Mat’Ha Raptor T6 Versus Fleet Qin Raptor T5-U

Admiral Sager made it to level 60! Yay! He is now flying around in various upgraded ships trying to push them to maximum mastery levels. As a note, Cryptic hasn’t put in a tailor option for Fleet Admiral rank. They have the four bars for full Admiral but not five for Fleet Admiral 😦

Roddicka’s Mat’Ha in the Jenolian Dyson Sphere

My focus however, has shifted to KDF General, Roddicka. I need to push her up to level sixty as well. She has been flying the Mat’Ha Raptor T6 ship. Since the General has extensive experience flying a Fleet grade Qin Raptor with the complete Borg Assimilated Space Set and Adapted Borg Tech Weapons a comparison between the two ships is impossible to avoid. If you have already spent the Zen to get a fleet grade Qin Raptor, you absolutely owe it to your self to spend 700 Zen (or 4 for 2000) on an upgrade token. The Fleet Qin is a good ship and as a T5-U it is a great ship.

General Roddicka has been flying the Mat’Ha since she came to the Delta Quadrant. She is flying that ship with the equipment borrowed from her Fleet Qin. That makes this a solid comparison. She did upgrade the Fleet Qin but I haven’t flown it much in T5-U status. Enough to get a feel for the added strength however.

The Mat’Ha Raptor is not a so-called “Intel” ship. It does offer a special science hybrid seat that will accommodate an Intel BOFF, but it does not have the active sensor array feature that the “Intel” ships are equipped with. This may be why the Mat’Ha does not have a big disadvantage in Hull and Shields like the Phantom had against the T5-U escorts in Starfleet.

Fleet Qin Raptor unloads on the Borg

These two ships are actually fairly evenly matched. The Fleet ship already had a boost in hull and shields before the T5-U upgrade. The Fleet Qin T5-U also enjoys 11 consoles versus the 10 on the T6 Mat’Ha. The bonus console on the Qin is a sci console bringing the total to 3. At Roddicka’s current level of 53, the Fleet Qin has 43,741 hull points versus the Mat’Ha’s 42,175. The Mat’ha surprisingly has better shields despite having a lower modifier (0.85 vs 0.92). Not sure why that is, I may be missing something but when equipped with the Borg Assimilated Shield Array the Fleet Qin T5-U has 4,950 shields points and the Mat’Ha gets 5,350. I also checked it with a standard Mk X common shield and the difference was similar. The T6 ship has the first two mastery levels, neither of which offer shield bonus. Eventually, I’ll get to the bottom of this, but it is good news for the T6 entrant. I wonder if the shield modifier scales as well for the T6? It does not appear to do so on the T5-U.

The Mat’Ha leans heavy on tactical with 5 tac consoles and only 3 eng and 2 sci. The Qin is more even-handed with its console arrangement. It has the aforementioned T5-U 3rd sci console and 4 each eng and tac. The Qin has the standard 4/3 weapons layout of other KDF Raptors while the Mat’Ha is “all in” on frontal assault with a 5/2 similar to the Andorian Kumari. The Mat’Ha is further enhanced with superior inertia rating of 75 against 60 for the Qin. This allows the ship to manuever better and transition from stop/start and hard turning.

Aside from the above mentioned differences these two ships are otherwise quite similar. Both offer up a crew of 200, 15 dps base turn rate, 2 device slots, standard KDF cloaking device, 0.20 impulse modifier and +15 to weapons.

When I discussed the T6 Phantom against the T5-U Patrol Escort in a previous post,  I felt the T5-U ship was the better ship. Granted the Phantom is an “Intel” ship and at that time my experience using the intel features was limited. Since writing that post, I have changed my ‘tune’ a bit, but I still think T5-U has advantage. I maxed out both of those Fed ships in mastery.

Between these two KDF ships however, things are a bit different. My experience is that the Mat’Ha is the better ship. If you read my post on KDF Qin Raptor from last year, you will find that I flew the Fleet Qin with a hybrid cannons/beams setup. This definitely works better on the Qin than the Mat’Ha. On the Qin, I had two Elachi single cannons and the KDF Quad Disruptor up front along with the Omega Torpedo Launcher. To the aft I had two fleet disruptor beam arrays and the Kinetic Cutting Beam. This gave the ship a serious aft attack and allowed the ship to engage multiple enemies on any flank. The ship still had some tough punch up front as well. The Mat’Ha Roddicka is flying is set up the same way. The 5/2 weapons layout gives her space to add an Elachi Dual Cannon to compliment the Quad. This ship hits hard! The downside is nearly no flank attack and that means the rear flank is particularly exposed. The Andorian Kumari suffers this way as well. Players can take the Pilot skill tree and the two rear flank abilities “Eat my Dust”. That gives a 4% stacking bonus to defense when taking fire on the rear flank. This works real well as it adds up to 20% defense bonus. Even with the inherent rear flank weakness the Mat’Ha out performs my Fleet Qin Raptor T5-U. It isn’t a runaway victory, but it is a solid W. If Cryptic ever launches fleet versions of these T6 ships the Mat’ha will crush the Fleet Qin T5-U.

I need to get back to it and get Roddicka to Dahar Master!


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