Obelisk Carrier and her Obelisk Set

obelisk2The opening act of Season 8 offered the opportunity to get an Obelisk Carrier and a special space equipment set. Did you all get yours? I haven’t logged a lot of light years in the Obelisk yet but I did run several missions in it. I am not really the “carrier” type player but I like the ship. This is the largest carrier ship in the game, and has impressive hull strength with a base of 43,500. Unlike most carrier ships, this one is heavy on engineering, with a commander and lieutenant seat on the bridge. I like the engineering angle since it offers some additional survivability. Of my eight characters in STO only one is a science officer. For me this could be the ideal carrier for a tactical officer or engineer. This carrier is also a good substitute for the Caitian Atrox carrier should you not feel like popping the 2500 zen for that ship.

obeliskIf you did not get the opportunity to acquire this ship, Cryptic has a plan for you. You can get this ship from your fleet shipyard when they complete tier one of the Spire. If you really like the ship there is an interesting option to consider. Those deal making Ferrengi at the Lobi Crystal Consortium have an advanced version of the ship with a whopping 47,850 hull, 1.1 shield modifier, an extra engineering console slot and the Lieutenant engineer seat on the bridge becomes a universal. This advanced Obelisk has the strongest hull of any ship in the game so far. It also has a special console only available with this ship. The Reactive Antiproton Cascade Emitter works as the third piece of the special Obelisk space set.

Flying a carrier requires that you pay attention to your carrier pets. They typically do most of the damage for you and they die quickly. You must keep replenishing the pets as they are eliminated or your damage output is severely reduced. You will be rewarded for diligence however as these pets can unleash a holy terror of destruction when you have all of them out. I think they did a nice job on the carrier but the real treat was the Ancient Obelisk Technology Set.


The Ancient Obelisk Technology space set is a three-piece set. The first two pieces are the Obelisk Subspace Rift Warp Core and the Obelisk Omnidirectional Antiproton beam bank. These two pieces are available by completing the mission with Worf, “Sphere of Influence”. You will have to complete the mission twice to get both items. I highly recommend these two items. The warp core itself is nothing to get real excited about, it does have a special “shield capacitor” ability that comes in handy. The real treat is the omnidirectional antiproton beam weapon. This weapon is stronger than any turret and like a turret fires in a full 360 degree arc. It works with tactical beam abilities like ‘Fire at will’ and ‘Beam Overload’. When equipped with the matching warp core there is an additional 10% antiproton damage for all the antiproton weapons on the ship! The third item in the set is only available with the Advanced Obelisk Carrier. At 800 Lobi you have to really want a carrier.


The console only works on Obelisk carriers and offers a trifecta ability with a strong taunt, an amazing damage resistance ability and a strong shield fortification ability. additionally, it has the cascade antiproton attack that reflects up to 200% of incoming damage back at attacker up to four times a second. It also completes the three-piece set with a carrier pet passive buff that allows your pets to enjoy the same emergency power BOFF buffs as the ship. (pet versions are weaker).


If you have a ship using antiproton weapons, getting this awesome beam array and a 10% damage boost across all your antiproton weapons is well worth losing some warp core features. This warp core is pretty good, it just isn’t nearly as powerful as a fleet warp core. The warp core and the omnidirectional beam array are both  scaling level so you can use them on any ship with any level character and they scale up as you level. I have 10 of the two piece sets scattered across four of my characters. I think these two items are one of the best “freebies” in the game. It only takes about 30 minutes to complete the “Sphere of Influence” mission if you hustle and getting these items is well worth an hour of your time.


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