Undoing the Undine

Star Trek online has an amazing array of weapons, ships and combinations of abilities, BOFFs, DOFFs, etc to create a character that is virtually unique. This is one of the things I think makes STO a top drawer MMO. Yes, like many MMO’s it suffers from a need to grind away at repetitive tasks to obtain the juicy items. But there are so many of these delicious “Filet Mignon” items. It’s fantastic.

I wrote about the strength of the Undine a few weeks ago in the post “The Undine are Vicious Bastards”. They are tough but the reputation system has a solution to help captains deal with the threat. The Counter Command Reputation system gives captains the opportunity to obtain weapons and equipment designed to “counter” the Undine Threat. Some of these may be enough to flat-out kick their ass.


Have you equipped a ship with any of the reputation system weapons and items? If not, you might want to check it out. I also wrote about the Maelstrom class ship a couple of weeks ago in “Maelstrom of Malice”. In this article, I touched on the notion of moving the Undine weapons from my Chimera to the Maelstrom. I did that and completed all the sets of gear for the Counter Command. The ship is quite formidable against the Undine. I went ahead and flew the ship on a few Borg Elite STFs and found the Undine weapons to be less effective against Borg opponents than most standard weapons I use on other ships.

The Counter Command offers a whole dilithium store full of “bio-molecular” weapons including energy weapons in disruptor or phaser variety. These weapons, like other reputation weapons have a special proc at the expense of one traditional modifier. I like the proc on the bio weapons so I don’t mind that I only have the x2 ability on other modifiers.

bio-incubationThe special proc is called “bio-molecular Incubation”. This has a 4.5% chance and works in two steps. It causes a 16.7% slow effect on the enemy (enhanced further by Captain’s abilities, etc.) for 8 seconds. After the 8 seconds is up there is a radiation DOT that ignores shields and can be enhanced by abilities as well. This DOT is doubled against the Undine.

For my Undine build I went with (acc)x2 on all the weapons. The Undine are very fast in fluidic space and appear to have a defense bonus as a result. The accuracy boost helps to overcome this at the expense of a little damage. It doesn’t matter how much damage your weapon does, if it can’t hit the target. I decided on phaser energy since the Maelstrom has the special phaser rear dual cannon. I really like the Maelstrom’s rear cannon weapon. This ship hits almost as hard when flying away from enemies as it does on a frontal assault!


The first special requisition item available from Counter Command are the Fluidic Counter Assault Space Set which includes a Shield, Deflector, Impulse Engines and Warp Core (or singularity for Romulans). The set gives bonuses to movement in Fluidic space and other percs that help fend off the Undine. The shield in this set is a covariant type so it has lots of capacity at the expense of slow regeneration. The set has some nice powers some active and some passive. You can check all the items of the set out in detail on the STO Wiki here.

The second set is the Counter Command Ordnance set. As the name implies it is a weapons set.  This is another four piece set. Cryptic is really starting to like the four piece sets. Any how, you get two weapons and two consoles to create a strong weapons assault that works together well against the Undine. There is a Torpedo launcher which is OK and a “heavy” turret. The turret is cool and when the set is complete offers a powerful “turret barrage” active ability. The consoles are decent, I wish there was only one but they do provide good services to aid in the destruction of the “Vicious ordanceBastards”. The “energy” console offers nice percs that work well against the Undine and boost energy and photon damage nicely. This console is a mission reward for the Season Nine featured mission, “Surface Tension”. You can find a lot of detail about this set on the STO Wiki here.

My anti-Undine setup utilizes three special consoles. EEK! I hate using three special consoles. But, this is a noteworthy exception to my normal rule against such activity. The Multi-Energy” console offers up a flat passive bonus to Phaser and Disruptor energy at 13.1% and a whopping 26.2% to Photon and Radiation damage. This coupled with the radiation DOT from the bio-molecular incubation and the radiation DOT from the Maelstrom’s “Nadine Saturation Bomb” provides a worthy offensive punch. Most players would use this console even if they didn’t use the whole set! Against the Undine this ship is a ripsnorting beast! Against the Borg however I found it rather mediocre.  Don’t get me wrong it tore those assimilated cyborgs a new one, but it didn’t have the resiliency I get with my Chimera and Odyssey or the anti-borg punch of my Defiant ship.

Overall I feel the Counter Command sets are worth the grinding it takes to acquire them. I just wish that Cryptic would reduce the dilithium requirement for these items that take so much repetitive effort to get. I give the gang at Cryptic Studios credit for reducing the tedious grinding on the special events and even on the Reputation system; but to get to Tier V and get all the items it is still a monumental task, at least they could stop asking for 32k dilithium too. Maybe 10k would be more fair? You hear that Cryptic?

Take the poll below and let everyone know what you think of the Counter Command sets. Then get out out and make the galaxy a safer place for all… or if you are a Klingon go kill stuff 😉





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