Flying as a Ferengi

Ferengi I mentioned last week, (Risian Luxury Test Drive) that I wanted to start a Ferengi toon to play so I can fly that Luxury Cruiser. What a great profit opportunity.  The Ninth Rule of Acquisition says, “Opportunity plus instinct equals PROFIT”! STO is a role-playing game and what better role to play for an American, than the galaxy’s ultimate capitalist entrepreneurs, the Ferengi 😉

So I started him up. Character number nine; Ferengi Lt. Commander Akir an engineer that likes to engineer some profit along the way as he defends the federation in a Starfleet ship named, “Pride of Profit”.

prideofprofitWhen Akir reaches level 40 he will be able to fly the Risian Luxury Cruiser I already have stashed in his inventory.  Ultimately I would like to get Akir the D’Kora but those sell for over 100 million EC and I have never been able to scrounge up more than 20-30 million 😦

I really feel like I need to play this character like a Ferengi. Maybe making some decisions that are not necessarily the best for to final outcome but that mirror a Ferengi in the canon of Trek. Of course this Ferengi is a Starfleet officer and as such had to choose to abandon some of the ways of Ferenginar or he would have never earned a commission. Sounds like I need a back story!

Akir was born on Ferenginar in 2359 and by 2379 had already amassed an impressive amount of wealth, even by Ferengi standards. He spent a great deal of time in his school years learning about the Klingons, the Federation and the Romulans. This knowledge has served him well in his profiteering over the years.

Akir had several encounters with Starfleet each offering a glimpse into the Federation social structure and idealism. His first encounter came in 2381 with Captain William Riker of the USS Titan. Riker discovered a questionable mining operation near the Romulan Neutral Zone and out of Ferengi space, while on a peace seeking mission with the Romulans. Ferengi Captain, Akir was in command of the operations claiming of course that it was fully legitimate. Riker is well-known among Ferengi and his reputation was one that most Ferengi would respect. Akir made a positive impression with Riker despite his capitalistic style, Akir seemed unlike many other Ferengi Riker had encountered. Akir also had extensive knowledge of federation regulations and was able to demonstrate to Riker that neither he nor the Romulans had any recourse to his operation. Riker noted in his log that Akir’s mining operation was unusually “clean” for a Ferengi. In his personal log he noted, “I have never encountered an environmentally conscious Ferengi before”.  In 2397 then Captain Sager, was in command of a shuttle craft on a mission for the USS Columbia River to the Briar Patch. The USS Loch Carron was a Delta class shuttle and Akir ended up in an aggressive situation whilst attempting to hide another of his mining operations. Although his mining was again, “clean” his claim in the area was not. Akir attempted to disable the shuttle craft with light weapons fire from his private ship. The Loch Carron was not so much as “scratched” and returned fire on Akir. Much to his surprise, the shuttle proved to be a formidable opponent and succeeded in disabling him instead. Akir was very impressed with Captain Sager’s prowess in the shuttle. The future Admiral Sager was able to work out a very fair arrangement for Akir that allowed him to exit the area somewhat profitably. This was not Akir’s last encounter with Admiral Sager. He ran into him again in 2407 at DS-9. This appears to be a pivotal point in Akir’s career.

Leading up to Akir’s second encounter with the admiral was an introduction to Nog on the USS Enterprise E when Akir sent a distress call needing aid against an Orion Marauding party on his legit mining operation in the Sirius Sector. Akir was holding his own but needed help to push the Orion’s back. akir was impressed with Nog and his “acceptance” into the Federation.

The admiral was enjoying a drink at Quark’s when Akir approached him. They hung out for a while and it is unknown to anyone other than them what was discussed. They are both tight-lipped, but Akir went to Starfleet Academy less than six months later and became a Starfleet officer. Akir claims to be a supporter of Rom’s progressive agenda for Ferengi but still practices a bit of the classic male chauvinism of “old” Ferengi. He does avoid outright discrimination as that would never fly in Starfleet, but the females on his crew are dressed in uniforms similar to the women in the Mirror Universe. He claims the uniforms are “efficient and profitable”. And so Akir flies through the galaxy on missions supporting the Federation and along the way seizing any “legitimate” opportunity for profit. For some strange reason, Starfleet never seems to push Akir beyond a hand slap for his sometimes over-zealous profiteering. Many people wonder what debt Vice Admiral Sager feels toward Akir that gets him out of the occasional jam with the federation brass.

How’s that for a back story?

I am going to have some fun with this one 😀 Now I need to go kill some Devidians with my new proton Devidian killer.

AkirdaboBy the way I met a Ferengi named Elchim in last week’s in game live mission. Elchim brought a Mai Tai to Rodanna and got a sick pair of Risian shades. So this week meet up with my new Ferengi. Look for a tweet @rodsager announcing Akir’s arrival at a Dabo table somewhere in the game. Remember to take note of which instance he is in. Then be the first to  connect with him for a great prize, hint he will want you to drop a party amplifier to liven things up.  It all starts tomorrow so follow the @rodsager twitter feed for the next opportunity to hang with a rich Ferengi.


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