The Wonderful World of Warp Cores

Last year when STO launched the Legacy of Romulus game update they added the ability to swap out a ship’s warp core. Now captains have an additional ability to tailor their ship for a specific play style.

Warp cores come in four basic varieties and the standard rarity levels of other in-game equipment. As you all likely know, the Romulans use a warp core based on a singularity power source and all the others use an anti-matter reactor for power. The anti-matter types of cores feature an engineering based design while the singularity cores are science based. All of the basic cores feature the same varieties which are as follows:

  • Standard
  • Hyper
  • Overcharged
  • Field Stabilizing

Standard cores are what comes “standard” on new ships. They do not offer the extra passive boost to maximum power like the other three categories do. Hyper cores offer a boost in max power to the engines. Overcharged offers a maximum boost in weapons power and Field Stabilizing offers a max boost to shield power. In each case the max is raised from 125 to 130. In addition there are a number of passive and active abilities available to various warp cores and depending on rarity there can be as many as four modifiers. I won’t go over all the possible modifiers because the list is extensive but things like a 7.5% of weapon power boost to auxiliary power are common. This feature and the others like it offer a boost to a power source equal to 7.5% of the current power level in another system. This does not come at the expense of the primary system, it is a BONUS boost to the secondary system.

I prefer to take a boost from weapons power to another system since weapons are usually charged up high when in combat, regardless of your career path. Captains geared to tanking may choose taking the boost from auxiliary or shields. You want to take the boost from the system that will have the highest power levels when in combat, that makes the boost as big as possible.

elite-fleet-coreThere are also special warp cores, crafted warp cores and fleet warp cores. The fleet cores are ultra rare and offer amazing bonuses. The crafted cores are different in that they offer either a 15% power drain resistance buff or a 100% power regeneration buff.

Take a look at this fleet elite warp core I have loaded on my Fleet Tactical Escort Retrofit. This warp core adds a tremendous amount of power to any ship. The reason I like the W-S or W-A is because my weapons on this ship in attack mode routinely cap the 125. So I am getting a +10 boost to shields on top of the standard 7.5 boost. Coupled with all the other gear on that ship the static combat ready power levels are 125 W, 85 S, 60 E, and 80 A. I get an extra damage boost of 9.9% because I have 3 power systems in +75!

obeliskThere is another core that I like and you can get it for FREE! The Obelisk Subspace Rift Warp Core. This core is acquired as a prize for completing the mission, “Sphere of Influence”. You can repeat this mission as many times as you want. First time through will take 45 minutes to an hour. Subsequent trips can be done in less than 30 minutes. The mission will reward either the warp core or the omnidirectional anti-proton beam array. You definitely want that too. If you ever decide to purchase the Advanced Obelisk Carrier for 800 Lobi or a bunch of credits on the exchange, you can get the third piece of the “Ancient Technology Set”. The first two pieces are free and together they create a 10% boost in all anti-proton damage! I have a dozen sets of these! This Obelisk core is heavy on science. With plus ten to max auxiliary you can run auxiliary power at 135. This could be great for stealth fanatics! It is also handy for many buffs and science attacks that use auxillary power.

There are dozens of different warp core and singularity cores to consider and believe me when I say the right one can make a very noticeable difference in survivability, or damage output or even a little of both! Warp cores are beginning to become available in the reputation system as well. The Counter Command has a powerful warp core as part of its four piece space set.

Don’t overlook the importance of a good warp core. This is the heart of your ship!



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