Forever the Glitter of Gold

Admiral Sager with Veteran Uniform

What the hell kind of title is that for a Star Trek Online blog? You will just have to read on and find out. First the obligatory well wishes on this Thanksgiving weekend. It is Thanksgiving here in the US, our northern neighbors had theirs last month.  But hey, how about a round of warm wishes ALL OVER THE WORLD 🙂

OK; about that title. I finally bit the proverbial bullet and bought a lifetime gold membership to Star Trek Online. “Forever the glitter of gold”; see what I did there? 😉 Perfect World is offering the lifetime subscription for 33% off for a limited time. They did it last year and I didn’t bite. But this time was different. I have no regrets about it. I instantly earned every veteran award. The awards include among a lot of other items; ship slots, character slots, special ship skins, uniform and title perks, a free token from Admiral Quin to acquire one of the retrofit Vice Admiral ships from the shipyards and perhaps most importantly, a special gold member only, Vice Admiral ship with fleet-like stats for each faction. Click here to all the veteran rewards.

Fireworks emote is a veteran reward.

If you are a crazy fan for all the awesome ships in the Trek universe then this is a great deal. Just the free ships alone are worth the discounted price. I have five characters, three Feddies, a Klingon and a Romulan. There are several choices of ships for each faction to use your token on and if you have multiple characters in each, the Admiral Quinn token alone could net you as many as eleven free ships! (by using the token with each character for a different ship) If you haven’t already purchased C-store versions of the ships that alone is worth north of $200. Then there are the three different veteran ships. The Starfleet Chimera Heavy Destroyer, The KDF Peghagu’ Heavy Destroyer and Daeinos Heavy Destroyer. All three of these ships are very similar. The KDF and Romulan are near clones with the Rommy gaining the advantage of the singularity core at the tiny expense of a little shield strength (0.833 vs 0.830). The Feddie ship has no cloaking device but gains in shields with a 0.90 modifier. All three have a Lt. Commander and Ensign Universal BOFF station which is most welcome. They also all feature a cool transformation from 

Chimera in both modes

regenerative mode to tactical mode. There is a cool ship animation for the change. Each of these “modes” offers a powerful special ability. A tachyon shield drain or powerful weapon attack. Those ships would likely be 2500 Zen if they were offered in the C-store so there’s another $75 in value.

I think the KDF still benefits the most with this ship since this is the only non-raider (Bird of Prey) that features a battle cloak. This is a beefy version of the Qin Raptor and since a fleet version is available that will be my KDF toon’s next fleet ship. (these three special ships are offered as fleet versions when your fleet’s spire reaches tier two).

KDF Peghagu’

Overall I like the special ships. I intend to acquire the fleet version for both my tactical Feddie and tactical Klingon. I am still deciding whether my Romulan engineer will benefit from the Daeinos Fleet version.

Romulan Daeinos

The Romulan ship technically is superior to the KDF version because most will feel the singularity core powers on the rommy are worth much more than the KDF’s microscopic advantage on shields. But the Romulans have a lot of excellent ships that are similar since the battle cloak is on all their ships. This is the beefiest ship by far that utilizes the battle cloak for the Klingon Empire.


The Fed version is competing against the Avenger and several excellent escorts. I think it is almost a hybrid ship with that Universal Lt. Commander slot and the 750 crew complement. I like it.

If you can swing the coin, currently $199, I can honestly say there is a good value to the lifetime membership. There are other perks as well. It is cool strutting around the starbase with a bad ass cape flapping in the breeze like you’re some future version of Batman with phaser. Yeah. it’s like that.

Now I think I will login and deliver a quantum torpedo sandwich to the Voth!


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