Expansion II Coming Soon

There is a great deal of “likely” changes coming for STO over the next few months as the second major game expansion will begin to come online. There are two items that are listed as likely that I was hoping for. Expanding the level cap to 60 so we can reach Fleet Admiral or Dahar Master. New Tier 6 vessels and the ability to have your bridge officers command vessels for you! I am looking forward to this expansion. Some elements are already in place but Cryptic will likely roll out a major revision sometime late this year.

The only bummer is that all those awesome tier five ships will no longer be the boss-badasses 😦

Star Trek online is continuing to evolve into a world-class MMORPG with fewer and fewer rivals as the game gets better and better. This new expansion could be the icing on a very tasty MMORPG cake. I would love to hear about what new features and expansion items you are most interested in. Leave a comment below.

I would like to see more core worlds come online that players can actually visit. As of now players can visit New Romulus, Qo’nos, Earth, Bajor, Vulcan and Andoria. What about Cardassia, Trill, Betazed, etc. Also, I think that an additional perc for Fed toons that reach max level in Diplomacy would be to visit Qo’nos in a special embassy location. I think KDF should also be able to achieve diplomatic status as well.

I still want cryptic to revamp the cloaking devices so that all cloaks are battle cloaks. They can make the bigger ships have a longer cooldown and vulnerability period to keep the edge for Raider class vessels.

Rumors are circulating about the game adding several Delta Quadrant species into the mix such as the Kazon, Talaxians, Krenim, etc.

Last week I queried you all about the best two bay carriers in the game and I have some results for you here…


In other recent polls; a whooping 78% of you think we should “Unleash the Defiant” with the fleet shield boost and a sharper turn rate. 58% say the Risian Cruiser is great but 27% hate it! I love polls 😀

I also figured I could bring back an old poll and get some new insight. The expansion is going to revamp the skill system for Bridge Officers so I figured we could revisit your favorite BOFF species. So far Liberated Borg is the top choice but there are quite a few popular ones, go ahead and vote for your favorite. Meanwhile get excited because STO is about to get EVEN BETTER!





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