Flying at ‘Absolute Zero’

kdf-breenbattle2Last Christmas, Star Trek Online offered up a very cool ship as the grand prize for completing a series of races for Q in the Winter Event. The ship was of course the Breen Chel Grett Warship. Some of you that are new to my favorite MMORPG will not be able to fly this ship since it was a bound event prize. Many of you may have it stashed away in its box in your bank or maybe on your ship roster somewhere. I know that tens of thousands of these were awarded and yet I don’t see many of them flying in-game anymore. And I have a question about that. Why the hell not?

The Chel Grett is actually a fantastic ship. It may be the most versatile ship in the game. I know many of you dyed in the wool Trek Online fanatics have your reasons for dissing the Grett, but come on, this is truly the Jack of all Trades ship in STO.

chelgrettbattle3It is called a “WARSHIP” and is classified as a escort-cruiser hybrid. I like it. There are only two escort type ships in the game that have more base hull rating. They are both Fleet ships. The KDF Fleet Qin Raptor with 36,300 and the Romulan Fleet Mogai at 36,300. With a 36000 hull rating on this ship, it is pretty solid. It is far superior to the standard KDF Raptors and every Starfleet escort. It has an impressive 13 base turn rate which is better than nearly all science ships and as good as some escorts. The “cruiser” part of this ship is the weapons and console layout. There are 8 weapons bays, 4 each front and aft along with four device slots just like a big cruiser. It also has a solid 1.0 shield modifier which is also like most cruisers. The ship comes equipped with a special universal console called Breen Energy Dissipator. This device allows you to use the weapon that the Breen used in DS9 against the Alpha Quadrant forces. It is not as powerful as the one in the show but it had to be nerfed a little to be fair. It is still powerful though and I kept the console on both of my Gretts.

Just look at this ship. Doesn’t it look sinister? I think the Tal Shiar destroyer is even meaner looking but this ship is very cool looking and quite unique.

I have two of these ships. Each of my two strongest toons has one. Federation Vice Admiral Rod and KDF Lt. General Roddicka. I have had many different configurations with these ships from an all Breen layout with the Breen space set and Breen special weapons to the hybrids I fly now.

fedgrettMy Feddie character has a Reman-Romulan mix with his Chel Grett. All Mk XII purple Romulan beam weapons with dual banks up front and beam arrays  to the aft. It features the powerful Mk XII Reman space set and the complete Romulan experimental weapons set. These items are acquired through the Romulan reputation system. Once I add the Fleet Enhanced Neutronium plating the ship will be quite sturdy.  I find this ship to be very effective in all but die-hard PVP. This ship set up with the Reman and Romulan items is quite formidable. The combo of dual beam banks and beam arrays coupled to the tight 13 base turn allows for both aggressive high DPS frontal attacks and multiple target attacks with “fire at will” on a 360 degree arc. The versatile cruiser-escort hybrid makes it a delight to fly in a wide variety of situations.

kdf-grettMy KDF toon still has some Breen flavor to the Chel Grett. This ship is equipped with the complete Breen Absolute Zero space set. There is a Rapid Reload Transphasic Torpedo Launcher up front and a Breen Transphasic Cluster Torpedo in the back. This is outfitted with my classic hybrid cannons-beams. Three antiproton single cannons up front and two antiproton beam arrays aft. There is also the recent addition of the antiproton 360 beam weapon acquired from the new Sphere mission coupled with the special Obelisk Rift sub-space warp core to provide a 10% boost to antiproton damage. Roddicka’s Chel Grett is a lot of fun to fly. The Breen Absolute Zero space set offers up a generous bonus to transphasic torpedo shield penetration and EPS performance. It also offers up a lightweight version of the energy dissipator that deals less damage but siphons some kdf-breenbattle3energy back to the ship. With the Absolute Zero set you really need to use transphasic torpedos to capitalise on the HUGE bonus. I wish the rapid reload launcher actually reloaded a little quicker it is just a little faster than a normal transphasic torpedo and still slower than photons. I don’t have this ship outfitted nearly as well as other ships but even with mostly Mk XI stuff the Grett holds her own. I have used dual cannons on it in the past and it can be effective against PVE and mission enemies but the base 13 turn rate is a little sluggish for dual cannons against human opponents in the PVP arenas.

For KDF toons this ship may not be quite as exciting since there are some great battle cruisers in the KDF that offer excellent resiliency and superior turn rates. None hit the corners as hard as the Chel Grett but they offer some additional cruiser survivability in lieu of escort maneuverability.

For the Feddie character this was a very unusual ship and basically alone until recently with the launch of the Avenger. This ship gives a much better turn rate in exchange for a little hull strength over the standard issue Avenger. It is no match for the fleet version Avenger however. Despite the impressive 650 crew complement this ship does not support cruiser commands like the Feddie and Klink cruisers.

Both of the characters I have flying this ship are tactical commanders and I really have a great deal of fun flying the ship. it will never be my absolute powerhouse, ‘go to’ ship but I find myself using it occasionally because it is just so damn fun to fly.

So go ahead and pull it out of your account bank. Load it up, give it some good weapons and consoles and go have fun.


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