Malevolent Mogai

mogai-wikiOh, those deliciously deceptive Romulans. They are devious to the core. In the canon of Trek we have seen the T’liss/T’varo Warbird in the 22nd century accounts of TOS . Picard engaged the much larger D’deridex Warbirds in TNG. The Mogai made an appearance in Star Trek Nemesis, and now seems to have been made very popular by the team at STO. What an amazing ship it is.

The Mogai is classified as an escort ship. But this escort carries the largest crew of any escort in the game. 900 rascally Romulans plotting the end of their enemies through treachery and if necessary, brute force.

My level fifty Romulan is Be’ina and she has quite a collection of ships going. Her “in your face” ass-kicker is the Falchion Dreadnought with all three special consoles and a nice set of top grade weapons and equipment. She has a Fleet D’deridex along with the veteran reward Destroyer and the Romulan Dyson Science Destroyer and a whole bunch of other Romulan and Feddie ships. She also managed to get her hands on a Mogai Retrofit.

This ship is possibly the most interesting “escort” ship in the game save possibly for the Veteran reward ‘Destroyer’ ships. First there is the enormous crew. Then the cruiser-like 1.0 shield modifier. This is an escort/destroyer class ship that actually has some tanking ability. The Retrofit version offers a very respectable 33,000 base hull that compares well to the Klingon Qin Raptor or to the Fleet Tactical Escort Retrofit. Unlike those other two ships this one has a “battle cloak”. So off the top this ship has equal hull and better shields along with substantially more crew. It has the standard 4/3 escort weapons arrangement but unlike the Fed and Klingon escorts this has +10 weapons and +5 engine power instead of +15 weapons. Turn rate is a little weak at 14, but considering the size of this ship that is quite good.


This ship favors of course tactical seats and consoles on the bridge but offers a Lt Commander engineer and a Lt. universal station along with 3 engineering consoles for a nice mix of resiliency. Romulan ships use the singularity warp core and this ship has all the singularity core power options as any other Romulan ship.

My Romulan Admiral is first of all an Engineer so this class of ship is not really her “thing”. She is not as well equipped as other characters I have, so she has yet to really set this ship up. Be’ina runs single cannons up front since the turn rate on the ship is a little wide. As I flew it around in combat I thought that dual beams up front might work better and Be’ina sure has better BOFFs for beam weapons. I’ll will swap out the cannons for dual beams and see what I think.


Be’ina does not have the Fleet version of this ship but if one wanted to fly a Mogai in PVP the Fleet version would be the way to go with a 10% boost to hull and shields and an extra engineering console to boot.

For me this ship is just cool looking! There is something sinister about flying such a big ship around and then watching it turn nearly as well as most escorts. The ship tanks better than most escorts in the game so it can engage multiple enemies with a little more confidence. If however things get dicey the Romulan big bird can always drop an engineering team and hazard emitters then cloak away to safety.

Many of you that like to ‘hit hard’ might be tempted to equip dual cannons on this bird. If you are really exceptional as a pilot or if you are flying as a true escort in support of others (PVE or team PVP) this is a good idea. The 14 base turn rate however means that getting ships into the dual cannons narrow 45 degree firing arc will be a touch challenging, especially if they are agile science or escort ships. However, this ship with its cloaking device can be devastating on an alpha with dual cannons up front.


I have become quite fond of using dual beam banks to the fore with beam arrays aft on ships with a 9-14 degree base turn rate. The dual beams hit harder (DPV) than any standard weapons except dual heavies and have better DPS than anything but dual cannons (heavy or standard).  They have a more forgiving 90 degree arc and that makes it easier to keep fire on evasive targets. Beam attacks however are really better suited to multiple targets in a large arc. Fire at will use all of your beam weapons but targets randomly and overload targets just one ship with one heavy hit. Cannons are still the better overall destroyer, but I have done great damage with destroyer class ships and science ships using dual beam banks up front. This Mogai really is a lot like a destroyer class.


This retrofit version comes with a special console called, “Ionized Particle Beam” This offers the ability to perform a huge devastating electrical attack at the expense of auxiliary power. As cool as these special attack consoles are, I often find that the benefit of a one-off attack that has a long cool down is not worth giving up a strong passive bonus from a nice purple console like a Fleet Enhanced Neutronium console or a Weapons boost console, shield boost, etc. You can always unequip the console and store it in your bank and then load up your favorite boost console in its place.

Comparing this ship to other Romulan Escort Type ships shows that it stacks up well. It may not be the best of the bunch for everyone, but it just might be for some of you. Click on chart image to enlarge.


I think the Mogai compares very well with other Romulan faction ships in the escort or destroyer class. It offers the heaviest hull strength of any Romulan ship in the class except the Daeinos and the highest shield modifier aside from the science destroyers. This is a solid ship.  I reccomend this ship for any player looking for a strong tactical ship with destroyer like features. It you have the veteran status I think the Daeinos is still the better ship, but the Mogai Retrofit is a real challenger.

As an aside, while I was wrapping up I discovered a mirror ship while prepping the data for the ship comparison. The Mirror Universe Dhelan Warbird Retrofit is the only “retrofit” ship from the Mirror Universe in the game. It is available in a drop box or on the exchange for less than 500,000 credits. This is a level 50 ship that lacks the universal BOFF slot and the special console of the Prime Universe model but still it is a pretty good value for those of you that do not want to shell out 2000 Zen for a Prime Universe Retrofit.


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