Fabulous Foundry

Screen shot from “Hero of the Empire”           by RougueEnterprise

Hello fellow Star Trek Onliners! I have spent a great deal of time discussing ships and characters but in all that time I have barely glossed over the fantastic feature called Foundry.

What is the Foundry? This is a tool that allows US, the game playing public, to create custom content for STO players all over the world to play. We can create missions using a clever tool called the Foundry. I have been working on a mission myself and hope to have it up and available to play soon. Recently I played a great mission that was called, “Hero of the Empire” by RogueEnterprise. This was a fantastic mission that had a great story. This mission inspired me to start building my own foundry mission. RougeEnterprise designed a plot with an interesting finish. I highly recommend playing the mission it will take about 45 minutes. You can read about it here on the Perfect World Site.

Screen Shot from “A True Way to Conspiracy” by rodsager1964

The Foundry tools are fairly easy to use at first to build simple missions. They do get a little confusing as you try to utilize more advanced functions. I am diving in and have my first mission about 2/3 complete. Since I am a major NOOB on the Foundry tools, I cannot really write in great detail a how to. Rather than a how to, I am writing a go to! Go to it and build content. It has taken me a long time to build this mission and at this point it is probably only 20 minutes long. I don’t think I have designed a mission as well as many that I have played, but it is my first attempt. There is something very satisfying about building something and seeing it actually work.

Screen shot from “A True Way to Conspiracy” by rodsager1964

The Foundry allows you to test or “preview” your mission. You can take it from the top and run it all the way through, or you can test individual maps and or components. Once you have it complete you can publish it live to the world.

Cryptic and Perfect World have some rules involving content in the Foundry that you would be wise to follow. Copyright is strongly guarded so be careful to stay within the parameters they offer with regards to using the likeness of “real” people, etc. They do offer the ability to use the names of characters and ships throughout the Star Trek franchise.

Screen shot from “A True Way to Conspiracy” by rodsager1964

I am struggling to get more detail items to work like having a ship that I used as a Contact warp away (flee) or the same with a ground contact as the dialog reaches a crescendo I want the contact to run allowing for a chase. I can’t seem to figure that out. I will though because I have seen it done by others.

I am hoping to have this mission up and running this week. I believe that it can be “tweaked” after it is published. I whole heartedly recommend the Foundry to unleash your creativity and enjoy seeing your finished product available for others to play.


One thought on “Fabulous Foundry

  1. THe trouble you are running into with the warp out animation has to do with the way animations are implemented. If we could tie the animation to a state change then it would work as you(and the majority of us i think) want. Sadly however the animations run independent of that so in order for it to work that way, you either have to settle for doing a visible>hidden(with no animation, faking it through some on map trickery, or do some complex things involving despawning, loading something that runs the animation once, then hiding that. And actually as I think about it, some of that might be moot, because i dont entirely know if you can hide a map objective contact off the top of my head, I know we used to not be able to do that, I havent looked in a while to see if that changed

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