Assimilate This!

fleetqin-battleborg1The Borg are still the creepiest and most dangerous enemy of the Galaxy with the possible exception of those mysterious Iconians. In the 25th century the Borg are on the move again as they attempt to assimilate the Alpha and Beta quadrants. The threat is so severe that the Klingons have agreed to work with the enemy to combat the Borg threat together. Yes I know this is original STO material. But when was the last time you ran some Omega Reputation missions?

Today’s post is going to be about the Assimilated Borg Technology Space Set and the companion Omega Adapted Borg Technology Set.  Yes the Borg are scary, but we are resourceful and have managed to adapt their tech to our weapons and equipment. I built my original Mk XI Assimilated set by running STF missions and taking the accumulated Borg Encrypted Data Chips to Roxy on Deep Space Nine to trade them for one of the three pieces, Shield, Engine, Deflector. The console was granted for completing a story-line mission.  Ah those were the days, eh? Well not to worry the items are still easily available in the new reputation system.


I am just wrapping up my Mk XII set for Admiral Sager. The reputation system also offers the aforementioned Adapted Borg Technology set which can be used with the Assimilated set to gain an additional bonus. Originally the Assimilated set was a four piece set. It was the only four piece set in the game, at the time. When they added the Adapted Borg Technology set they made the Assimilated set a three-piece and “donated” the console to the Adapted set.


Even the Mk XI version of the Assimilated Borg Technology set is pretty good. The shield is a regenerative type shield which has low capacity but very fast regeneration. In fact this is one of the fastest regenerating shields in the game and it offers up a +5 bonus power to shields and 15% damage reduction against plasma weapons. The deflector is very good too. It offers +5 auxiliary power and some strong boosts. You also get the most creepy and outrageous appearance mod in the game. Equip it and look at your ship! Worry not, you can disable visuals if it is a little too much “assimilation” for you. Then there is the Assimilated Borg sub-transwarp engines. These little babies help you in battle with good speed and turn boosts and in sector space when traveling. They add significant speed to your maximum warp. It also has a cool green trail in both warp and impulse speed. When all three pieces are used together you gain two great abilities shown in the graphic below (click to enlarge).


The Adapted Borg technology set includes two awesome weapons and the console from the old Assimilated set. The weapons are awesome. The first is the Omega Plasma Torpedo Launcher. This is probably the most powerful torpedo launcher in the game. It fires a torpedo once every 1 sec. It holds five charges but the charges can depending on your abilities recharge as fast as they fire so you effectively have a torpedo launcher that just keeps pumping out death by plasma. It works with tac BOFF abilities like torpedo spread and high yield too. The base DPS on this is over 2500. Compare that to the Fleet Photon Torpedo Launcher [dmg]x3[acc] and you get only around 550 DPS. The Kinetic Cutting Beam is an interesting weapon. It fires very similar to a 360 arc beam weapon but does kinetic damage instead of energy damage. It is not so useful against shields but will terrorize the hull of an enemy ship. It does over 300 DPS base damage which is nothing short of stellar when you consider this weapon has a full 360 degree firing arc! The set combines with the console and offers up Omega Weapon Amplifier which has a 2.5% chance to boost weapon power +10 and +500 weapon power resistance which should virtually eliminate weapon power drain for a short time. Then there is Reactive Deflection which has a 1% chance to activate a 2 second invincible shield (99% damage reduction). Sweet, right?  

I have two ships that are equipped with both sets. Admiral Sager has his Breen Chel Grett equipped with all six pieces and General Roddicka has her Fleet Qin Raptor loaded with all six pieces. I have flown scores of missions with the Fleet Qin and this setup. It was Roddicka’s go to ship for any mission against the Borg and for many other PVE missions. Admiral Sager has tried this set on several ships from cruisers to escorts and has settled in nicely with the Chel Grett.


This is a potent setup. General Roddicka has an impressive kill count in her Fleet Qin with this setup. She is using two Elachi Disruptor  single cannons and a KDF Quad Disruptor [dmg]x4 up front along with the ferocious Omega Plasma Torpedo Launcher. To the aft is a pair of Fleet Disruptor Beam Arrays and that powerful Kinetic Cutting Beam. Up until she got the Fleet Peghagu’ destroyer this was her go to heavy hitting PVE ship and second only to her Retrofit B’rel in PVP. For PVP she swaps out the Mk X Enhanced Neutronium consoles for Mk XI models. For those of you worked up over my hybrid beam/cannon setup check fleetqinbattle1-smallout my post on it in “The Klingon Raptor, A Bigger Bird of Prey”. This ship can deal serious damage and is fairly resilient for an escort class ship. As equipped with General Roddicka in command it has some 56,000 hull! The lack of engineering and science BOFFs however creates serious challenges when multiple enemies are engaged. Even though the Veteran Reward ship, the Fleet Peghagu’ is more resilient and versatile with its universal BOFF stations the Fleet Qin Raptor and this setup is formidable. The forward firepower is very strong leading with the quad cannons and a constant barrage of plasma torpedos and still having a wide attack arc with two single cannons. The Elachi cannons are among the best in the game.

Admiral Sager played with this set for a long time. He had it on his Tactical Odyssey Cruiser for quite a while and then on his Tactical Escort Retrofit. But it seems to fit best for him on his Breen Chel Grett Cruiser/Escort. The Chel Grett is a versatile ship and I like it very much. I wrote about it in the post, “Flying at Absolute Zero”.


The Admiral flew this Breen cruiser/escort hybrid ship with many different configurations. First he had the complete Breen set. The Breen shield/engine/deflector along with the Breen Rapid Reload Transphasic torpedo launcher and Breen Transphasic Cluster Torpedo. That was cool but then he tried the Mk XII Reman set with the Romulan experimental beam array and the Romulan plasma torpedo launcher and that was cool also. Now however that refrigerated hybrid is packing some ‘collective’ punch and it is working quite well. The Admiral is running the full six pieces and the ship is a menace. The weapons are all Mk XII [dmg]x3 beams with two Elachi Disruptor dual beam banks and an Elachi Beam array up front to complement that mean old nasty Omega plasma torpedo launcher. To the aft are two more Elachi beam arrays, the Kinetic Cutting Beam and a purple Mk XI plasma torpedo launcher. When I swap out the warp core for one of my Elite Fleet versions this ship becomes a holy terror. The ship is not terribly tough but it is tough enough. It turns a tad slow but quick enough to get enemies off the shields and those Borg Assimilated shields regenerate very fast. In fact I am typically getting a battle ready regen rate of over 1000 points every 6 seconds. I like flying this ship into a sea of enemies because I can virtually run beam fire at will almost continuously. depending on my BOFF load out, I can either run Beam Fire At Will II and III alternating or if I want Torpedo Spread III I can run alternating versions of Fire at Will II. Like wise this ship can run Torpedo


Spread II and III alternating or two versions of Spread II depending on which Lt. Commander BOFF is on the bridge. Unlike Roddicka’s version of a Borg Assimilated Terminator, this one is quite content to engage multiple enemies because laying down strong fire across the entire 360 arc is no sweat. When engaging one difficult enemy the forward pair of dual beam banks can throw down serious punch and I can load a BOFF at the LT station with overload II.

You can get the Assimilated Borg Technology Set (shield/deflector/engines) in three different Mk levels. X, XI and XII. They are dirt cheap and easy at Mk X. You get the Adapted set at Mk XII only but the price is modest.  The chart shows the cost for each individual item in the set. So what are you waiting for? Go run some Omega Reputation missions, get some Omega marks and get Assimilated!


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