Club 47 is Back!

First, last week I posted a poll about the difficulty on the Advanced and Elite PVE missions. Here are the results so far. More than 90% of respondents think the Advanced/Elite PVE missions are at least a little too hard and over 60% think they are WAY too hard. Come on Cryptic, let’s dial those Advanced missions down a notch. Funny how there’s always that one guy… you know the guy that thinks he’s such a badass. The guy that marks “way too easy” on the poll 😉



So many of you may have noticed a the extra patching that happened this week. Much of the new content appears to be around the reborn; Club 47. Yes the Federation’s home town nightspot has returned for your dancing, drinking and general after hours pleasure. The club is located between the transporter pad and the Infirmary on Earth Space Dock.

Zog hangs out in Club 47

This weekend the Cryptic team is offering up a freebie as part of the Grand Opening Celebration of the “new” Club 47. Visit the club between now and Monday morning at 10am, and you can get the new Clubwear costume and a new dance move called “shuffle”. Both are absolutely free. Just go talk to Zog and you will see that the two items are currently “0” bars of latinum. After the weekend they will come at a price, probably a hefty one. This is an account wide freebie so there is no need to bring all of your toons.

Rodanna in the new Club Wear

The new Clubwear offers up some really bright neon type colors and a variety of options to make your 25th century club experience as bright and unique as possible. Hey, it’s free, go get it!

The dance move is more complex than most of the dance moves I have seen. This one has several distinctive steps and you need to keep it active for at least a minute to really see the whole routine.

You can read more information here on the ArcGames page.

The club is definitely bigger than before and the bar is much better. The El Aurian is a nice touch.

Social zones are an important part of what makes an MMORPG different from a single player RPG. Interacting with the unpredictable “real” people can make the experience very unique and interesting. It can also be a real drag, but let’s focus on the positives, shall we?

I have decided to have another fun little exercise. The character shown in the photo with the new outfit is Admiral Rodanna. Regular readers of this blog may recall she was sporting a sexy yellow bikini during the Summer Festival on Risa and offered an opportunity for players to win prizes. Well, she is at it again my friends and during this weekend she will be hanging out in Club 47. Ask her to dance if she is on the floor or offer to buy her a drink if she is at the bar and earn a prize. She will make several appearances during this weekend’s freebie event so follow my twitter feed for announcements that Rodanna is at Club 47. @rodsager.





One thought on “Club 47 is Back!

  1. I just made a blog entry on Club 47 myself, but so far it’s disappointing how dead the place has been. I don’t know if it’s my online hours, I just seem to notice that very few players hang around there in the last few days. I have been hopeful that such a dedicated social zone will open up additional play venues, and looking forward to the grand opening… only to find an empty spot.

    Guess disco is as dead in 400 years as it is now!

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