Captain on the Bridge!


Oh, the amazing world of STO, it takes us halfway across the galaxy to strange new worlds. We command starships, fight the good fight and save the day. Technically we do all of this from the bridge of our starship. But how often do you actually visit your bridge in-game?

Did you know that there are literally scores of different bridges. Some are free others are C-store items. I have pondered the more than 700 episodes of Star Trek on television and the twelve feature movies and I find that much of the screen time is in fact on the bridge. When screen time for engineering , sick bay or other areas on the ship is added, it is safe to say that more than half of the Star Trek experience is ON THE SHIP! Yet in STO we find ourselves wandering the corridors of our starships far too infrequently.


The boffins at Cryptic have created some amazing bridge and ship interior detail. Some of the bridges are quite detailed and are even accurate representations of ‘real’ Trek ships. I do think most of the bridges are a bit larger in scale than they appear in the show. But that’s OK with me.

The game offers about ten to twenty different bridges for each faction for free. Then a great many more are available in the c-store or as part of a special ship package. I like adding a custom bridge to my ships to suit the style of the Captain and crew. There are several different designs each with a few variables on color and trim.

Some of the special alien ships like Breen, Dyson, Obelisk, etc. have special bridges. If you want to check out most of the bridges that are available you can go to the ship customization area and check what can be used on your current ship. You can also visit the Star Trek Online Wiki and find many of them in nice sized jpgs to view.

You1-klink-bridge can also decide on an overall interior package for your ship at the ship customization area. You can choose a from small to large ship interiors. The game allows you to visit your bridge by selecting that feature from the pull down menu under the mini-map. Once on the bridge you can go to the Captain’s ready room. You can access special DOFF missions here as well as the account bank if you have one. Once on the bridge your Captain is free to wander about the ship by using the turbolift. Sickbay, crew quarters, engineering, mess hall it’s all there. In the Captain’s ready room or the mess hall it is possible to display trophies you have earned in-game. You can even invite your friends to visit your ship. Klingons can visit a Fed bridge and vice versa, it’s all good.

bigromulan bridge

I think it would be really great if Cryptic would create a series of missions or events that take place on your ship. They could be accessed from the Captain’s chair on the bridge. Maybe a surprise attack with an enemy boarding party, or a special research mission in sickbay, etc. Hey Cryptic, you got that, that’s good stuff and you know it 😉

So go ahead and take a tour of your own ship. Check out the pulsating warp core in engineering or get comfy in your Captain’s chair on the bridge. Captain on the Bridge!




One thought on “Captain on the Bridge!

  1. I’m really enjoying your blog! I like most of the bridges but am frustrated that many of the cruiser and science ship bridges have the image of the Akira class on the computers of the bridge.

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