Delta Rising Next Month!

Cryptic is planning another major expansion of the game that promises to be nearly as epic as the Legacy of Romulus expansion was a little more than a year ago. There is also suggestions that a plethora of new content will stream onto the Holodeck server at least through the Anniversary event in February.

The two biggest changes appear to be the increase in level cap to 60 allowing for players to ultimately make full Admiral or “Fleet Admiral”. Along with this increased level will be a new Tier 6 for ships. The a preview of the first eight ships has been released in a Cryptic banner ad on the launcher. The ad announces the new Delta Pack which is available now for purchase for 12,500 Zen or US $125.00. The Delta pack shows a preview of the eight ships and some super cool new BOFFs and DOFFs. Of course buying the pack now still requires you to wait until the launch of Delta Rising to use the goodies. I will be thinking about it over the next couple of weeks. Below is a list of the upcoming tier 6 ships.

fed kdf-rom

Assuming the ships are worth 3,000 Zen each means the Delta Pack is a sweet deal. That is, if you want all eight ships. I am not sure how many characters I will be able to push out to 60 and thus do I have a realistic need for all eight tier 6 ships.

So far the word on the street is that tier 5 ships will still be good enough for all but the most challenging level 60 content. Cryptic has indicated that players will be able to upgrade their tier 5 ships through the use of tokens available for purchase in the C-store. This will save players the frustration of having a bunch of useless 2,500 zen ships in the hangar.  They have also indicated that upgrading LOBI store ships may be at no charge. No price for the tokens has been announced, but rumors suggest pricing in the 500 to 1000 Zen range. The upgrade will not make the old tier 5 ship quite as good as the new tier 6 but should be enough to be competitive in any of the new and more difficult content coming in Delta Rising.

Tim Russ will be reprising his role from season 8 as commander of Voyager and Garret Wang will be Captain Kim of the USS Rhode Island. Hey look a promotion! There is also going to be voice roles with Jeri Ryan (7 of Nine), Ethan Phillips (Neelix) and Robert Picardo (The Doctor).

There is quite a lot more coming with specialists and ship traits. The ships will level up with the character between 50-60. New Mark XIII and XIV gear has been announced as well. There is so much new stuff, so get ready!

The latest I have heard is that the ability to command multiple ships under the Fleet Admiral has been nixed. 😦 But that aside, this expansion should be a very exciting opportunity for us all. OK, Time to get online and pick up a Crystal Shard…


4 thoughts on “Delta Rising Next Month!

  1. One of the big questions for me right now is how much the T5 ship upgrade is going to be: $5 and $10 can be a big difference. Granted I only have two T5 ships, but I don’t envy the long-time players who have 20+ ships! It’s a big investment just to get those all upgraded, and a huge cost difference if they are $5 or $10 each.

    The 3000 zen cost for T6 ships is also widely speculated, and it makes sense. That being said, 3000 zen for one ship is pricey, especially if somewhere down the line Cryptic churns out fleet versions of them for additional zen…. and so on.

    These major changes concern me. I’ve loved STO so far, and I look forward to Delta Rising, but all these additional costs are driving some of my friends away from the game, who have already said they are not paying so much money just to stay competitive.

  2. dam
    and im still grinding to get my first tier 5 ship
    and ive been playing for two years
    at this rate ill have to buy a tier 8 ship
    when i get the money

    1. Tier 5 ships are readily available on the exchange for affordable prices. Level 40 ships are tier 5 and many of the Mirror Universe ships can be had for chump change. Admiral Quinn also gives you one token when you reach level 40 for a tier 5 ship. Chancellor J’mpok if your are KDF. If you are referring to level 50 ships, those typically require a C-store purchase of 2000-2500 Zen. If you are struggling to get to level 50 and you are a Federation character try running the episode missions and the Patrol missions. The patrol missions often take less than ten minutes and give roughly half the experience of episode missions than can take 45min to an hour to complete. 1 hour per day on a character should get you from Level 1 to Level 50 in two weeks time.

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