Do You Have a Protonic Arsenal?

Protonic Arsenal? With a name like that, one cannot afford to not at least take a peak. The word arsenal conjures up many images and they all lead to wanton death and destruction. So in a galaxy filled with enemies hell-bent on our destruction such as, The Iconians, Borg, and Tholians it seems that a set with the word “arsenal” in its title is worth considering, right?

The Protonic Arsenal is a set that you can acquire through the Dyson Joint Command Reputation System. I have used this set now on two different ships. It was most effective on my Chimera Heavy Destroyer and it has been effective on my new Advanced Dyson Science Destroyer as well.

consoleTo get this set you will ultimately need to advance to Tier IV reputation in the Dyson Joint Command. There are three reputation projects, one for each piece of the set. The first piece of the set is attainable at Tier I. It is the Proton Particle Stabilizer Console. As far as consoles are concerned this is not a bad deal. You get +3 to BOTH weapons and engine power. You also get a nice boost to your electro-plasma system for quick power recovery and a boost to Proton weapon damage. This is a universal console so it can go anywhere you see fit. I like it when a console has power boosts, since I rarely use the engineering consoles to boost power levels.torpedo

The Next item in the set is available at Tier II. It is the Mk XII Gravimetric Photon Torpedo Launcher. I like this weapon allot. It does about 7-8% less damage than my Mk XII Photon Torpedo Launcher [dmg]x3 which is about the same as a Mk XII Photon with no bonus damage modifier. However, it has a 33% chance of creating a Gravimetric Rift that will destroy those pesky Voth drones and is strong enough to pull Borg Spheres in. This is handy for tactical or engineering captains that don’t have a high-ranking science officer on the bridge to perform Gravity Well. When using this in conjunction with any torpedo spread ability you are all but guaranteed to activate at least one Gravimetric Rift.

protonThe final piece to this impressive set is the dandy. The Experimental Proton Weapon. This is a Mk XII single cannon weapon with a very unique ability to act like BOTH a cannon and beam weapon! It is able to utilize the tactical BOFF ability, Beam Overload and Scatter Volley. By adding the additional items in the set to the ship it is able to also utilize Beam Fire at Will and Cannon Rapid Fire as well. This is a versatile and powerful weapon. It hits harder than my Mk XII Polaron Cannon [dmg]x3! As a single cannon it has a firing arc of 180 degrees and must be mounted in the ship’s forward weapons slots. As if all of this were not enough, this cannon only uses -5 power when firing other weapons and has the Protonic critical ability found in the Protonic Polaron weapons that delivers a huge shield penetrating Protonic blast on 25% of all critical hits. This is a fabulous weapon.

setpowersFinally the set has bonus powers when combining two or more items on one ship. If you have two of the three pieces equipped you gain Arsenal Synergy. This awards a 22.9% boost to Photon projectiles and adds a 3% chance to all critical hits. It also allows the use of Beam Fire At Will with the Experimental Proton Weapon. If you equip all three pieces of the set you gain Particle Stabilizer which awards a 10% critical chance with all photon projectile weapons, +10% critical severity and enables the use of Cannon Rapid Fire with the Experimental Proton Weapon.

This set is particularly useful with the new Dyson Science Destroyers since they utilize a special proton dual cannon that can benefit from the proton boost. Also using this with the protonic weapons and some of those tactical consoles with protonic boosts could add some serious punch to this already potent science ship.

I was using this set on my standard Chimera Heavy Destroyer, before I got the Dyson Science Destroyer. It worked very well on that ship. I am going to run some more Dyson reputation and get another set. I like this set, go run some rep missions and pick it up.


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