Flying in Fluid and the 8472 Counter Command

lcvsundineA few weeks ago I wrote about the launch of Season Nine. This new season has brought with it a new reputation system. There are several missions both ground and space that offer the opportunity to earn reputation marks for the 8472 Counter Command. In the space missions you will find yourself flying your ship in Fluidic Space. This can be a daunting task. Your ship is slower and less maneuverable and the Undine enemies are quite well adapted to the environment. I feel like I do when I am swimming. Humans are very slow and clumsy in the water compared to say… a shark. So yes the Undine are the sharks here.

I find that the best ship to use here is a big cruiser with beam array weapons. This way you can fire in any direction and deal decent damage. It is nigh impossible to keep those agile Undine ships in your escort’s dual cannon narrow firing arc with all those fluidic drifts and monster energy attacks pushing you about. Flying in the fluid also causes stability issues as your vessel will bob around like a ship on the high seas.

I have run the Viscous Cycle mission several times with both the Andorian Kumari and my Fleet tactical Escort Retrofit and had reasonable success but not nearly as much as with the same tactical captain in the Avenger Battle Cruiser. The best setup for me was Admiral Sager in his tactical Odyssey Cruiser. I fared better in Fluidic Space with the Andorian ship than the fleet tac escort because I have the Kumari set up with 3 Andorian phaser cannons instead of dual cannons. This allowed me to keep constant attack pressure on the Undine enemies with a wide 180 degree arc up front. When I was able to get them in the 45 degree arc the phaser wing cannons kicked in and death was brutally swift for those shape-shifting swimmers. Although the Andorian ship decimated them it had to retreat a bit often due to the “glass cannon” problem with it. (weak on eng and sci).

I am collecting the bio-molecular weapons bioand I decided to equip one of Admiral Sager’s lesser used ships with them.  The Admiral has reached Tier III and is rapidly approaching Tier IV in the Counter Command reputation. Once Tier IV is unlocked the Admiral can round out the weapons set from the reputation store with top grade hand selected Mk XII weapons. For now he’ll have to do with a cobbled together set from MOB drops. I chose the little Mirror Universe Science ship that I almost never use. This ship is equipped lightly with mostly Mk XI gear. Nothing exotic, just typical drop stuff. Surprisingly the ship did very well in the Elite Viscous Cycle. On the last planet killer the ship got blasted to bits a couple of times, but the Bio-weapons do work very well at putting the pain to those dirt bag aliens from Fluidic Space. I think I will set up a bio-molecular weapons package for the Odyssey and use it when I run those missions!

The bio-molecular weapons seem to come in a variety of energy types. I have both phaser and disruptor styles.

For non-Undine enemies I am not convinced the bio-molecular weapons will be much better than standard plasma weapons which also offer a DOT.  Against the Undine however they really do seem to work well.



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