Science Captain in an Escort Ship

rodessaIn the past I have written two posts about Tactical Captains flying both Cruisers and Science Ships. Today I thought I would explore the idea of a Science Captain flying an escort ship. I have tried this with one of my toons and had what I would say, were decent results.

Rodessa is my only science officer of my nine characters in STO. She is a Federation officer so she does not have access to the Romulan or KDF ships. This is most unfortunate because I think the best non-science use for a science captain is retrofitted BOPs specifically the Romulan T’varo retrofit and Klingon B’rel retrofit with the enhanced battle cloak. The enhanced battle cloak allows the ship to fire torpedos while remaining cloaked. But even more important is the fact that most BOFF and Captain abilities can be executed under cloak on those ships as well. Things like gravity well, tachyon beam, etc. Science captains have some great abilities to use under cloak.

The idea of a science captain carrying a little more punch in a ship was realized with the new Advanced Dyson Destroyers launched a few months back. These ships have the ability to transform from a science ship to an escort. The science commander station becomes a lt. commander and the lt. commander tactical becomes a full commander station. The ship gets increased turn rate and a fourth forward weapon that is quite powerful. The secondary deflector then tucks away out of use.

Using a science officer in a hard turning tactical escort retrofit or the Jem’Bug may not work since the lack of powerful tactical captain abilities take away from the alpha strike ability of those ships. But what about the Breen Chel Grett or the Chimera Veteran ship or the KDF Raptors? These ships have a bit more staying power and could benefit from a science angle. Even the Jem’Bug could work on second thought. It has 1.0 shield modifier and a solid 34,500 hull.

Rodessa has successfully flown the Chimera in both PVP and PVE missions. In PVP she fares better in the Advanced Dyson but in PVE it seems the Chimera was just as good. I think I should build a Romulan toon with a science career and try the T’varo retrofit in PVP.

The science ship is probably the best bet for a science captain but it is just so easy to try other ship types, why not try them? Go to the exchange and buy a mirror universe escort ship. You wont spend a lot of cash on the ship and you can load out most of the weapons and consoles from your best sci ship. It will be a fun experiment regardless of the outcome.

I really think that Romulan characters are the best choice when considering a science captain flying an escort. Romulan ships all come with battle cloaks and those cloaks benefit from science related skills. Romulan escort ships have a heavy hull and large crew compliment that offsets the weaker non-science shields. When your Romulan character reaches the point of choosing sides, choose the Feds. This way if you want a solid science ship you will have better choices than the KDF.

So there it is; another highly subjective post on the status of things in the STO universe.

Last week’s poll asked you all what you thought the best freebie ship was. This was exclusive of any of the ships you get with a token for promotion by Admiral Quinn or Chancellor J’mpok. Generally these ships have a level requirement of 40 but they offer features similar to ships on the C-store that require level 50. Readers have chosen the Ambassador class “Enterprise C” by a large margin as it garnered nearly a third of the vote. In an egregious oversight on my part I forgot to include the Klingon ship that was offered on the same mission during the 3rd anniversary event which was a Kamarag Battle Cruiser Retrofit. I have fixed that and the poll now offers it as a choice. Results as of this posting (BTW that blog post has over a thousand views and yet only 16 of you took poll? Come on now, show those polls some love):

results See ya next time.



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