Omega Force Ground Set is Pretty Boss

omega1I have been working on getting my top Romulan character up to level 60 since the launch of Delta Rising. She is currently sitting just a few skill points shy of level 57. One thing I noticed about her is that she was getting her ass handed to her by those hard-hitting and speedy Vaadwaur on the ground missions. The interesting thing about that of all my toons, Be’ina has the highest amount of skill points invested in ground abilities. Despite her superior skills in ground my other two top dog toons in the Federation and KDF fare better in Vaadwaur ground missions. Honestly I prefer the space side of STO, so most of my toons have 66k in ground and 300k in Space skill points. Be’ina however is the exception as she has 96,000 skill points invested in ground abilities. So why then are Vaadwaur having such an easy time dispatching her?

First of all it needs to be said; the Vaadwaur may be the toughest ground enemy STO has ever had. These guys move around and flank you from every angle and when you finally kill the last one, they all respawning again. I know Cryptic wanted to make them tough, but holy shit they are really badass!

So I figured that Be’ina needed some better ground gear. I forgot I had outfitted her with a bunch of miscellaneous dropped gear. That is no way to beat the toughest ground enemy in STO. So I decided to outfit her with the complete Omega Force Ground Set. I had to run a few Omega PVE missions to get the remaining marks needed to buy the set. Once I had the 1500 marks, I outfitted her with all three pieces. Of course I figured I better upgrade the whole shebang to Mark XIV. These Vaadwaur are menacing sons of bitches.

omega set

Well I can safely say, that did the trick. The lizards of the Delta quadrant are still challenging, but now it is often Be’ina’s away team members lying unconscious rather than Be’ina herself. I like the Omega Force Ground Set. Once you have all three pieces you can get a tailor unlock for a custom costume. To get the unlock you run a reputation project and then visit a Tailor.

The Omega Force Set is a tough set that offers great general protection and a couple of solid usable set powers. Stealth boost and team buffs. It was originally designed to combat the Borg so it also has a feature that allows the player to instantly overcome Borg weapon adaption. Against the Vaadwaur it has been an effective agent. I do like the Omega Force Ground Set and I can say it is worth the effort to acquire.

Don’t forget to upgrade the equipment on your away team also. I had some of Be’ina’s key officers still sporting Mk VI gear! Oops!

On another issue. Have you guys noticed that Cryptic has made the Advanced PVE queues even tougher than the old “Elite” missions in the pre-Delta Rising days? Now we have Advanced and Elite. I have run about 20 Advanced PVE missions with random players selected from the lobby. I have yet to have a group successfully complete one of the missions. O for Twenty, are you kidding me? I really need to get my hands on some of those ancient power cells but the Advanced missions just seem to be damn near impossible. I find it hard to believe I have just been paired up with super-noobs in every single PVE queue. I rarely had a complete fail in the old Elite missions. I even ran some of the Omega Force PVEs and they have all been ripped up like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 80s! These are not even Elite, they are Advanced! I like a good challenge but this is a little ridiculous. I have a poll… of course I do…



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