The Killing Fields of Ker’rat

From Star Trek Online WIKI

My favorite PVP spot in STO tends to be Ker’rat. Ker’rat has changed a bit since the days before the Legacy of Romulus. Back in those days, it was KDF vs. Feds and after every reset there was a crazy death match as everyone spawned in at the same spot.

Now there are multiple spawn in points so the epic death-fest is no longer a part of the lore. I partly miss it but not the campers. Hooray the campers are gone :)The biggest change however is really the introduction of Romulan ships on the Fed side. The federation used to have only two ships that could use a cloaking device, Tactical Escort and Dreadnought. Few Feddies even used the cloak, since it was not a “battle cloak” and it took up a valuable console slot. The Klinks could use stealth to help compensate for the typically greater numbers on the Fed side.

The Romulan ships are now a big part of the Federation in Ker’rat. Now a Klingon drops in on an unsuspecting federation cruiser, decloaks and begins to unleash a holy terror, alpha strike from beyond Thunderdome! OOOHHH that sounds cool! Then much to his dismay three Romulan ships flying the Feddy flag, decloak and waste the Klingon faster than you can say “he’s dead, Jim”

Not that I have ever been that Klingon… 😉 OK maybe that was me. I have mentioned in other posts that I have a couple of torpedo boats and a couple of hot raiders with the enhanced battle cloak. Check out, “I finally built torpedo boat” The torpedo boat doesn’t work as well with some of the changes to the game. The enhanced cloak can still be most effective though. I like to lay Reman tractor beam mines that ensnare victims, then I can decloak and drop the enemy with three dual heavy cannons.

Ker’rat has an objective approach to PVP. The KDF are trying to “steal” Borg tech from the Borg facility there. The Feds are trying to stop them. Ker’rat sometimes becomes a war with players abandoning the core mission to assualt each other with reckless abandon. Other times it is a race to see which faction can achieve the objective.

Ker’rat is a great place to try out new setups. If there are few players in the instance the borg tend to be a good test. If there are a lot of players in there they will likely be tougher than any in game opponents.

I recommend taking a trip to Ker’rat for some PVP action. If you are new, you can find Ker’rat down in the Eta Eridani Sector Block near Drozana Station and the Klingon Neutral Zone.




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