Nerfs Up, No! It’s Time to Unleash the Defiant


Two weeks ago I wrote about the Maelstrom class escort and also briefly touched on a raw nerve I have over the nerfing of the “Defiant”. (Maelstrom of Malice)I also said “but that’s another post”. Well, this is another post, isn’t it? 😉

There are a lot of fans out there that really have a soft spot for the Defiant. That was the preeminent Federation badass escort and the starship jewel of the DS9 series. The ship was commanded by Commander and later Captain Benjamin Sisko as well as the beloved Klingon, Worf. This was the ship that stood alone as a kickass vessel but became even more so with the addition of a Romulan cloaking device.

defiantThere is so much history with this ship, so much to love about it and yet Cryptic felt back at the beginning that the ship needed to be nerfed.  It only has a 17 turn rate, just slightly better than most Feddie escorts. I think it should have had a 18 or 19 turn rate. Come on guys, the ship only gets 50 crew! It has the right to at least run a tighter slalom! Then the ship’s fleet version was nerfed again with Cryptic failing to give it the obligatory +10% to shields like virtually every other Fleet ship gets. What gives, Cryptic?

Now a few years have passed and new ships have come along. Today the Federation fleetyards has quite a few escort ships with impressive stats. Admittedly Starfleet has yet to produce a ship with a faster turn rate than the venerable Defiant. That however is little consolation for the other egregious oversights with one of my favorite ships.

patroladvancedThe Fleet version should get the 10% shield boost like all the others. What possessed them not to give this ship the same treatment every other Fleet ship gets? This ship should still be a standard-bearer for Starfleet. Look at the stats of these newer Fleet ships. I love the Maelstrom, make no mistake about it, I just don’t like to see the Defiant reduced to garbage duty.

With the Romulan ships all getting “Battle Cloaks” and the Advanced Escort and Refit Patrol escort as severely stacked as they are, the Defiant deserves to be unleashed. I think Cryptic should increase the shields on the Fleet version to 0.99  and increase the turn rate on all of them to at least 18 degrees per second. You may say, “but the Defiant gets to use the cloak”! I say, “At the expense of a precious console slot”! And it is a practically useless standard cloak not a battle cloak! I have said it before and I’ll say it again; I think all cloaking devices should work like the “Battle Cloak” You can nerf the larger ships by having a longer cool-down timer and a slower transition to full cloak.

I think it is time to remove the muzzle from the original Federation pit bull starship. The ship that led the Federation Alliance to victory over the Dominion with Sisko and Worf in command should not be relegated to the nostalgia parade. This ship deserves better. This ship is a scrappy little fighter. This ship needs to once again be a staple for every Federation Tactical Captain. It is time to let the Defiant off the leash.

What do you think?



4 thoughts on “Nerfs Up, No! It’s Time to Unleash the Defiant

  1. They did it. Back when Delta Rising was fresh, they snuck in a fix that Unleashes the Defiant. Yes it now gets the 10% shield boost like every other fleet variant! Yay!

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