Not to be left out, the KDF has a new Battle Cruiser

KDF Fleet Mogh Battle Cruiser IKS vIq Sos at the Fleet Dilithium Mines

Star Trek Online released a very successful star ship for the Federation a few months ago. It was billed as the first Starfleet vessel designed for war rather than exploration. It is called the Avenger and it is similar to a Klingon Battle Cruiser with a sharper turn rate and a more tactical leaning than traditional cruisers. I wrote a post on this ship you may review here. 

Well, I guess enough KDF players voiced dismay over the powerful ship for the Feddies that Perfect World decided to create a similar ship for the more aggressive faction in the STO universe. According to STO lore, Worf was involved in the design of the new Klingon Battle Cruiser and he named it in honor of his father, Mogh.

From the STO-Wiki

This wonderful new ship is quite similar to its Starfleet counterpart but it seems that the KDF got the better deal. I love my Avenger, let there be no doubt about it; but this Mogh Battle Cruiser is most impressive. In true Klingon fashion, this “smaller” and more “agile” ship still carries an enormous crew complement of 2000 which is four times more than the Avenger. As you may know, I have mixed emotions on the “benefit” of a larger crew (see my cruiser post here). But the game claims larger crew is better for ship repair and so the Mogh wins hands down in that category. Generally speaking, Klingon ships have a slightly weaker shield modifier than their Fed counterparts. That is not the case here. The Mogh enjoys a 1.0 modifier and 1.1 for its Fleet variant. Like the Avenger, this ship has a 5-3 weapons layout offering that hard punch up front at the expense of a little aft weakness. This is the first ship for the KDF equipped with five forward weapons slots. The BOFF layout, turn rate, impulse modifier, inertia, bonus power and cruiser commands are identical to the Avenger. The Mogh comes with a special console called the ‘Dynamic Defense Deployment System’ which offers up a special variable defense/attack with a modest cool-down cycle. Although the Avenger is capable of using the cloaking console from either the Dreadnought Cruiser or Tactical Escort Retrofit, the Mogh has it built-in and that saves a console slot. This is a fabulous ship.

General Rodicka’s Fleet Mogh

Honestly, I am surprised that STO did not nerf the shields and turn rate slightly to compensate for the larger crew and built-in cloak. They could have done 8.5 turn rate and .95 shields. But since the KDF has a smaller complement of ship options than the mighty Federation, this small oversight is completely forgiven.

As I mentioned when I wrote about the Avenger, the nine degree base turn rate is a little slow to mount dual cannons. Although the ship is capable of equipping the big duals, the dual beam bank is probably the better option if you want to hit hard up front.  The dual beam bank has twice the firing arc of dual cannons, 90 degrees versus 45 degrees. It hits almost as hard with a Mk XII dual beam bank doing a base of 287dpv/229dps vs roughly 192dpv/256dps for the dual cannons or 384dpv/256dps for dual heavies.  I set my Fleet Mogh up with all beams as you can see in the screenshot above. I just got this ship so I am still tweaking the setup to my liking. I flew this in some Elite Omega missions and compared to my Fleet Qin Raptor this ship was much more resilient in battle and nearly put down as much damage. I do miss the turn rate of the Raptor at times but over all this ship is big and stout and packs quite a punch. I kind of knew that going in; after all I do love my Avenger.

boff-moghSpeaking of my Avenger I equipped that ship with 4 fleet antiproton single cannons up front and an antiproton beam array and the Obelisk beam array to the aft. Comparing the two, I think I like the all beam set up on this class of ship. The Mogh is especially effective at engaging multiple targets in a 360 arc with the two beam arrays fore and two aft. It also has that extra forward punch of the two dual beams for those de-cloak and alpha strike opportunities. Using single cannons is going to produce a greater dps over the full 180 degrees and about the same on the 90 degree arc. The beam setup offers much better broadside dps, however.

The KDF has the Kamarag Battle Cruiser that compares favorably with a sharper turn rate but weaker hull compared to this ship. Overall I really like this ship. Mine is a great combination of battle staying power and damage output. As outfitted with the Honor Guard Space set I have 64,500 hull and 16,400 shield points per side. The commander station provides plenty of BOFF resiliency and focusing on beam weapons allows me to constantly lay down buffed beam attacks and torpedo spreads. I am waiting for my Fleet Spire to reach level 2 so I can get the Fleet version of the veteran reward ship, Peghegu’. That ship may turn out to be my new favorite for the KDF, but as of right now the honor belongs to Worf’s masterpiece the Mogh Battle Cruiser. Get yours today on the C-store for 2500 zen.


2 thoughts on “Not to be left out, the KDF has a new Battle Cruiser

  1. Hello, i try made the same combination as you have on Mogh. Ehm. Before i was mounting 4 adv fleet disr heavy dual cannons and omega torp forward, 3 dist fleet turrets back. When i have 2 RCS fleet cons, it works great. Beam build is nice but Mogh is escort with stats of battlecruiser. What do you think?

    1. Turn rate is really slow for mounting dual cannons even with rcs consoles. Dual cannons only offer a firing arc of 45 degrees. Getting enemies into that arc will be difficult and taking on multiple enemeis will be nearly impossible. If you have an engineering/science slant to your captain’s abilities and BOFF abilities like tractor beam or other strong slow/hold you can “grab” the opponent and lay down the law. with the dual cannons. I find that when I want to just take a single enemy to the proverbial woodshed, nothing is better than an escort, a REAL escort like a Raptor, Tactical Escort Retrofit, Kumari, etc. If you want to build a ship that can lay down maximum dps you have to make sure you can keep the target in the line of fire. The reason I built mine the way I did was to make the ship versatile. It can effectively engage multiple targets anywhere in a ten km sphere and it can also lay down strong forward fire with the two dual beam banks. If you are able to be effective with four dual cannons up front you are a far superior pilot than I am. If I were to use cannons I would do either four single cannons or 3 singles and a dual. Single cannons are stronger than beam arrays but weaker than dual cannons or dual beams but they offer a wide 180 degree firing arc. And when coupled with scatter volley or rapid fire, they can be quite menacing.

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