Scary Ships and the Nuclear Option

Klingon Fleet Peghqu’ (veteran reward)

There are 223 ships available for players to pilot including three new Dyson Destroyers launched for the 4th Anniversary event. Did you realize you had that many options? Holy Armageddon, Batman that’s a lot of ships! For end game players there are well over 100 ships that are either Fleet Modified, Vice Admiral or Special Rear Admiral ships. Take a moment and think about that. Thank’s Cryptic for giving us one hell of a variety of ships to consider. And Curse you Cryptic for making me want them all ūüėČ

My experience has been that in the hands of a well-trained and equipped Captain, any of these end game ships can bring the pain to her enemies. But some of them are scary regardless of the experience possessed by her commanding officer and BOFFs. Some of these ships are the “nuclear option” even in the hands of a noob.

Don’t get me wrong I have seen players in PVP that can take me to woodshed and in a few short ¬†seconds leave me floating helplessly in an escape pod watching in despair as ¬†my prized ship’s warp core explodes. Then I am faced with the shameful dialog box that says “respawn in ‘x’ seconds”. KAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHN!

I am a mediocre PVP player and I do get a lot of kills in the arena against some of these juggernauts in certain ships. In some ships however I will just fly around, engage, explode and respawn, over and over again. There are ships in this game that offer that coveted “nuclear option” attack. These should strike fear in the hearts of the deadliest PVP players. But which ships are they?

I tend to use sneak, shock-n-awe and retreat tactics. You know those annoying Klingon style hit and runs. Usually the hot PVP players can withstand my barrage and then proceed to chase me down and either kill me or leave me on the brink of disaster with my Chief Engineer screaming, “She can’t take much more of this Captain”! Sometimes however when the stars align and I am flying the right ship I get one of those amazing, epic Alpha’s with a few well-timed crits. Then it is ME chuckling with glee while I watch THEIR starship explode as I cloak my ship or high-tail it out before his friends arrive to destroy what is left of my ship. Good times; rare but worth it.

Romulan Falchion Dreadnought

So what ships are scary regardless of the skill of the commander? I think the Romulan Dreadnoughts are certainly a candidate. They are big and intimidating and offer up five forward weapons with which any weapon can be mounted. They also have a battle cloak for hasty retreats.

Another ship that can be very scary for anyone is the Andorian Kumari and its variants. This ship does not offer much in the way of survivability, but it may have the most potent offense in the game. I wrote about this ship a few months back, here. The Kumari has five forward weapon bays and a brilliant turn rate. The hull strength is respectable for an escort but the BOFFs are heavy on tactical.

Andorian Kumari

This is truly a “nuclear option” ship. Fly in under a mask energy signature effect and then unleash a ‘end of the world’ hail of death from the powerful wing cannons, three additional cannons and a big scary torpedo¬†launcher! You will have no shortage of offensive BOFF abilities with this ship’s Commander and LT. Commander tactical BOFF stations. Variants offer a mix of tactical, engineering and science BOFFs slots for the Lieutenant spot, plus an engineer at ensign and a bonus Universal Lieutenant station.¬†¬†Unfortunately if you don’t make the kill you will be killed as this ship offers very little resiliency. But the special abilities this ship has with the wing cannons can offer a devastating Alpha strike that can easily deal 120k damage in the first 3 seconds. Against an entrenched tank, that may not be enough, but for an unsuspecting escort… it will not end well.

Fleet Avenger

How about the Avenger and Mogh battle cruisers? I haven’t taken my Mogh in PVP yet, but my Avenger did real well, for me at least ūüėČ The Avenger offers up nearly as much offensive firepower as the best escorts but with the staying power of a cruiser. For me, that cruiser toughness keeps me alive long enough to escape when I lose the advantage, to hold out long enough to deliver the killing blow or survive when one of my target’s ‘friends’ suddenly decloaks raining a hail of death on my six.

Fleet Chimera Destroyer

If you have the Veteran reward ship, those can be most effective as well. The KDF Fleet Peghqu’ is a great alternative to the Fleet Qin Raptor. Think of it as a Fleet Qin with a battle¬†cloak, a special badass attack and tactical mode that offers serious assault strength. It has almost cruiser hull strength and a decent mix of BOFF stations including ¬†Lt Commander and Ensign universal stations.

Breen Plesh Brek Raider

The new Breen Raider that was offered up during Q’s holiday event is also a strong candidate for scary. This ship has a tactical Commander station and FOUR universal stations. On the surface it is not resilient with only 29,700 hull and 0.88 shield modifier; but the BOFF arrangement allows for survivability. The special placate console can be useful against tactical opponents. Under the new Season 8.5 the Raider class ships gain a tactical¬†advantage when striking the rear of an enemy. 25% increased damage for KDF BOPs and¬†33% increased damage for the Breen Heavy Raider. This ability is nerfed in PVP but still offers a bonus of 11% (if I remember the Dev Blog right). Good pilots that can keep dual cannons on target can be frightening to even the most hard-core PVP players, especially if they are in a ship less maneuverable than the Plesh Brek.

B’rel Retrofit

I have mentioned in previous posts the ship that I have by far the most PVP kills with. That is of course my B’rel Retrofit. This is the ultimate hit and run ship as it remains the ONLY¬†ship in the game with the “enhanced” battle cloak. This cloak allows for firing torpedo weapons while cloaked. Honestly this ship is not strong enough to go head to head in a toe to toe battle. Less than 25k hull and a 0.80 shield modifier leave this guy vulnerable to almost any ship. This is the opportunity kill machine and I use it in team PVP as a tactical support ship. I fly in under cloak and wait for my team to weaken the shields and hull of the enemy then unleash a devasting torpedo assault to finish them off. If they manage to survive I can turn that ship on a dime, decloak and lay down solid fire with three heavy cannons dealing a whopping 1400 dps each unbuffed and well over 4500 dps each buffed up. I can’t stay exposed long because one tractor beam spells a quick death for the B’rel with a tactical captain at the helm.

For those who like the stealth attach approach but want a “tougher” ship there is hope. Any Romulan ship has the battle cloak and should you take the Romulan reputation system all the way to tier 5 you gain a very powerful ability. The Quantum Singularity Manipulation works with any starship. This ability gives you a temporary HUGE bonus of +100 to all science stats then briefly cloaks your ship (with that +100 sci bonus you will be undetectable to almost any player) During this time you can fire all weapons as normal. The cool down is a long ten minutes but you can really screw with even the die-hard PVP players if you use this ability wisely.

So what is the scariest ship out there? The one that even the hardiest players take a moment of pause before engaging. The one that makes you heart race when it suddenly appears on your six. For me it is the Romulan Dreadnoughts. With all three bonus consoles, this ship has the double shield ability, the passive shields while cloaked and the cloaked barrage that allows for a brief cloak and fire. What do you think is the scariest ship? Leave a comment with your pick.


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