Risian Luxury Cruiser Test Drive

risianlux2The Risian Luxury Cruiser is now in the ship inventory of several of my characters. The new event reputation system allows you to grind away with one character to get the prize ship and then all your other toons need only complete a simple task to get the ship. Three cheers for this new rule; hip, hip, hooray; hip, hip, hooray; hip, hip, hooray!

luxurycruiserstatsSo this new vessel is a bit corny but I like it. It is a big ship with 1500 crew and 41,400 hull but turns on the proverbial dime with a base rate of 10 degrees per second. That’s one more than the Avenger and almost as fast as a Klingon Kamarag Battle Cruiser! The ship even sports some big shields with a 1.1 modifier.

I really want to start a Ferengi captain and punch him up to level 40 in time to get this ship! This ship just screams, “PROFIT”.

It actually is a decent performer. It is heavy on engineering with five consoles dedicated to Mr. Scott’s profession. But this ship features a Lt. Commander at Tactical and that is pretty cool. This ship can load heavy and pack a punch if you want it to.

The special console on this ship has a delayed radiation attack that bypasses shields with 1/2 its damage and offers an escape speed and turn rate boost after leaving its enemies disabled and then slowed if not dead! It also works in conjunction with the “Sub Space Wake Generator” from last year’s Corvette. I reviewed that ship in a post here. The set bonus gives a passive ability “exotic particle generators” that appears to boost exotic damage. The ” Solar Sail Quantum Slipstream works like the slipstream on the Odyssey and doubles the slipstream time as well as providing a slight boost in speed over that standard slipstream.

admiralluxoThis ship features the Risian color palette which offers much brighter colors for the ship. It also has additional patterns that take advantage of the bright colors available. So if you haven’t started working on this you might be screwed! You need 25 days to get enough pearls to pull it off. These ships are cool and I always take advantage of the special freebie ships because frankly, they are usually pretty good ships and they are FREE!

I am going to try something new. Periodically I will have an in game mission for readers to do. This is not a foundry mission but a live mission on a specific day. The first of these missions is Friday July 4th 2014. At a random time during the day. Your contact, Vice Admiral Rodanna will be on Risa for the “Summer Event” (Instance #2). She will be wearing a yellow bikini and will be in one of the six lounge chairs at the end of the estuary in front of the dance floor at the main resort.

rodannaWhen you spot her, bring her a Risian Mai Taichairs. You can find them on the exchange for around 40k credits or buy one from a Risian Vendor for 5 Lohlunat Favors. The prize for completion will be  worth quite a bit more than the Mai Tai. The first person to make the approach gets the prize. It is a random event so check in at Risa (#2) Summer Resort when you play and check the lounge chairs for a hottie alien in yellow bikini. Once she starts sunbathing she will stay for a fair amount of time so everyone has a shot at it! Follow my twitter feed @rodsager for an announcement that “Admiral Rodanna is heading to Risa”, just before she kicks it on the beach.

Oh by the way 44% of readers like both Counter Command Sets and here is another poll. What do you think of this Risian Luxury Cruiser?


12 thoughts on “Risian Luxury Cruiser Test Drive

  1. I don’t hate this ship, but I can’t help but feel a luxury cruise ship shouldn’t be able to compete with a warship in battle. I do understand the rationale behind it — after all, who wants to fly a ship that lags behind everything else available? But for play immersion it is a bit jarring to see a luxury liner (or a speedboat, a la Risian corvette, for that matter, even though I love it myself), IMHO.

    On a somewhat related note, I love what they did with the Risa event. Regular Risa is so bland by comparison!

      1. Does it? I will have to try it tonight. The surfboard is way more fun and I would hate not being able to use it after the Risian event.

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