Freebies, Fun, Four Years and Q

Cryptic gave these away for Feds yesterday
Cryptic gave these away for KDF yesterday

Hello STO fans if you haven’t played yet today you are well advised to check out the latest update. Cryptic was so excited about the launch of the fourth anniversary event they gave away free C-store items every day this week leading up to today’s launch. They gave away a refit ship for both Klingons and Feds. They also gave away a custom Khan uniform, a C-store uniform and a non-combat pet. I love freebies!

That was just a warm up for the four-year anniversary event. The 4th Anniversary excitement begins today, and who better to host a celebratory event than everyone’s favorite omnipotent being; Q! This special event is a little different from normal. This is more than just another fun soiree. It is also a launching pad for Season 8.5. This is a continuation of what they started with season 8.0. There is an opportunity to earn a new ship through the special events that earn Qmendations. Who doesn’t like earning free ships, right?

Season 8.5 however, offers new in-game features that are the best interface upgrade since Legacy of Romulus. There is a fantastic new feature that allows you to actually swap out items for your ship, characters and BOFFs on the fly anywhere. And you can even swap ships on the fly without visiting a starbase! This makes me downright giddy! Cryptic is launching this in phases with the first phase up and running right now! You can swap items from another ship to your ship without having to use the ship selector at the shipyards. They have also added custom load-outs that can be saved for each ship. When you go to equip the load-out it will find the items in your inventory, on other ships your character has or in some zone right out of your bank! Check out the Cryptic Dev Blog for details on this amazing upgrade to the user interface of STO!

There has been some outages today but I am sure Cryptic will have everything running smooth shortly. I ran the initial mission with Tuvok on all three of my primary characters from each faction, Fed, KDF, Romulan. Nice mission with a great twist at the end.  I like the mission. It had solid elements and ran well outside of some server crashes. This mission also has multiple pathways. I believe the outcome is ultimately the same but there are different “paths” you will be able to take to get to the goal at the end. I have not had a chance to run the other missions yet but this one “A step between the Stars” was well thought out. Tim Russ seemed to do a better job on the voice work than Michael Dorn did last fall. The voice acting is more fluid and sounds like the Tuvok we remember from Voyager.

Cryptic, you need to ink a few more deals with other actors from the Trek universe, how about John Delancie? Kate Mulgrew? So many possibilities! You can also bring back as much of Chase Masterson as you can afford. Who doesn’t like to hear her sexy voice? 🙂

New Dyson Science Destroyers, Fed, KDF, Rommy

You get a taste of the new ships in the mission. There are three; one for each faction! I actually like the Feddie version the best but all three are worthy ships. There are new ship abilities with these. I can’t wait to get my own. I think it will take a couple of weeks to earn the ship. I will review it then.

In the mean time I can’t express enough how excited I am about the new item swapping and ship switching available with Season 8.5. Way to go Cryptic now if you can just take my idea and fix the cloaking devices.

Bill-lumberghEvery cloaking device in the game should be a “battle cloak” To help the BOPs (since they have weak hull, shields and only 6 weapons slots) they could have a “better” battle cloak. So the smaller the ship class the faster the battle cloak cooldown. So a Raider could use its battle cloak every 1-2 seconds, escorts every 4-6, sci and small battle cruisers every 6-8 and the behemoth ships every 10-12 or something like that.  Also smaller ships could have a quicker delay from cloak and decloak. Large heavy cruisers would have a longer vulnerable period as the ship cloaks than the smaller Raider class. Come on Cryptic, this is genius and you know it 😉


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