Happy New Year and We Have A Winner!

The Admiral dances with the lady on the chair

Happy New Year everyone. I trust you all kept it sane as you celebrated the change to a brand new shiny year. The voting is closed in our reader comment contest and a winner has been selected by you; the readers of this blog. Well, some of you anyway.  I must say for as many views as this blog gets, I am underwhelmed with the number of comments and votes 😦 That’s OK though, because those of you who did participate, helped make a lucky STO player and reader of this blog very happy, not to mention, one million energy credits richer.

Brickhead & The Admiral (Edwin and I) with Holo-Leeta looking on at Quark’s

I would like to send out a warm congratulations to Edwin Lesiuk, from Saskatchewan Province in Canada. His comment managed to get the most votes from our readers. I had the pleasure of presenting his prize in a rather crowded Quark’s on DS9. As much as I’d love to think all those people came to Quarks to join in the celebration of Edwin’s cool million, they were probably just hanging out. Hey, it’s Quark’s, that is nerd heaven in there with the lovely Holo-Leeta luring us towards the Dabo table. OK, I’ll admit it, I spent some coin… and won 1000 bars of Gold Pressed Latinum! OK enough about that; this is about our winner.

I told you it could make a Klingon dance

Our winner is a big fan of Star Trek and loves the game. He is a lifetime subscriber and has been playing for over a year. He has several characters including a Level 47 Klingon Warrior that accepted the prize. For those of you that think a million EC isn’t  that much, I beg to differ, because it’s enough to make a Klingon dance! I have photo evidence to back this claim up. I may or may not have dropped a “Subspace Party Amplifier” after the prize presentation. Admiral Sager delivered the cash in front of a full house at Quark’s. I may have seen Morn crack a smile, perhaps it was just the lights from the Party Amplifier, but I think I saw him grin. Some say the Admiral gave away the million just so he would have an excuse to throw a party and hit on the chicks. That is a reasonable deduction, but does Admiral Sager really need a reason?

The Admiral dances with the chick in the back

After the Admiral danced with every female in the joint, the party winded down and Edwin and I chatted about STO and hung out for a while. It was good fun as we explored the Bridge of the Admiral’s shiny new Breen Plesh Brek Raider. I will be reviewing that ship in the next blog post.

In closing I would like to thank everyone who participated in this event and add an additional congrats to Edwin on winning one million energy credits. I hope he didn’t blow all that loot on Quark’s saucy holo-suites.


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