Science just got a little more ‘Kick Ass’

KDF Nov Dyson Science Destroyer

Have you ever felt like a recently neutered dog when switching from an escort or cruiser to one of your science ships? You know all bark no bite. There you are flying around with just six weapons bays and one lousy Lieutenant at tactical on the bridge. Well, STO has felt your pain; and they found a giant Vicodin tablet in the form of a ship to make it all go away.

Federation Solanae Dyson Science Destroyer USS Cape Horn

Now before any of you serious science captains get your knickers in a twist; I am not bashing on the sci here at all. Rather just making a point that the ships tend to be more reliant on defense, stealth and BOFF abilities rather than a barrage of hell-fire from the ships weapons. I have had my fair share of beat downs from you hard-core science guys in PVP, so there is no lack of respect here. But now you finally have a serious threat on the battle field with the Dyson Science Destroyers available through the 4th anniversary event. If you haven’t started picking up Qmendations; you best get busy and prepare to spend some Lobi because you’re running out of time.

USS Cape Horn commanded by Admiral Sager laying fire on Borg Tactical Cube

I have managed to get one of each of the available ships. There are three different models; one for each faction, Fed, KDF or Romulan. I have tested the KDF and Fed versions in PVE missions and STFs. My Romulan has not yet equipped the ship. I am flying both the Fed and KDF at the moment with tactical captains. I am working on a fourth ship for my Feddie Sci captain. I will say that these are really cool ships.

There are some differences other than cosmetic appearance between the ships. The Romulan ship is equipped with a Romulan battle cloak, the KDF ship has a standard Klingon cloak and the Fed ship has no cloak. The Fed ship offers up a crew of 400, the Romulan has 600 and the KDF has 1000 crew. The Fed ship has the strongest shield modifier at 1.3 while the other two have 1.25. The KDF ship has the heavy hull at 30,000 whereas the others only have 28,500. This means the Romulan ship is the weakest but has the advantage of the battle cloak. The Romulan ship also gives a bonus in that the ship is equipped with a Dyson Singularity core and you also receive a Dyson Warp core in case you want to use the four piece Dyson set on a non-Romulan ship.

OK, so that sums up the standard ship stuff. Now you may be thinking; so what? Well here is where things start to get real juicy. The Dyson ships come with a special Dyson warp core (singularity for Romulan version) which is part of the four piece Dyson space set. The Dyson set with all four pieces has two strong passive bonuses;  a shield power bonus that adds additional shield power when shield power is low and a hull healing leech that has a 1% chance of converting incoming damage to hull repair. It also comes packed with a special secondary deflector. Yes that’s right two deflectors on this baby! You think they’re finished? Think again!

Changes from science to tactical mode

The Dyson ships have two modes, In the standard mode it is a science ship like many others. There is a Commander science  BOFF station and a Lt. Commander tactical along with a science and engineer Lt station and a tactical ensign. You can see this ship has a strong tactical flavor on the bridge. The ship is equipped with 4 weapons up front and 3 in the back like an escort. But in standard mode the permanently installed proton dual cannon is unavailable. When you switch to tactical mode the Commander science station is reduced to Lt. Commander and the Lt. Commander tactical becomes a full Commander station. OH yes they did! And the dual proton cannon comes online. There is something very cool about watching these big beefy proton cannons emerge from the ship’s hull as you change to tactical mode. Suddenly this science ship has become a formidable purveyor of death.

As if all this is not enough to give you a geek-gasm it gets even better. If you had the patience to run the featured episode with Tuvok three times you will have all three pieces of equipment plus the warp core (or singularity) to complete the set which gives the aforementioned passive abilities and a power shield ability that reduces weapon damage but offers an amazing boost to the ship’s shields.

feddysinequipThis ship is essentially a dual purpose vessel performing as a very good science vessel and transforming into an escort ship. I have fully equipped my Fed and KDF versions as shown in the screenshots.

My Feddie ship has the complete Dyson feddysonboffset along with protonic polaron weapons up front and polaron turrets aft. A couple of fleet quantum torpedo launchers rounds out the arsenal. This is a solid ship. I really like the idea of a transforming ship! When in tactical mode you essentially have an escort with a 1.3 shield modifier 🙂 All decked out for combat the USS Cape Horn has 45k hull and 15k per facing shields.



My KDF ship is also well equipped but not quite as well as my feddie version. The KDF ship is equipped with disruptor weapons and quantums as well. ready for battle the ship has closer to 46k hull and 13k per shield facing.

You may now find some use for all those Mk XII purple tactical consoles that have been dropping on Dyson missions. You know, the ones with something like, 20% disruptor damage, 2.5% defense and +15 proton damage. These Dyson ship shave a power Proton Dual Cannon weapon that can be nicely buffed with these proton boosting consoles.

Cryptic is also launching the Solanae Advanced Technology set of three special consoles that work together and with the secondary deflector to provide powerful abilities. This set will launch in the Cryptic store. I am always leery of using three special consoles on one ship. That is a 1/3 of your consoles. But I have made exceptions in the past, notably the three Romulan Dreadnought consoles I use on my Falchion.

I can’t express enough how excited I am about these Dyson Destroyers. I won’t go so far as to say they are my new favorite ships, but they are enjoying top-tier status on my STO game-gasm inducing ships list.


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