The Undine are Vicious Bastards

undine3I have been playing STO for a long time and I gotta say they finally got a PVE enemy tougher than the Borg. No wonder the Borg are afraid of these guys. First of all the sheer number of them is overwhelming. In a mission with five players you can easily find yourself in a sea of 20 enemy ships. And they keep on coming as fast as you can kill them, more appear! I found my self dying allot as five or six of them would surround me and wipe me out. One thing I discovered is that Beam Fire at Will is not a good BOFF ability to use against the Undine unless you can handle a lot of extra threat pressure. When using ‘Fire at Will’, you attract enemies to you from all directions and if you haven’t got the hull for it, you will die! I have found that not using Fire at Will has helped me tremendously with survivability.

These ships seem to have a strong resistance to kinetic energy such as the damage from torpedos. I have always used the basic formula of depleting a shield facing and then blasting the hull with torpedos. Honestly there have been times when I have their shields depleted with their hull down to maybe five percent and a torpedo spread of the Bio-molecular photons still doesn’t kill the ship! Then just as you are about to move in for the killing volley, they have a teleport ability! Abracadabra… they’re gone! These are tough little sons of bitches!

Species 8472 also have some devastating weapons. An overcharged antiproton beam attack that will actually blow your ship backwards. They use a strong yellow singularity type attack that seems to work like a gravity well only stronger. And they have the ability to lay a pretty steady stream of powerful Undine torpedo like attacks. Their torpedos though hit with shield penetrating radiation damage and I don’t have any hull resistance to it. I got hit with two of those at once from two different ships and they both rolled crits. It was nearly 80k in shield penetrating damage. Yes, I died! I have never died as much in a PVE event as I do when fighting these shape-shifting, fluidic space faring terrors from another dimension. Borg? Piece of cake. These guys, not so much.


Lately I have been using a Standard Chimera Destroyer loaded with expensive reputation store, Bio-Molecular weapons Mk XII very rare. I am using three dual beam banks and a torpedo launcher up front and three beam arrays in back. I am only using  two tactical officers the Commander TAC and Ensign UNV. The universal Lt. Commander station has an engineer. You really need some staying power against this aggressive and swarming enemy. My Commander Tactical officer is using attack pattern abilities and tactical team instead of weapon boosts. Now I can run these missions on Elite and stay alive for the whole duration… most of the time 😉


I also have three of the four pieces to the Counter-Command space set. I just need the shields and I am only a couple a days away from having the Tier V reputation to buy it. One of the special abilities is an active “counter-blast”. This attack slows down all enemies in a large radius (5km I think) and applies a heavy, shield penetrating radiation attack. I reserve that ability for when I am overwhelmed with attackers and need an escape. Next on my grinding list after the shield will be the four piece Counter-Command weapons and console set. This set has the special torpedo launcher and a special turret to go with a couple of consoles. The weapons themselves are a little blah, but the special set abilities will be useful. I will have to switch over to a cannon layout when I get these to take full advantage of the turret. I still think I will use Rapid Fire in lieu of Scatter Volley to avoid the swarming of enemies.

I notice that the Undine are susceptible to radiation damage. Har’peng torpedos might be effective and the Romulan dreadnought with the Thalaron weapon might be useful as well. I haven’t taken a Romulan in on these missions yet nor have I tested the Har’peng. Try it and leave a comment if you think it works.

Overall if you want a challenging PVE mission choose one of the Undine Counter Command queues. Elite if you really want it tough and you like watching your exploded ship debris floating in the sea of Fluidic Space. Standard if you want live. Yeah, they are vicious little bastards.


4 thoughts on “The Undine are Vicious Bastards

  1. I agree, fighting the undine is a pain in the butt, flying in fluidic space weird as well. The borg are nothing compared to these guys.

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