DS9 Fans Love This Ship!

ns-new-11-2013-bI am a fan of all things Trek, and DS9 is no exception. It was a risky proposition that show. Star Trek had three series (TOS, TAS, TNG) with more than 300 episodes and six feature-length films going boldly where no one had gone before. Then they decided to boldly stay at the star base. And it worked! Commander Sisko running a former Cardassian space station with Kira Narisse and a shape shifting security chief. The show ran seven seasons my friends and that is nothing less than a stellar success.

DS9 introduced us to so great characters. Arguably the show had the best characters in all of Trek. The series was very dialog heavy and story driven. A real treat came with the introduction of the Defiant. Starfleet had quite the little firecracker and she got a gift from the Romulans, a cloaking device!

Star Trek Online of course honors that ship with not one, not two, nor even three but four ships along with multiple style variants. They are called the Tactical Escort. The first two ships are available when you reach the rank of Captain. Oddly Sisko got the ship when he was a mere Commander. That’s OK, Sisko was a boss and we are mere mortals.

The first is a standard version of the ship and can be purchased with Admiral Quinn’s promotion token. The second is a refit version also available at Captain for 1500 ZEN. It has quite a boost over the standard version. It gets an extra engineer on the bridge, an extra engineering console, and the famous Quad Phaser Cannons with [dmg]x4. Those quad cannons level up with the captain so they are a forever weapon.


Once you make Vice Admiral you can whip out 2000 ZEN and purchase the Tactical Escort Retrofit. You can even bring the quad cannons over from the refit if you have them. This ship is boosted up to 30,000 hull (from 25,000) and has the full complement of bridge officers along with nine consoles. It also comes with the cloaking device. The cloak must be installed in a console slot. That seems fair since the cloak is a loaner from the Romulans according to Star Trek Canon. Many people may choose to lose the cloak rather than give up the extra console slot but I fly around with the cloak. I wish it was a battle cloak. You know how I feel about that 😉 

The final version is the Fleet Retrofit and that has the usual boost of 10% hull and a tenth console but NOT the 10% shield boost. I don’t agree with that. I have the fleet version and it should have received the boost to a 0.99 modifier on shields.  That said it is an awesome ship and is still flown by a great many STO captains.

ns-loadoutI have had this ship quipped with just about every set out there. I had the Borg four-piece set (back when it was a four piece set). I ran it for a long time with the Jem’Hadar set, first at Mk XI then at Mk XII. That was a good setup with the Jem’Hadar. I had all Mk XII polaron weps and the three-piece set offered a 13.6% boost to polaron damage. I never cared for the deflector on that set for a tactical captain. So now I just have it decked out in fleet gear. I still need to upgrade those Mk XII Tetryon weapons to fleet grade. It has the fleet positron deflector, fleet impulse engines, fleet covariant shield and fleet elite warp core. The engines and core offer nice boosts to power systems so this ship has plenty of juice in all systems. This is a great ship fully loaded and ready for combat with Admiral Sager in command, this ship has 56k hull, 14k shields per facing, 125% power transfer rate and a defense bonus of 75% at 3/4 throttle. The static power levels in attack mode are W-110, S-75, E-45, A-65. That’s all that boosted performance from the fleet gear! Those fleet enhanced neutronium consoles are nice also with +20 kinetic damage resist, +20 all energy damage resist and +10 structural integrity. The ship’s hull shakes off 50% of all damage. I am still working on the ideal BOFF setup with this ship. Three tactical BOFFs and just one each Lt for sci and engineering.  This ship is surprisingly resilient considering the BOFF arrangement. The ship turns at 17 which is the sharpest of any Starfleet vessel. Of course Starfleet captains have access to the Risian Corvette which turns at 21, the Jem’ Hadar Attack ship turns at 20 and the Breen Plesh Brek Raider turns at 19. Only the Jem Bug is more hull resilient however and none of those can equip the cloaking device.

I was flying this ship in some STFs and in support of a friend that was having trouble with some missions and the ship is just so fun! It has enough staying power to get out of trouble when the heat is really on, but it can lay down serious death with three dual cannons up front. If you haven’t flown this ship yet, Go get one. Start a new character if you have too and take the free version at level 30. You will probably end up with the retrofit in the end! It is that good.




3 thoughts on “DS9 Fans Love This Ship!

  1. I love this ship too, but found even with the best (that I can think of right now) armor, it would still get killed far too fast, maybe I don’t have the right shields, I could try dyson solanae shields maybe. I still liked using the breen ship better, and the ship seemed to last longer in battle

    1. This ship is not designed to tank. The Fleet version does offer decent tanking for an escort but the operative phrase is “for an escort”. It will turn quick and keep those dual cannons on target long enough to turn all but the hardiest ships to warp core dust. Try it with a Tactical Captain!I know you play the game allot, Edwin. Keep experimenting with the ship you will find a niche for it 🙂

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