Time to Vote for Best Reader Comment

Some of you may be late to the party on writing your comment about what you like best about STO, so I have listed what we have so far for your review.  As a reminder, in the last post “Happy ‘Star Trek’ Holidays” I offered up a prize for the best comment on what you like best about Star Trek Online. The prize you may recall is a cool million energy credits delivered in game by yours truly in person.

Since I did not get five eligible comments, I will leave the entry open until New Year’s Eve and the most votes on New Year’s Day wins. Obviously, the sooner you post the longer you are exposed on the poll and the best chance of winning. It may take several hours for me to post the new comment on the poll so hurry up for you best shot at the million 🙂

Today I will retrieve my free ship on three of my characters in the Winter Event. Admiral Sager and General Roddicka will take the all new Breen Raider and my Romulan Admiral Be’ina will take the Chel Grett. I am excited about the new Raider!

Crow Evans writes: 

“There are several aspects to STO that make me love this game. Tactical space combat, Ground missions. Customization. My Fleet (Full Frontal Nerdity) ANd most of all Cryptic. I began playing their games with Champions then moved on into STO before it went F2P and am now a lifetime member…and even a huge fan and player of Neverwinter. I love the Cryptic company…the way their devs take part in our everyday gaming lives…A true company to the core. Good Games…good Friends….good times.”

Edwin Lesiuk writes:

“I love star trek online in all its aspects as I’ve been a fan of this show for a very long time, since the mid seventies, and this game is improving all the time and it is the only online game I play. I love the space battles and the land battles, the searching for new things, new information, just everything. I subscribed for a lifetime membership cause it made perfect sense for me to do so. I’m finding I learn new stuff about it all the time and will continue to do so. Right now I am trying to figure out what the best combo of weapons array I can have to take on the bad guys, it’s a learning experience. Being on this blog helps a lot. Don’t know what else to say, except long live star trek online, keep on trekking dudes.”

What will you write?


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