Stake Your ‘Reputation’ On It

tierSince Cryptic launched the Double XP bonus a few weeks ago many more people may finally be sitting pretty at the top of the food chain, level 50. Vice Admiral or Lt. General for the KDF. Feels good doesn’t it 🙂 Of course you only have one more week at the top because 10 new rungs will be added to the ladder.

Once a player hits the big FIVE- Oh, they get to start participating in special PVE mission events that offer faction marks. Players can use these marks to help build “reputation” in one of five factions. Players complete projects that generate reputation in that faction and then level up in reputation earning the right to access a special reputation store and participate in special projects for top grade very rare gear. The reputation system also unlocks new character traits that make toons stronger. For players with multiple characters there is a system called sponsorship where by a higher level toon can sponsor a lower level toon and all the reputation projects are half cost. Check out details on the WIKI here.

Which is best? Where should a player start? That depends heavily on the play style of the character and the preference of the player. Admiral Sager has reached the maximum Tier V in all five reputation systems and 7 other toons have a variety of standings in the various factions.

In the early days of STO the only system that was available were the Omega STF missions that mostly remain in place as part of the Omega Reputation system. Omega is probably the best place to start working on reputation. There is a wide variety of equipment projects for both ground and space. The store is also quite robust but it does not offer any ship weapons.

Omega offers MACO and Adapted MACO gear for Fed. KDF has Honor Guard and Adapted Honor Guard gear. They have the Omega Space Set. There is also the Assimilated space set and the Adapted Borg technology set.

The Omega Task Force offers enough variety in the equipment to satisfy most player’s needs.

The next best choice really depends on the toon’s career path. Engineers will like the Romulan Reputation. Science will like the Dyson or Nukura. If the science captain is planning on using the Dyson ships, then Dyson is the best choice. Tactical captains can enjoy stealth bonuses through the Romulans or fast healing shields through Nukura.


The 8474 Counter Command has great weapons in the store, I like the bio-molecular weapons. The PVE missions against the Undine are pretty tricky, especially if you are playing on Elite. I wrote about them here.

Most of the equipment in the reputation projects are sets. These sets gain specific bonuses when two or more pieces in the set are equipped.

My favorite set is the Reman Set when used in conjunction with the Romulan  Singularity Harness set. Admiral Be’ina has this on her Falchion and it is pretty epic. The Romulan Hyper-Plasma torpedo launcher is also epic.

If you fly a fast and maneuverable ship the Assimilated set and the Adapted Borg tech set are great together. The Omega Plasma Torpedo launcher is the most powerful in the game by DPS.

Spend some time on the STO WIKI and read up on the items available in the reputation system. The projects and the dilithium store items. It takes 40 days to reach Tier V of a reputation system and 20 days if sponsored. A player can do all five at the same time if they want to spend the time grinding. It is only a once a day login to collect the completed project from the previous day and start a new project. That takes literally a few moments. Then every few days you will have to run a PVE mission to get more marks to complete more projects. The daily projects are the best but there are hourly projects. They are expensive however.

I like the reputation system and I have been fortunate enough to get all of the reputation project space sets and try them out. This is really good gear and for the most part it can be acquired without spending any Zen.

So what are you waiting for, finish reading this, vote in the poll and get work grinding on some reputation marks 🙂


BTW: Last week’s poll shows that most of you are not feeling very amorous towards the new upgrade system.

I have a new poll regarding the various reputation space sets, which is your favorite?





2 thoughts on “Stake Your ‘Reputation’ On It

  1. Thanks for this article. Reputation gear is one of the things that can be overwhelming for newbies, and I’ve always had trouble deciding what reputation gear to get… especially when comparing them to Elite Fleet gear. Seems to me some Elite Fleet gear (such as deflectors) are better than their Rep counterparts when considered alone, but the Reputation set bonuses may more than make up for the difference.

    Also, Elite fleet gear now cost a lot less dilithium compared to Rep gear, which makes them more tempting.

    Sounds like I should take a closer look at the Borg and Assimilated sets for my tactical captains, Both of them have light escort ships (or will, once Delta Rising comes out), one Fed and one Romulan. Any suggestions?

    1. Rep gear is a bit too spendy on Dilithium but some of the gear is still worth having. The Assimilated space set has the fastest recharging shields in the game. That said the capacity is weak so I recommend a fast and manueverable ship. The impulse engines in that set have a super fast warp boost and the deflector is pretty good too. If you then equip the adpated borg tech set (torpedo, beam and console) you get additional bomus with the kinectic cutting beam and the borg tractor beam. The Adapted MACO shield and engines are awesome also. (Standard Honor Guard for KDF) You can also buy weapons in the dilithium stores from 4 of the 5 factions that are pretty good. They are not quite as good as Fleet but they are more affordable as they only cost dilithium, no marks required. The Reman space set has bousus for stealth.

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