It’s Always Summer on Risa

Players in Swimwear

The Summer Event is back on Risa. For all of you STO fans down under in South America, Lower Africa or Australia, you are experiencing varying degrees of winter time, depending of course on your latitude. Now you can enjoy the tropical wonder of Risa. For us in the Northern hemisphere, we can still have a Risian good time as well. Whilst we sip our umbrella clad drinks, dance the Samba, jetpack the islands and surf the gentle waves; we can earn Lohlunat Pearls and Favors to get great prizes and even a ‘dreamliner’ ship.


This year the Risians have created a Ferengi dream with the Risian Luxury Cruiser. This thing reminds me of the Cruise Ship in the Doctor Who episode “Voyage of the Damned”. I love this ship, tell me a Ferrengi wouldn’t hear the “profit in the wind” with this!

Cryptic also gave the fans what they have been clamoring for since the game’s earliest days; swimwear! Unfortunately it cannot be worn off Risa, apparently. Honestly though, if you are on a tropical island you certainly expect to see some bikinis. Am I right or what?

This year in addition to all the fun activities of last year we now have an opportunity to explore a whole new section of the resort, a sand castle building competition, and you can ride on cool hover-surf boards. They even have a race you can run with these fast devices.

I like the fact the Cryptic has changed the system for earning the ships this year. Once one of your characters earns the 1000 Lohlunat Pearls to buy the ship (either the Dream Liner or last year’s Corvette) all other characters on the account need only to earn 40 pearls to buy one! That is cool my friends! Thanks Cryptic.

So finish reading this blog, download some Beach Boys tunes, then warp over to Risa for the Summer Event. “You’ll have fun, fun, fun, till Cryptic takes the surfboard away…” 😉

‘The Admiral’ on a power board. He needs a swimsuit… seriously.

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