What? Advanced Dyson Now?

Advance Dyson Science Destroyer, Omega Class

Just days after I wrote a glowing review of the Dyson Science Destroyers, Cryptic has unleashed a C-store version with fleet level attributes. I don’t normally write back to back blog posts on essentially the same subject matter, but this is one of those ‘exception to the rule’ moments.

First of all I want to warn you that you will still want to get the ‘free’ ship from Q in the 4th anniversary event as that is the only way you can get the Solanae secondary deflector to complete the Solanae Space Set. The new ship comes with a weaker secondary deflector that does not complete the set.

If you are low on ship slots and don’t want to buy more, take the deflector off the ‘free’ Dyson ship and then delete the ship and add the new version. Then move the secondary deflector from your inventory onto the new ship.

So here is the skinny. There are three ships in each set and one set for each faction. Crunching the math yields a total of NINE new ships. These sets are similar to other 3-piece ship sets in that each variant has a slightly different layout on consoles and each has a unique console. If you use all three consoles on one ship you gain additional set bonuses as well. This is very similar to the Romulan Dreadnought ships in this regard.

Cryptic is offering the ships individually at 2500 Zen or the customary, buy two get the third free; all three for 5000 Zen. But this time Cryptic has really pulled out all the stops and they are offering a super pack of all nine ships for 10,000 Zen! That equates to buying four ships and getting five ships free. As tempting as the 9 pack is, I decided to just buy a single Fed ship for 2500 Zen. I may regret that later but after dumping as much cash as I have into STO; I have to stop the bank hemorrhaging before I start talking to the loan sharks 😉 That said, if you favor science this is a great way to go. Captains heavy on science abilities will like the powers offered by the consoles. I generally don’t like using three universal consoles on the same ship unless the consoles have at least some passive boosts. The Romulan Dreadnought is an exception I made, but not with the Dysons.

tri-consoleThe Advanced Dyson Science Destroyers have basically the same configuration as the free ship from Q. They offer a fleet style boost to hull and shields along with a bonus tenth console slot. You also get the Lt. science BOFF station converted to a Lt. Universal seat. Which console slot is the bonus depends on which ship you buy. There will be a special universal console equipped in the bonus slot depending again on which ship you choose.

The three variants basically tilt the ship’s leaning towards one of the three career paths; tactical, engineering, science by adding a bonus console slot in that field.  Click on the image to the right to see the consoles and their abilities.

When in tactical mode this ship is essentially an escort with a 1.46 shield modifier and respectable base hull of 31,500 for Fed and Romulan or 33,000 for KDF. My Federation tactical captain, Admiral Sager has the Omega version already and it shows much promise. I also have one with my Federation science captain, Admiral Rodessa Vhargal. I am wrapping up the free ship with her this weekend so she will equip her new Omega tomorrow.

I believe these to be solid ships for tactical or science captains. Engineering captains may want to look to the Fleet Avenger or Fleet Mogh Battle Cruiser or even the veteran reward ships the Fed Fleet Chimera Heavy Destroyer or KDF Fleet Peghgu’ Heavy Destroyer. It might just be me, but I seem to have trouble flying science heavy ships with an Engineer in command.

So what are you waiting for, get to the C-store and buy one or three or nine of these right away! Remember, C-store purchased ships are unlocked for ALL your qualifying characters.  Now I am going to go do some scientific research in the Azure Nebula, if any Tholians decide to start trouble… tactical mode baby 😉



7 thoughts on “What? Advanced Dyson Now?

  1. my only disagreement with cryptic now is offering these ships at the c store, was why didn’t they offer them during when I working my butt off to get the lobi to get the original ship. I guess the offer is there now you can spend your money or mortgage the house again to get these ships which of course they do, I think its like 10,000 zen. I guess its live and learn from your mistake. Don’t get me still love the game. Don’t care for the one mission in the dyson sphere where you have to go into the constructed zone I think. I am not much for ground missions, cause I think I suck at them. Think I will stop my complaining and go back to the game. Love the blog, keep ’em coming.

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