A Tactical Captain in a Cruiser

Corel956Admiral Sager has been flying escorts and occasionally the Fleet Avenger. He has several big, clumsy, engineering heavy, cruisers in the ‘garage’. So I had him bring out the big heavy; The Tactical Odyssey Cruiser. This ship has had many different configurations but it currently has the Mark XII very rare Reman Space Set and a whole suite of Mark XII very rare Romulan beam weapons. The weapons setup includes the Experimental beam array, the Romulan Hyper-Plasma torpedo launcher and the Zero-point energy conduit. This is a well-built ship with four fleet enhanced neutronium consoles.

Corel958The Reman set offers a Covariant shield that is one of the highest capacity shields in the game. Coupled with the engines and deflector dish there are two bonus attributes. A passive bonus to flight speed and defense of high yield torpedos and a shield perk that has a 10% chance of boosting shield points and max cap by 5% with up to ten stacks. With the Romulan Singularity Harness weapons set adds 7.6% all plasma damage boost and a special firing mode for the experimental beam. This is a potent setup.


The ship is decked out with almost 64,000 hull points, over 16,000 points in each shield facing and the ship shakes off 50% of all incoming damage. The Admiral’s fleet Avenger is a little tougher but that is due to superior Mark XI enhanced neutronium consoles and the Fleet positron deflector gives a huge boost to shields and hull that is absent in the Reman deflector.

The Admiral’s Fleet Avenger has the Adapted M.A.C.O. Shield and Engines (subbed in Fleet positron deflector). That shield is a bit better and the set bonus offers a boost to torpedo damage. I am not overwhelmed with the Adapted M.A.C.O. deflector and the third set bonus is a mask energy field ability that I don’t think is all that. So I would rather have the shield and hull boost afforded to the Fleet positron deflector.

So comparing the two and the Borg Assimilated set I had on the Odyssey earlier I think I like the Reman setup the best for a big slow cruiser.The Adapted M.A.C.O. set is staying put on the Avenger where it rocks.

I have been flying in Elite STFs with the Odyssey and its Reman/Romulan setup against the Borg for fleet marks. This ship just hangs in there rarely getting into trouble. The Hyper Plasma torpedo launcher benefits from two set bonuses. The bonus of 7.6% all plasma damage boost helps the torpedos and the energy weapons. The torpedo boost from the Singularity Harness weapons set makes high yield torpedos more difficult to shoot down. The hyper plasma always goes high yield even without the BOFF ability. This makes for a serious damage output.

Corel957I think I finally found my setup for the Odyssey! This ship tanks even though I only have one engineer on the bridge. I am able to have the Lt. Commander universal manned with a tactical officer and that gives me  some serious punch on the weapons console! As much as I love the tactical team BOFF ability, I think this ship would benefit from another instance of fire at will. That said the Captain’s abilities of Attack pattern Alpha III, Fire on my Mark and Tactical Fleet add some solid smack down to the offense.

The tactical Odyssey Cruiser has the Aquarius escort at its disposal but I find that I don’t even need it with this setup! I had forgotten how much I liked this ship. I would imagine I would be equally impressed with this setup  on the Admiral’s other heavy cruisers as well. He has the Exploration Cruiser Retrofit and the Star Cruiser getting dusty for lack of use in that ‘garage’.  Those two ships however lack any punch on the bridge at Tactical. Both are limited to a single seat for a Lieutenant.

Let’s not forget that the Reman shield provides one of the coolest custom ship appearance modifiers in the game. So I would highly recommend working on that Romulan reputation and picking up these awesome items for your cruiser.

P.S. Cryptic and Perfect World are giving away a C-Store item every day till Wednesday. Don’t miss out on the freebies my friends 🙂 


6 thoughts on “A Tactical Captain in a Cruiser

  1. Out of curiosity, if you wanted another FAW, could you not swap out the overload and then keep a tac team? Seems like that would give higher damage output compared to overload

    1. I think you are referring to the tac ensign slot which I show having fire at will. Yes I do use an extra tac team sometimes in that slot because that helps overall damage output especially with a single target or all targets in the front arc. In PVE missions where I get hordes of enemies in all directions I put fire at will in there because that can help break out of Tholian webs, quickly take out pets like the Voth swarmers, or larger quantities of weaker enemies.

    1. Are you curious about the console setup on the ship with the REMAN stuff? If so it is as follows:

      Romulan Experimental Plasma Beam Array mk XII, Romulan Plasma Dual Beam Bank mk XII, Romulan Plasma Beam Array mk XII, Romulan Hyper-Plasma Torpedo Launcher
      Reman Deflector mk XII, Reman Impulse Engines Mk XII, Overcharged Warp Core mk XI, Reman Covariant Shield mk XII
      Three Romulan Plasma Beam Array Mk XII, Plasma Torpedo Launcher MK XI
      Scorpian fighters, Duetronium canisters, Shield batteries, engine batteries
      Four fleet enchanced neutronium consoles mk X with hull boost
      Romulan Singularity Console (set with hyper-plasma torp and experimental beam array) Two Field Generators mk XI (+17.5% shield cap each)
      Plasma projectile boost console mk XI, Aquarius escort special console, plasma energy boost console mk XI

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