool would it be for a Federation ship to open a hailing frequency to a Borg tactical cube and say, “Borg Ship, your weapons and technology are unable to resist us, stand down and prepare to be removed from the collective. Resistance is futile.” ūüėÄ

I even tried it out in Kerrat PVP and surprisingly was able to hold on pretty well. Remember, I have stated many times on this blog, I kinda of suck in PVP. I could not do much in the way of PVP kills but unlike any other cruiser I have taken into PVP, I could actually survive. The ship can lay down enough damage that many players are forced to flee out. Most of my deaths were due to multiple enemies attacking at once. I had one guy put me in the tractor beam of death and he nearly killed me till I broke free and dropped an engine battery ‘outta’ there. Still I fared as well as I ever have in a cruiser in PVP.

avenger-BOFFsYou can see the BOFF setup up I am using in the photo to the right. I will probably tweak that some more. The equipment layout is solid though.  Four fleet antiproton cannons mk xii [acc][dmg]x3  up front with a fleet quantum torpedo launcher [acc][dmg]x3. To the aft are two fleet antiproton turrets [acc][dmg]x3 and a mk xi [dmg]x2 quantum torpedo launcher. The equipment includes a fleet mk xii positronic deflector with enormous boosts to shield and hull, a fleet  mk xii combat impulse engine, fleet mk xii elite warp core with amazing bonus power and the MACO mk xii covariant shield. You can see from the picture above, which consoles are in place. The most notable is the four mk xi fleet enhanced neutronium consoles that offer +20 kinetic and energy damage resistance as well as a +10 structural integrity hull boost. Without any temporary buffs, I deal about 900 dps each on the four cannons, 650 each on the turrets. Shields at 17k per side regen at 285, Hull at 65k with 47.7% damage resistance against all energy and 46.8% against kinetic. Power levels are epic! These are the static levels, with assorted BOFF and Captain buffs it gets even better. I really do love this ship.

powerlev-avengerI find myself using this ship in a similar fashion that I use my Andorian Kumari. The Kumari lays down more hate in the form of damage but that lack of battle resiliency forces occasional retreats. This ship does not retreat in missions or PVE. This ship in the hands of a better PVP player than me, would likely not retreat there either.

I am thinking about trying the new Obelisk Warp Core and Anti-proton turret I got from the new Sphere mission. I like the 10% boost to antiproton damage, but that warp core is no where near as good as the Fleet Elite core I have now.

The USS Battle Ground offers up an antiproton shower

I can highly recommend this ship for a Tactical Admiral looking for some tanking ability or an Engineering Admiral looking for some firepower. It is versatile and powerful. If you have multiple Federation characters, buying one on these at 2500 zen opens them up to all your Feddie toons. Do it, you know you want one.

So now I will answer the questions I asked earlier. Yes it is all that. And a bag of chips. And yes, it is possible to be cooler than a movie with Tony Stark in it. 

Now go buy this ship and experience the Federation with its new “attitude adjustment”.


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