Q’s Winter Wonderland is Back!

From Cryptic Dev Blog

It’s cold outside for most of us North of the 35th parallel, toasty warm for our upside down friends in South America, the lower half of Africa, Australia and the South Pacific. But Q doesn’t get all caught up in the semantics of it all. So winter it is and let the snowballs fly!

This year, the team at Cryptic has decided to offer up another cool ship for us to win. Last year it was a Breen Chel Grett Warship. I really like the Chel Grett. It is perhaps the most versatile ship in the STO universe. I have written about this ship in detail in a the post titled “Flying at Absolute Zero”.  But if you do not have that ship then you cannot have it at all as it is not tradeable; or can you? Your redemption has arrived. There is a chance to earn the new ship or the Grett you will have a choice. If your pocketbook allows, both of them can be had by the same character, by using Lobi Crystals to buy the items needed to redeem the ship! Q fancies himself as our Star Trek salvation. Let his narcissistic tendencies provide you with a King Midas opportunity. Do not miss this new chance to fly a Breen Confederacy Ship.

From Star Trek Wiki

This latest free ship will be available by providing 1000 signed glossy prints of Star Trek’s favorite omnipotent being, Q. It all starts today so get busy earning those glossies.

This ship is very exciting. Now non-Klingons can fly a raider class ship! Never mind the elongated name, ‘Breen Plesh Brek Heavy Raider’ and take a look at those stats in the picture to the left.

Can you say “Nerdwood”? OK enough of the figurative geek speak. This ship looks amazing. If you have never played a Klingon, wait a minute; Has anyone not yet played a Klingon and if so, why the hell not? Klingons are cool. Anyway, they have had their very own class of ships and these are the only ships to have all universal BOFF stations. They are limited to four BOFF seats vs. five for most tier 5 ships. This amazing BOFF arrangement came at the expense of weapons (6), Shields (0.80), Hull (21,000-24,000) but was countered by the battle cloak and turn rates in shuttle craft territory the best in the game 21-23 degrees per second base.

Now the little men in the refrigerator suits come up with this gem of a ship. Stronger hull, 4 universal BOFF stations and a Commander Tactical to boot! The shield modifier is at Fleet level for a KDF BOP and nearly as good as most tier 5 escorts. The 19 degree base turn rate will best any escort in the game except the Risian Corvette (21) and the Jem’Bug (20). The penalty for all this deliciously dastardly power is a 4-2 raider weapons layout and a heavy favor towards tactical consoles. This will have a little bit of the Andorian Kumari ‘glass cannon’ trouble with just two engineering consoles.

From the Cryptic Dev Blog

This awesome ship’s impressive abilities don’t stop there. It comes equipped with a special console called the Sensor Disruptor Field and it essentially creates a large area of effect placate allowing you to wreak havoc for a short time without taking return fire. It also reduces damage resistance to all the enemies in the area against all incoming damage.

Is it possible to get better? Yes, it gets even better. When the console is equipped on this ship (as opposed to the Chel Grett) the three-minute cool down is halved to 90 seconds. If you equip the Grett’s Energy Dissipator Console on the ship with this console you gain a set bonus as described in the Cryptic Dev Blog; “Equipping both the Sensor Disruption Field universal console and the Breen Energy Dissipator that is found on the Breen Chell Grett Warship will grant the captain a large skill bonus to Starship Flow Capacitors and Starship Countermeasure Systems. This will enhance the energy draining effect of the Energy Dissipator and increase the amount of damage targets can take before the fragile placate effect from the Sensor Disruption Field console breaks.”  

From the Cryptic Dev Blog

OK, that has to be it, I mean this is pretty cool, right? Wrong! The ship-gasm continues. The development team is using this very ship as a ‘test’ with a new flanking ability. When attacking the rear arc of an enemy, the Plesh Brek will gain a 33% damage bonus on all energy and torpedo weapons and a few BOFF abilities like tractor beam. Cryptic suggests that this will roll out as a perk to all Klingon raiders soon. The word is,  BOPs will get 25% damage bonus. The Dev Blog also suggested that this bonus will be somewhat nerfed against player characters. Check out the Dev Blog here. The team added a new custom ‘Breen’ bridge as an option for this ship and the Chel Grett. The fact that you can fly this ship at level 40 is awesome.

Q has added a gingerbread town to the winter wonderland this year with new events to compliment last year’s fun. So get online and start working towards this ship, you should be able to get it by New Year’s Eve 😀


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