My Ferengi Needs a D’Kora

d'koraThis week’s post might be a bit brief. I am on vacation in Victoria, British Columbia and I had to prep this post last weekend.

OK, a few posts back I did a review of the Risian Luxury Cruiser and mentioned I wanted to fly it with a Ferengi as captain. That ship really does have “profit opportunity” written all over it. It is really too bad we can’t play characters that are independent of Starfleet or the KDF. Then we could run through the galaxy as assassins or mercenaries or profiteers. None the less it is still fun to imagine my Ferengi making enough latinum luxury cruiser to make the Grand Nagus blush. I think Cryptic should add a Dabo table to that ship. It makes sense!

I built a Ferengi toon and got him up to level 40 and now he is in fact flying around in that Risian Cruiser.  As cool as the Luxury Cruiser is, I really want a D’Kora. That ship has a Dabo table, bank, mail, exchange, and trader all on board! It is also a pretty decent ship to fly missions in and I even see people in PVP with it. Unfortunately I just can’t seem to scrape up 200 million energy credits to buy one on the exchange. I also don’t feel like opening 200 Ferengi lock boxes at a dollar a key hoping to get the grand prize ship.

I could spend around 80 bucks on Zen that I can strategically convert into a couple a hundred million EC but that just seems like a lot of coin for that ship. Sure I would drop 2000-3000 Zen to get one but 8000? Nah. Hey, here’s an idea… anyone willing to sell me one for 80 million EC? 😀

The D’Kora has been around for a long time. It seems to be gaining some popularity since the “battle cruiser” class for the Federation was begun in season 8.0. The idea of a big cruiser that has some maneuverability seems to be catching on.

The ship lacks any universal BOFF stations but it has a solid battle cruiser layout with a Lt. Commander at tactical. It has a sturdy hull and fantastic shield strength. The power levels all get a five point boost and the special console offers either an EMP pulse or a swarm missile system.

I never really felt like I needed this ship despite the cool features. Especially after the launch of both the Avenger and Mogh which both have fleet versions. But now I have a Ferengi admiral. The D’Kora Marauder is the flagship for the Ferengi. I need one for Akir.

Anyone got any ideas about how I might acquire one of these with a little less sting in the wallet?

Well that’s it for today, almost… There are just not enough polls online is there? 😉



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