Double XP is Doublicious

drodda Cryptic started offering double XP / Skill Points last month leading up to the launch of the new Delta Rising expansion pack on October 14th. I had a Romulan Tactical officer, A Borg Romulan 😀 I took that toon through the tutorial but never went past level 7. In just 4 days playing 1-2 hours a day that Liberated Borg-Romulan was a Vice Admiral and ready to take on the Delta Quadrant! WOW, Academy to Vice Admiral in FOUR days; if only the real world worked that fast 😉

If you have been thinking about starting up a new toon and you want a chance to take it to the max at warp 10; now is the time! I was pulling down 20k on some of those missions! That’s two levels in ONE mission! Even if you are already maxed out, the extra XP is converted to skill points for your BOFFs so you can add some new bridge officers and skill them up.

Apparently Cryptic wants us all maxed out so we can tackle the big, bad and scary in the Delta Quadrant. Bring it on!

We have also been given a taste of the new upgrade system. Have you tried to upgrade anything yet? It is a bit expensive. They give each toon a “superior” upgrade set that is pretty nice. But the green crap they sell for 10k each at space dock is a joke. You want to take a Mark XII to XIII you’ll spend half a million EC and 20k in dilithium. But they played the sucker card and I took the bait and bit hard. I have a bunch of Mark XIII stuff 🙂 Its pretty cool, I guess. They need to lower the price on the upgrade tokens people will not want to drop that kind of coin along with sizable amounts of dilithium.admiralmkxiii

I don’t want to sound to negative, I like the upgrade idea. This is supposed to carry over to ships in the new expansion. The process is easy enough but they require too many steps. I had one upgrade that took nearly 50 of the 10k upgrade tokens. That is excessive. Not only is it expensive, but why not make the tokens a little more expensive and a lot stronger. Why make us click 50 times? If this is the cost for upgrading a hand phaser, I shudder to think what a ship upgrade will cost. I may go something like… “Male player, please deposit your left testicle along with 12 million refined dilithium to upgrade your Tactical Escort Retrofit; ladies please deposit…” you get the drift.

I am looking forward to the new expansion. It looks like a cargo ship load of new content is coming and the ability to boost up to level 60 is pretty cool. In less than two weeks we will all be able to experience this new robust expansion. If it turns out as well as Legacy of Romulus, I will be delighted.

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8 thoughts on “Double XP is Doublicious

  1. I haven’t tried the Mk XIII upgrade yet (haven’t had the time to sit down and read the details of how it’s done), but ouch, that sounds crazy. I wonder if Cryptic will be listening and adjusting the cost and effort needed.

    The double XP is nice though. I had a level 24 Fed Engineer whom I wasn’t really planning to play much, and in the last two weeks I was able to take her up to level 49 with nothing but Doff assignments! All the free ships after the Tier 2 one are totally pristine, barely ever left Earth orbit. Talk about an office promotion! Of course the downside is all her gear are like Mk IVs or Mk VIs, hehe.

    1. 2 Weeks to be level 49? Maybe you just play 1 day a week, normally I get to level 50 in 2-3 days, obviously if you can and love to play it you can get to Vice Admiral really fast. Well I got to 50 when I created my 2nd character, I have 7. Easier each time because you learn the missions and which things you need to do, in the 2nd I got to Vice Admiral in 3 days, and the other 5 in 1-2 days. Mk XIII Upgrade really dosen’t change too much things to be surprised about. Equipment I prefer to use is Bio-matter, and I use it all the time, I use all the time the Andorian, it has 5 weapons front and 2 rear. This are the weapons I use. Front: 3 Bio-Matter Heavy Cannons Mk XIII, 1 Hyper-Plasma Torpedo XII, 1 Kumari Phaser Wing Cannons [Dmg]x4. Rear: 1 Bio-Matter Turret, and 1 Kinetic Cutting Beam (Omega Adapted Borg Technology Set)

      1. I believe I said 2 weeks playing less than an hour a day. I don’t believe for one second you can go from start to level fifty in 2-3 hours of gameplay.

  2. Well, I do belive because I did it. When you have other characters that are VA 50 you can learn how are the missions and which weapons to buy. When you know all of that you just try to get good weapons and the missions will be much easier remembering them. The missions are really easy, you just don’t need to do really much, just 1-2 missions for 1 level, I really don’t remember if it’s 1 mission you get to level 1, or 2 missions 1 level. Unless you are not really good at this game. (Sorry for my english and grammar, it’s not perfect. Not my native launguage)

    1. You cannot get to level 50 from start in 2-3 HOURS of game play. I believe you when you say you get to level fifty in 2-3 days. This is no problem, but you have to play more than 3 hours. Not everyone has the time to play STO all day long. Some people have jobs and families and other commitments outside of gaming. These people will need a couple of weeks to get to level 50.

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