Maelstrom of Malice

Hello fellow Star Trek Onliners! That really wasn’t very original; was it? Too bad, I’m stickin’ with it ๐Ÿ˜‰

I bought a new ship this week! I am so excited about it that I decided to make this edition of the blog a review of it. So it kind of went down like this; I was looking at my “assets” and I saw some zen hanging around. We can’t just have zen hanging around, right? So I started looking at what kind of deals they had in the C-store. ย I didn’t really spot any “deals” but it did spot a new ship. It seems that they created a refit version of the Patrol Escort with the Season 9 expansion and they offer a fleet refit version as well. Now let me be clear, this ship was not a “deal”. This baby is 2500 zen and then you need another 500 to get the fleet module for the fleet version. That’s 30 smackers of real world cash! Hold onto to your wallet this might sting a bit. So all that begs the question… was it worth it?

Yes. Yes it was ๐Ÿ™‚

Buying the fleet version unlocks the maelstats“Maelstrom” class and it is a rather menacing machine. It definitely strays away from the standard saucer front ships that Starfleet typically offers. I like the fleet version especially when considering escorts since the extra hull and shield boost is highly valuable. The stats on this ship are very solid but not over the top. Base 31,500 hull, 34,700 for fleet. You do get a Lt Commander Universal and a Lt Commander Engineer but no 5th Ensign BOFF. That high ranking universal slot makes this a very versatile performer.

I recommend buying the Patrol Escort Refit first. That ship comes with a special console. Normally I am not real excited about special consoles. This one however is worth having and the fleet ship does not come with it. It is called the Nadine Saturation Bomb. Now anything called “Nadine Saturation Bomb” has to be at least pretty good, right? Right! That actually does some serious damage and the damage comes as phaser energy so it appears to be affected by energy weapon skills and boosts! After unleashing an epic blast of phaser hate, a radiation field lingers doing additional DOT! The best part is the cool down is only 2 minutes (might be 3 actually can’t remember but it is short).ย This console is worth a spot on the roster.

Both the standard refit and the fleet version are equipped with a special non-removable rear mounted ย dual cannons weapon that does heavy DPS and has a 90 degree firing arc. This powerful weapon becomes the fourth aft weapon on the ship! It is called the Tempest Tail-Gun. That is name that conjures up an evil hatred of the enemy. This weapon actually does more DPS than the dreaded Andorian Wing Cannons. Bear in mind the Wing Cannons still hit harder with that heavy punch but they are so much slower that the DPS can’t match the amazing base of 359 DPS this rear facing monster delivers. The extra DPS comes from the rapid fire proc that keeps the cannon firing like rapid fire I is on at all times! It still gets additional boosts from any canon boost other than rapid fire I. So the DPS gets real juicy when you add scatter volley to the mix. And don’t forget this guy has a 90 degree arc which is way better than the 45 degrees normally afforded to dual cannons. This is the most powerful aft energy weapon in the game. The Tempest Tail-Gun is also a phaser type weapon. I recommend mounting phasers for the other weapons on the ship so you can capitalize on energy boosting consoles.

shipLast week I wrote about my Standard Chimera that I outfitted to fight the Undine. I took all that gear and moved it to this ship. I bought some cannon weapons (phaser of course), andย I have been flying those same Counter Command missions with it. Holy enemies sucking vacuum Batman! This ship is a beast ๐Ÿ˜€
I named the ship in Latin with the translation loosely being Champion of the Stars or more directly Stellar Champion. After flying this ship I now know absolutely that Cryptic needs to remove the NERF from the Fleet Tactical Escort Retrofit. In case you are unaware that ship does NOT receive the fleet bonus to shields. It should also turn at 18 or 19 degrees per second as well. But that is another post.


I still have a heavy presence of Science and Engineering on the ship to deal with the Undine’s epic damage output. It took a bit of adjustment to using a ship that has its lead weapon on the tail-side. But I have come up with this strategy.

I have no torpedos up front which for me is unusual. I fly in 90 degrees to the enemy and unload a hail of cannon death from the forward weapons. Then I make a hard turn to keep my tail section roughly pointed at the hole in the shields I just created and polish the bastard off with the Tempest Tail-Gun and a spread of Bio-molecular torpedos. This ship truly rivals the Jem’Hadar Attack Ship. The Jem’Bug is still faster and more maneuverable, but this guy packs a bigger punch. When I get the Counter Command turret on this ship the aft will deliver a ‘tail-load’ of destruction. See what I did there ๐Ÿ˜‰

After I am done ripping apart the “vicious bastards”, I will equip this ship for PVP and give it a try in Kerrat.


Overall this ship is a strong candidate for best escort a Feddie can fly. If you want the Fleet version you only need a Tier I shipyard! How cool is that? So if I haven’t convinced you that the Fleet version of this ship is worth 3000 zen then you just don’t like laying waste to your enemies. My friends the Fleet Patrol Escort Refit is truly a Menacing Maelstrom of Malice!





6 thoughts on “Maelstrom of Malice

  1. I love the Nadine saturation bomb, worth buying the ship, still have to tweak my officers the get the right addons on the consoles, but yeah its great, will have to see what the fleet version is like.

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