A Q’licious Christmas

OK, I know there is no “Christmas” in Star Trek. I also understand and respect that some readers may not partake in “Christmas”. But Q’licious Christmas just flows better than Q’licious Holidays or Q’licious Winter. Besides, I live in the USA and December is pretty much a ‘stuff Christmas in your face’ kind of deal 😉 Come on, work with me here 🙂

So today marks the first day of the Q Winter Event. They were very late on leaking details about the event this year. It does however run even longer than before. It begins today and is open through the middle of January. There is no excuse for anyone now; you need to get that ship! And it looks interesting. A Breen Carrier already sporting T6 trim for your top-tier brass to fly about the galaxy with an armada of “pets” in tow. I will review that ship after Admiral Sager gets it in a few days. He has 640 Q glossies left over from last year so I should be able to get the ship in 9 days 🙂

2014-12-04_10-25-46This year Q has changed the look of the gazebo. No de-icer for safety, that thing is a frozen, crystal-like structure. Brrr.. what did you expect from an event called “Winter”? I also noticed that there are some welcome additions to the Holiday store. That crafty little Ferengi with the borderline creepy, ‘I love Q’ persona; is now selling Warp Cores and some cool kit modules in exchange for the holiday themed items you collect while adventuring in Q’s Winter Wonderland.

You have a full 40 days this year to participate in the various events. If you do a “Fastest Race on Ice” event once per day (you are limited to once every 20 hours) you will have the 1000 autographed 8×10 glossy photos of his ‘Royal Q-Liciousness’ in a mere 25 days. There is loads of time. The race takes but two minutes to complete and once you get the hang of it you will never lose. This is an easy freebie ship. Cryptic started a new policy this year that allows other characters on the account to acquire the ships for only 40 glossies after the first character gets the ship. This is fantastic. I wrote about these freebie ships check here. These are not bad ships, these are competitive ships that you can use in PVP, PVE or for story missions.

I am not a big fan of carriers, but I have several of them. I get tired of paying attention to all the pets. They are fun to fly however and this new Breen Sarr Theln Carrier appears to have a lot of battle field prowess. I will have one for Admiral Sager and then one of my science officers as well. Remember this is a FREE T6 ship! Are you really not going to get one? Of course you are 😀 You can also pick up one of the two previous freebie ships the Chel Grett or Raider for either 40 glossies or 1000 depending on whether your account has unlocked them before.

It looks like Cryptic is giving skill points for all the activities in Q’s Winter Wonderland as well so it will help advance you towards level 60 or the next specialization point.

Hey I think we are due for a poll 🙂 This is a poll I have posted before and it seems fitting considering the content of today’s post. Take the poll and then get out there and start ice racing your way to that awesome Breen ship.


4 thoughts on “A Q’licious Christmas

  1. love your articles as always. I have a question. once I finished mission 60 in the delta rising campaign, I was awarded a elachi kit module – subspace rift. how do I get this to work on a ship. I don’t understand where I can plug these kits into. please help me on this.

  2. I think the Sarr Theln and the Chel Grett are a tie. I personally voted on Sarr Theln, mainly because of its carrier role and the added bonus of science slots. Whatever ship you choose their both great I have all three Breen ships and have nothing bad to say about either of them. My all time favorite out of the list is the Dyson Destroyer, it’s nice that it made it to t5u but I had hoped it would survive beyond that and be given t6 status.

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