The Andorian Affair

I have seen every single episode of every series and every motion picture in the canon of Star Trek.  I see more Andorians in an hour on STO than all of those episodes combined. Now I like the little blue men from Andoria as much as the next guy. What’s not to like? They are Blue, adorned with antennae, suspicious to the brink of paranoia. They are awesome.

Andorian Kumari

The Cryptic team seems to have a bit of an Andorian love affair going on. We have the Kumari ships, which are very cool. (read about them here ‘Andorians Know How to Throw it Down’) The first BOFF you get as a federation character is an Andorian. I find that Andorians represent about one-quarter to a third of the BOFFs you are offered when flying under the flag of Starfleet. There are Klingons, Bolians, Saurians, Tellarites, Vulcans, Rigelians and on and on. Yet I find Andorians to be seemingly disproportionately represented. This is not a bad thing mind you, it is just another one of my anecdotal observations.

In Star Trek canon, we learn the most about the Andorians in the series “Enterprise”. Andorians were one of four founding members of the Federation. Andorian, Vulcan, Tellarite and Human. It stands to reason that Vulcans, Andorians and Tellarites would be well represented in the Federation as they have the longest tenure. Vulcans have been done to death in Star Trek so I get that maybe they are being somewhat reduced in their role in STO. Tellarites are another animal all together. They are argumentative and frankly, ugly. But they are well represented as NPCs, just not often seen as player characters.

Andorian BOFF

I do not currently have a player character that is an Andorian. I do however have numerous bridge officers that radiate a cool blue tone with wiggly antennae. Admiral Sager’s top tactical BOFF is an unusually tall female Andorian that measures a legit two meters. 6’6″ for us Americans. She is the first BOFF you get as a Feddie and the admiral still uses her in a variety of situations including away missions and on the bridge of most of his cruisers.

If you haven’t visited the Andorian system yet, it is quite spectacular. Andorians actually live on the moon of the planet Andoria prime. Andoria prime is a large ‘Saturn-like’ gas giant which is unsuitable for humanoid life. The moon is called Andoria. I like to use Andoria as a backdrop when taking screen shots of ships.

Admiral Rodanna and the USS Fourth Plain approaching Andoria

Andorian player characters enjoy some nice passive race based bonuses, including a perception boost and some damage resistance when health is low. Andorians also are naturally resistant to cold temperatures. A quick visit to the surface of Andoria will quickly explain the cold resistance.

Well, the time has come to end this anecdotal episode of the blog. I hope you learned a little bit about our Blue friends and perhaps, just maybe, a few of you will start a new character with blue skin, white hair and wiggly antennae.


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